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New Amerks head coach Chris Taylor joins Danger and Battaglia to talk about his love of Rochester, the moves made this offseason by Sabres GM Jason Botterill and the addition of Gord Dineen to his coaching staff.


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Eight and 95957. Estimate streaming online that ESPN Rochester dot com. PM Rochester around plus sports league ESPN Rochester. Time for inaugural visit to the sport forward danger potentially Jeanne it's been exciting offseason for the buffalo. We'll sabres it's been exciting offseason. For our Rochester Americans. And we're proud to welcome man. New ever said coach Chris Taylor joining us in sports bar of danger to tag me hikers Oreo. Our current grown gray Chris congratulations. On the job coming back to it. No I mean I just like desert I remember you all being such a big part of this amber Eckstein the hammer to playing in. My goodness here you are the head coach talk about common back here to the flowers sitting once again. Offers our third setting them. Are Stanley is moved here for 1819 years aren't. Just being predatory in Gaza and and to be packed with the amor is that is that very tiny. Talk about you were able to pick up will be working with Jason in through the the Scranton Wilkes-Barre and of course Pittsburgh organization last few years. I think the biggest thing is that communication that we we have at our nation in there is. General manager of the Pittsburgh early surge or Mandarin gate it will it will those very words our player development. Even amateurs are the grossed out slowly to round. Just everybody talking and communicating is that the things that they want the palace there is that Obama. Being that we you know they are that we need to work grow but more what the communication aren't there apparently illegal you know. Chris what's your styles a coach we knew you as a player but how would you define your coaching stuff. Well the biggest thing is being reliant upon them they always or is being on a park don't sit back. I'm be passed that rule. And a lot and Delilah. Our structure our game but it. Creativity in the game I want I want I. Pique creativity. In in the conferences on I want it there's skill. Independently I want Columbia. Aren't guys. I development Burma now they get hurt and and it's exciting I want. You know if there if there's battles and orders that want. Our guys mention their win all of battled. Might break now that's great that's what are you go or I don't know I don't even its spreading and then. I believe in just playing hard bitten and what ever happened that that happened. Rochester amateur coach Chris Taylor joining us in the sports bar danger and the tank Leah. Talk about doesn't talent on the roster Chris what do you know about the assets. That that we've accumulated not just three years past but but so for this offseason for the Rochester Americans. Well we create a lot of badger guard Labatt certain guys who you are in the and to be honest but I don't really want maybe even be here at this point and actually on her way to have a chance a couple of favors a training camp and then. Whoever gets sent down and over and we expect our great and create a culture here that there might want to come here play and and that occurred everyday. You know you have heard the culture we've heard that from from other hot. Is that what it is easier said than done to mean I immediately to how how would you go about doing that curse. Well the biggest thing is we talk Arnold started building relationships with the players and with the new which they hit the mullet you know are very now is that they want a lot feedback they want what's going on every day they want to know how gritty there. Where we and and how mature I think that's the biggest thing they're not playing well at parliament airplane are found that you know. I think it. Armored doors are always open to anybody in the case of practicing approaches are gonna be in a room a lot more pocket that where the other during. Practiced. That it occupied by entering you'd make improper wrong. And make sure that we care about them. Is that an adjustment you had to make because you know use your you were insisting here brought just during communicating with a different. Generation or is is that a skill set that you had to learn as well. Oh for sure you do and and I'm lucky because I am kids that are my son in and be. When he won an artist my daughters in the 19 September so I contrary I understand what they're going through and you know that telephone at stake and over electronic and everything like that though. Get to create and an elderly are German and and how you talk them all right it's big. Amateur coach Chris Taylor in the sports bar with danger in the tag Leo we've got some listeners tweeting in at ESPN Rochester coach. Asking some questions up please asked Taylor about specific changes. He intends to make compared to how things work during his previous stint as an assistant. Well as an artist has been coach you around when I was here you just. You just trying to help what the heck coaches marked as possible and do their thing and I think the biggest thing. The biggest change that means here is is they are from the top. And then at work in down the bottom and and the new patient with. And then it comes down to me and what we're and in all here in the habit that would create and and the excitement that we want. Bringing the Dresser or not they want a hundred direct it to impede their biggest difference. Chris you were part of the last team to make the Calder cup finals here in Rochester that that team lost the Hartford. And that it while cable we back and well we haven't been back and is one of the race. While those easier. Questions they ask and answer on granite did you you don't know who's going to be on your team but I guess I'll ask it this way. Fans here are starved for a winner and we ask Randy sexton is easily it's not as easy as flipping out light switch was the analogy he he knew but. Chris you know what this to hone easel I equal in the Rochester Americans are going to. Artillery. On the passion and the hammer is unbelievable like that's why. I want to stay here play it on record here. And not regulate I played every year bird. New contract if they hear it up well in Rochester just as. We love this so much allowed one of the rink every day I loved that and I love their feedback. And it is that we want to bring atmosphere back at love theory out there were prospering on the board down their. And when they went in where it recorders bullet sort faded toward. Notes we wanna get that back more greet the statement again. I think you got a lot of excitement so far this offseason. Head coach of the Rochester