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Bob Harris of joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss fantasy football draft strategy, which Bills he's drafting and which draft strategy may be right for you in 2017.


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Pull crunching hit us backboard shattering dunks back flips in the hat tricks on the sports later he had 950 and 957 Afghan ESPN Rochester. Welcome back to sports bar with danger of exactly did she know it hit me. While driving through the cornfields of Pennsylvania. The blog. Tennessee football it's it's it's here it's time Syria is time to start looking at moccasins figuring out all the moves that you might him his. One of the best and brightest I want us right now danger. The very good and very gracious with his time Bob Harris joining us in the sport are bop. Have you want for the first time this well this fantasy football offseason really there is no off season offensive football and their bomb. Mirror lock you in your round ever and it I would lobby at another. Yet. On. Well bald bald danger iron thinking about football here in the in fantasy and Bob. What is being like the biggest change would you say from one we lasts all week sixteen when things matter to. Here is we start to look at what our mocks might be who might have jumped up into brown won this year that are really wasn't on our greater at the end of last year. I've got rookies are going well you know there Tyler or it jumped right guy at court got up. Or crop cotton velvet Gordon well I. Both are not yet appointee he. Worked their way back end. I think those guys Eric Gordon our court. You know every year. We by somebody Liu big rat had been and we knew it idol right. I usually are running back last year with Gordon our state in. An album will be out again this year I'm an up Ali you know they'll lay out our. A bad idea that if you're in Obama they are fighting. And I it and number perhaps I erred perhaps that after yet I'll crack down on. I think that finger biting your lack there are a lot of you know will you are heavy air a lot of talk about going Euro RB. And I think this here is there are a lot of their electrical lot of value all predicted you know. Even even later in his mind like grabbed their quarterback late. I'd find myself that point in the middle wrap. Wrapping quarterback is what apple and a paper that guy you know around five or they look. Like by boat. Like a quarterback there aren't you out later in the rap. I'd Geithner look down that day is provide act one argued that I'm reluctant to spend up early. Bob talk about that little bit I mean you talk Tennessee football for a living you write about fantasy football their football die hards dot com. You know there's so many different theories and so many different approaches and guess based on how your league is set up the what the scoring settings are are at as a mean it really depends. On legal basis but you know overall general theories immunity old old mental I was I was go running back early get your stud running back in the build your team you know that is there's also the you know quarterback by committee was is being involved recently I mean you know now I'm hearing. Zero RB over the last couple of years and now name now maybe a tide is his turn where were running backs. Our our our back in a premium again I mean where where do you see. About where do you see the pendulum swinging towards and 2017. A bit Eric Moore about. Rap then I really like your argument that it had not mean you don't ever dropped back and you waited it out why. That it. They're old that are all about it here. And what their guys that I love their goal late Friday back. I am what I get all our income from Europe to a lot. Op allow pol. Oh layer accurate delicately. That it is a gamble what occurred corporate that's it would be. Anyway I think I can grab you know. Think that they ground. Who you know based contract you stick it in the ravens are bright figured that out if they made it Parikh and he's gonna give you what that one number I import for accurately caught him and it made yet and yet he doesn't go. I think you find out about you later you can't walk the other edition earlier and are to be here don't you know that operate running back we're going op. Almost beat goes to we have David got them let your belt at well. The top three guys up the board that ordered me air a little bit not believe I've got it. Beyond that that your running. You were out back. Like yet been eight degrees partly Serbian armor they didn't. At rock rock out in year out against the current the other week he got that he'll be you know he's gonna be armed or though. That additional gear our company in the play. One thing not running back is you know all the at all they're they're they're like Maine right back on every. Anymore. Ought that we have a little more flexibility running back. And it our quarterback go in terms of weight not. What you wanted you or your in the dark of what you're born yet then go to the bat. What a point per week average is are you guys. And why did you quarterback barrier only the four week average is not that you between that guy you grab in the 45. And the guy drafted it eat it eat that'd eat out. Yeah it a little more flexibility. Quarterback early to eat other prediction loaded up early in the draft. But the bottom line it aired client people. And everyone else that digging. You'll read is that it always go to wrote an art ever yeah. Bob Harris football diehards dot com you can read his work our guest here in the sports car 957 ESPN. Bob I'm someone who likes to minimize risk in the first round may be just because if you. Now we've all had those stories of drafting a joint Jamaal Charles and blows up and in your left scrambling so that being sad. What are some of the C fist first round picks where the the risk is minimized this year because I can look at. Ezekiel Alia while interaction. Sophomore year you can look at Levy on down around one more strident in all or you know any one of these I can almost talked myself into mood there's a downside here but. Which one do you think Orton couple guys that I might be see fit it playing here in the first draft. I think expected or are actually Antonio Brown group of people are bright idea other bump and earn it. Or that that they are you could you could hear it put it off but everybody. Other guys like oh. Ought to be. You know not matter what they'll back them you look at his numbers are up for repeat pretty hit or I've. But remember. The typical data you look at. Dark by. It and go to outback they are out. But you know. Are these guys that are eighty why there are your lucky that all we. I get in here and are you about our our belt button about it. But I'm looking for the bigger bite. It will end audio browned over the last year at its peak it hit it I am productive. You look at guys like Beckham baby a little I doubt and who Lyoto last year that we were only appear. I think. I think eight creepy guy I like it off year like it and Eddie are really big he didn't. And and what are you looking for you guys were looking for guys that it appointed a little bit last year so they're about why. It quite eaten upper big game back in court about yards but there are five guys like that. You don't want it black team you know like yeah you look at dory now all I doubt the organ and Al Gore I doubt. I'm not a boy why I want guys a little bit appointee last year or organ meat Sheikh and I don't eight already. And I'm looking though I played a little later and I'll get you guys may know they've got like early. Add an area the wreck involved and that but you don't let that you are what you make that out later that rap I know somebody who really strong value. Bob Harris asked football die hard on Twitter and worth your read of course of football die hard stock comer guest in the sports bar. With danger and tangling of course I would never ever encourage one in my fantasy opponents. And employing a a Buffalo Bills draft strategy but I think you know there are people that we we play against that that employ that strategy and I'm gonna draft. Not focus on drafting and and taking guys from my home team will wherever possible whenever possible. Good good you go ahead and do that now specifically with the Buffalo Bills Bob I mean. Who'll be you know we saw some production on Shawn McCoy. A little bit out of Tyrod Taylor last year I mean are any of these Buffalo Bills. A worthy fantasy assets going in the 2017 I mean meet personally. She eighty makes me nervous because of his age. And makes uterus because of a new system that's coming in lately again I can talk myself out of the Shawn McCoy guy who scored thirteen touchdowns last year for the bills. But are you back into a lot McCoy look there are a lot of I would you know the odd is I I anybody currently play a leak. Off but I feel I like it needed and that you wanted you know BYU. Got it pretty clear cut it up there I get cheap forgotten William bell. I'm I'm I'm at bat that court player and every city I like the right. Grab them later or Brad could go grab them off I like it talk back and bite him. Are but at that point. You've got to brick that becoming an coordinator who I like you'd ever the right back it receiver accord very capable of that. Give me a little bit about Oprah boat though by the ocean and art beyond that I like I write I write it and athletic quarterback. I got it or bootleg. I got like that didn't block it out of the wild card and you think back the years those guys you know well anybody here. And I mean last night game that it would the battery life is an old and a nobody though. They're I make you get a little bit but it out yet they're very rare that those gated off I knew something I like the injury act not it. I'd I'd like to believe every year to year guys are working art art there we avoid getting