Americans Chris Taylor joining this year Amy sports bar with danger. And the tag leave his inaugural visit in the sports bar hopefully the first of many visits into the sports bar and there are. Question coming in from listener via Twitter Jason tweeting in thanks so much for the average stock. Hopefully you can ask if they're still looking to sign more free agency a couple more ideally. Our coach Taylor you know probably. Something you're not really thinking too much about leaving that more and in hands of Randy and Jason but what you know about to. A couple holes and need to be filled with the roster for both sabres and for the earmarks. Yeah we definitely talk everyday about that we're throwing out on a lot of guys name in. The biggest thing is Ers were your homework on good people. And we will watch it. Patient there at odds are on a work and community as well and I think that's very important work toward it people are meant a lot easier. And you know I think we're looking for more depth I think that would wilt bird does a great job and with the injuries that they have. That this favors. You know we want to make sure that if I collapse that we're not dropping off at any level and I think what Pittsburgh did. Engage in data in Pittsburgh wilkes-barre is that. It was humorous when we when guys got hurt her dad called up now nothing really dropped the part in that that's what we want created while. Well you seem like you have debt to goaltending where we were kind of canceling in lean and saw mark maybe he's the guy to Vegas takes me he's in buffalo. He might be years starting goaltender Rochester and again I know you can't comment as far as who's gonna be on this opening day roster but. Or whoever it ends up do you likely will have good goaltender we can talk about the ethical. Or need that's huge I think in the especially in America argue he. Having two goaltenders that push each other. Not just one guy that is expected to play all the games are you know one guy to meet that. Yet competition. It'd been made yet they're the starter that much better. Again I hate the reference back there last year it they're lit bit. The top two goaltenders are backed up really push. Kristen Perry and meeting and that much better than let them much there is such a big competition out. Every night it didn't matter who played. We knew it ever happening people and then it goes on. Hey coach Chris Taylor the Rochester Americans shorting in the sports bar danger mr. Hadley and news today. Of an addition to your staff gorging mean join our staff as the assistant coach a coach tells what you what does that mean seeing the organization. Well to me I want to bring a guy in that. Lot of experience especially playing. Well Ian and it shall. You played broke or 500. Gain in the united some American. And coaching it. Bidding at trial. Court there Scioscia coach Eric and coach and Iowa. We got a lot experience when I got the way it worked for are eager. The miners would islanders current game we won two championships then he taught me a lot is leadership. In the Dresser when he played it was unbelievable and now it carried over to his coaching and it's just it's great that we got to. To come back to Rochester area in the family coming up dear all settled main how's that whole lot move gold for your right now. Yet Womack and whenever left arm me they they hear Barack just bear arms gear the we've all agreed in yours mine. My son and daughter both monsters who are here through the all clear they've never been to a different school. So they've. We've stayed here and my daughter is urged Iranian you're not locked universe in dire all of and my son figure this special needs you he finished it. Schools holy child as a graduate night like Thursday app program actors though weren't excited. It's it was a long year being away from Britain there I didn't our back. Love hearing the story of a player who who is from here embrace the community as there is made it home and there's a handful of a vax players that have called Rochester home in the idea that you stuck around that your. You're back now you're the head coach of the hour Seve that that's got to be rewarding and an extremely gratifying. Well it definitely is great we we know most of my friends are Arkin wrote here in Rochester. And and we know a lot of people aren't you wrote here in rock history and we couldn't ask for barriers proper. Our home down they're great embraced this here in and we love it. And there is no way to we're living you know violent determine where we are there are you're back ever summer stoic and our hometown distract renteria hours away. It's good enough heard it all weekend bit rate become it it's nice to come back on the Rochester that's who we call now. Now I joke about it all the time coach I say I'm not gonna leave mentally in the middle school after me I think you should strive. Go higher golfer Heisman wait until Chris Taylor high school looking into. I don't little gonna happen. How has been written it brigadier. House transition being suggested being echoed she having grown up you know playing this war and now you've got to kind of take out in different role and sometimes you've got to. Gotta be that the heart yes here again today in some instances how has been just a transition now that you're the guy in charge. Well if it's not a big transition for me because they start doing that we're now has around thirty years old running in the minors. What they do. I believe they're locking it up there like in buffalo and and then in a maker had back in the minors where it. I'm I'm pretty hard on guys that parents are LaMont rip them I try to keep that behind it being that not at all like they're show. Sure batter in the public anybody as a need to know we thank you couldn't turn on the Dresser-Rand. And I try to do it that way leadership. Leadership is found guide future than what they what they need to know and and trying to make them better and not read it at the player. Coach get us fired up embarks fans listening right now. Your first time in the sports bar with danger tangling you can hear all of the emirate section right here on am 915957. FM I mean it's been a long time since we've seen. A real compelling winning product on the eyes of the cross arena what he's gonna make this year different coach. Well the biggest thing and it well bring Courtney in and that they're great they're out the back in an average. Or GM here full time. I can't be critical need to be talking a lot people are in the in the Dresser Milan. And the player I was in Vietnam were eager assistant coach. And that's the biggest thing is that when you're out time and make people accountable what you do it and I are doing it. And there's in knock it realize great conversation back at me now again be