hurt though. You know you've got to watch a lot and got back and healed it look like he's in good shape but. But older calculated that or take you know that built like I'd like. Bob Bob Harris our guest here in the sports bar on 957 ESPN. Bob as far as as some of those injuries to quarterbacks two names and throw at you and how does the do you think this affects their early drafting for those who likes like to do that sort of thing I can do more gonna have to wait and see how we he performs a training camp. In Andrew Locke. What's your level concern Friday's two quarterbacks. Another doubling Brad you I don't like them all at all and let the other guy the year let you wrap it up early where he currently has. Apple ripped my like whatever you beta. Well I kind of you know it is quite where OK and you're gonna Wear publicly or brought down I'm mark try to look outward part of the L. Odd that a little more. It is being a little paper to me. What I mean you're agnostic but I'm not an injury idiot I've already are and not I'll be on my eager to get them all that though. So you know not think herb what we're there there there and I missed three there. For me you know these are you know what the time our ship you know he gonna be fine at the pot that are going to be fine paper. Or retreat O'Malley spoke very going to be fine or tree that's a little bit of alarm bell for me. Newton seem to be progressing nicely I think you will get a minute get out this year coming up a bit appointee eat and again. Packed down aggression in the thing people. Our guy for a lot of I doubt about that art I'd be eighty bet that at me in outback that there and that he hit matted this out in the right is right. I'm Mike open. K let's talk Bob for a second about some of those quarterbacks you were talking about getting later. In the draft at a value pricing guys that you could. A duplicate the production some the name brand guys your Aaron Rodgers Horry you know your your Tom Brady's you know old who who you like usual we we you know. A feeling every year we have conversation or Ryan tanning element right Kenny hill. Is is a guy who a year by year has improved has not. Yeah Eddie got good weapons that you know I I think that they about it is you're. At it yet and you probably gonna go after the op when he. I like it you know apart like go back quarterback. Whip them up I beat back diet and I could rapid act got off. I'm. The price the Ali they're going I like. Eli Manning look you got O'Dell backed them. You got brand mark orbit by liked it liked outdoor lap he and I you bring in Evan anchor I yeah. Early Shepperd got on a little bit Ebert I mean they're a Dick Baird and get up about a year I got like you like. They're not unique October rowdy like yeah I eat all remember what you year ago that you are up five and a quarterback. Are still a lot of weapon car bomber. Overall disappointing year last beat them but if you look at them down Brett on that mattered what he delivered on a weekly they. You guys are all great value like orbit another guy last year who didn't wait hired that you would balk art art. Our jaguar and played a game. It they're hoping they're deep and not giving up when he five point game. But they're up at bat early they're going to be and the ball. Letter or at a lot that would be ideal for that but it got a little bit about worry forgot where all the I think there's a lot of quarterback he immediately go lacked a bit of pro ball or. Yet eat up and down. But couldn't quite hear any form or not that horrible. Bob we have a joke here in the sports barn real football on the bills opened up at home against the New York Jets and buffalo listening game. You know they should just shut down a season. Adapted New York Jets is there any player worthy of the draft at all. Allow now. He's going right right in my app for that and they're out about it. You know there'd been some reporting. That ardor item will be out platform game but he walker. Fourteen rushing yards audit partnered aired a bat at a lot of faith in him off. I think I grabbed him and you know. Well liked the circumstances are right it be great to know what's going on a quarterback directly or even more keen. App walk right. Out why your fire that he acted out our. Yeah this. Well look you guys back in the right there right there they're actively. And why are people one. I'm Brad if my YE five. That. Horrible heat. I was gonna say he brought trawl prior mean he changes seen are for chart troll prior he's gonna actually have a quarterback throwing him the football this year America. Yeah that could be you know a sneaky play there you know a guy that that could be a number one year ended getting later on your draw. Writing yeah you can comic book from Kirk and not be how much you for having it converted quarterback. A wider younger but that you want to commit these quarterbacks are accomplice. Actually you know near the red belt when he Indians don't and you know later he brought fire and you'd did you wonder he's a little bit of loop but. We track that shadow coverage on a all of our back on. You can find that there are but he's right. Well lap he belly get the lead off at a quarter. Odds you know that aspect that big physical guy so yeah I'd be like going in every right there still some uncertainty rowdy on the cut that this change. Our but I think like you bet yeah he hit that we pat we get Cleveland certainly he's going to have better quarterback played. Bob Harris football diehards dot com gracious with his time this afternoon in the sports bar with danger and the tag leave because it's. It's the pre season its rates and you know free draft seasonal you know I think. We we come to you the analysts we come to you the guys they have here. Your your heads be your your neck in statistics in you've got an idea you're looking in the crystal ball and UK he kind of consents. Who your booms in your boss are going to be. For the upcoming season Bob hoot who topped your list of guys that could have just an unbelievable break up fancy season is their guy conversely that would be. Somebody that you want afforded all costs that could that be a potential boss for the 2070 season. I think Harry hill guy. You. That we are down and the last year he let that. I that that what you liked and why did I it is that beat. I need to move he's made it this year particularly released big Jeremy Maclin and a better prize. I'm at bat in upbeat that. A lot to be their why he actually. I clearly they wanna get a orchid that was one you're date yet a lot of work in return man. Are a lot of our. A big game at running back why running back up. Out to import a bad goal and I think you guys you know maybe a little bit of boomer but why. And they wrote form a little bit but you don't buy it in about it and heard about but I do. What you go either way it is true boon but got other guys at eight point last year. We dare want you know Archie those that he eat I doubt be yet let. With eagle but he got a pretty good spot you know eat that under to eight Bergen light. Mean they have like a little ballot there and die. Eat and get the ball all like all Perkins and under what I. Who you know it guy at the right out like he only got it out there. Was that litter there on wall though but he died. You. That are that that could make you better than their rapid eye rally in 88 though the equal. You know. Played it late herb that you Y one. Now back is Mike Williams or lottery eager about it but you know where they can bill that bell choir made you don't buy out plate is value. I am quite drastically when a much better need to neutral right. Yeah so you would gain maybe. They picked or not as enthusiastic about it Allentown. Bob pairs of football diehards dot com our guests of bodies is people are starting to do that crap now. What advice can you give them obviously read as much as you camp but is camps open up I sometimes fall into the trap of hey I'm reading about. Nelson hagel I guess I'm gonna draft him and then so yeah it it would still sometimes I mean each year. The other Buffalo Bills tree here I I called in the pits heard all stars they look great on the practice field then you know they're not going to. You know perform when it comes time for the regular season so how do people not fallen to that trapping get too hyped up about a guy they might be right now. Bow out and we are about. Our pants and a bad look or. It's happening outlook and I agree here that everyone looked at the right. So what you need to do it in the puppy we preach up all by hard let I don't ought buyer or Beck and there were radio it. They people you're you're you're they will look at a lot of data. And they'll get caught looking down pretty you brought you walked in every minute or how do you go back when that I thought he'd started. All that would cut you add your read up on what because GM where they get the dowdy com by. I would eight by their lack right. But he couldn't hear all law aren't at their age and mark their that you heard it either of those grasses they they they were they can march. And all of that walkman or change your and that over time. Not the moment. It don't get caught up in the moment about a big huge deal and it younger and we unite it every day and grab it right now. They're Hindus Wear but nobody could wrap it. Odd don't be back I think big picture. What is written brought down not they're down or your rap and I look at offbeat it'd be lied at bad. Being development and they want it daddy outline and there the entire line. Well Bob we know while wanting us for certain is training camps open up there will be injuries there will be movement there will be opportunity there will be new names being thrown in the mixer at least. Names that might not be household names that will become household names as the season approaches and and we would love the opportunity to have you on again with us here. As the pre season now rolls on is get closer and closer to draft dec. You know our. The great Bob Harris football diehards dot come above where else can people here and and read your work. I mean apple all of our art our Ahmad light. And and or radio. Part of daily life record in the mean time I'm on every Saturday night. On air at at Easter time. I'd like I'm don't compute them again well beyond elite what we have Blackberry for all the way you're tired he did not all on a bit more on the. Here we are we're talking we're talking fantasy football it's July 10 Jeanne this is a week later than I normally would like oh yeah are you okay yeah I he's done for the year it's my daylight and I are good now I think in any hear that Bob is on every day's starting July 31 makes me feel are right now right. Now I feel like we're ahead of the game again it's gonna Bob it's great having you on is always. Are under. Bobby Harrison sports bar. What danger and the tag Leo football diehards dot com you know we're gonna talk a lot of fancy beak is if you listen to the show we try to give back if you listen last football seizing new knowing you follow our vice and survivor football that got you to Christmas Eve OK and you probably won nearly. We're gonna try to do seem thing by at least give you. Great fantasy football paw and act guy. Yi is at the top the list Bob Harris and to me it's interesting. He's not buying in on Andrew Locke it's our or Cam Newton at this point I would not either so. The question is. What is your league hotly school wore it. Because it's so different when he's talking about running backs a lot different if you're gonna keep PR. If you're in the point the perception I want Antonio Brown. I want the least risk I wanted to get back got dangers do not listen to anything I say on the radio in real life. When it comes darn you and I drafting and are only because I don't want you using that against me. It Jeanne it doesn't matter what you do. I'm not worried about oh well. Yeah I listen I feel like you could talk to dozens of experts and a lot of them are gonna say the same thing which is you know if you can get. The value. You're probably going to be successful in your fantasy football look for those values in Indio. A guy like Terrelle Pryor's probably valuing ski consider he could put up wide receiver one numbers and have an unbelievable season to be out in the middle rounds. He's still there. Well there's your value quarterback same thing when you when you factor in the idea that there isn't a big point differential between what. An Aaron Rodgers might give you one McPherson what a Carson Palmer Mike if you one week. Well then why would you. Spend Tom Brady money when you could get Carson Palmer you know look for those value life and and future opponents at a disadvantage. On draft night. Yeah and watch the position scarcity got a breaking little thing or does want to pass along Wimbledon. Rob feel Dolly's Al listen now how we lost went to a fifth sacks. Giles Muller defeated him 6364. 36461513. Out 1513 in the fifth set so while Raphael dull outs at Wimbledon them. And another little breaking tidbit here this waste I can always remember this of Rochester Americans. I have announced their home opener the points can be Syracuse we already knew the date October 6. Here's the rest of the story the complete HL schedule comes out tomorrow nice. That's Smart marketing for whatever reason the American Hockey League always drag their feet is first releasing the complete schedule we get it mid to late August. I tomorrow's one of the quiet is sports days of the year we can all kind of agree on that that will be a topic tomorrow so we'll have the complete their work schedule for you tomorrow. And you've also got a lot of enthusiasm right now around the emirates with all the news it's been breaking new head coach you've got to development camp happening right now with a lot of future Rochester Americans playing about me like this is gonna be. It is it's and it's an exciting time if your Rochester I'm trying to myself and I like he can't see I can't wait for. All what was the last time we actually have real conversations. Hazy starting here in buffalo. He's branding goalie starting a Rochester surety is new album bat he's now about Billy. That's like re sign that we're having these conversations for the emirates does seems like they've got killed on that roster and I. Let's go to that Intel is that a little bit more by the way if you mr. conversation with Bob Harris of football I heard stock tumbled fantasy football talk here in the sports bar. Well we'll have that for you and available online and on demand at the all new ESPN Rochester dot com shortly let's let's get back to that camera to point and a couple of other. Sports comments free to wrap your mind around two game we play called I'll drink to that. And we'll get to a next in the sports bar danger and tag Leo on AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester.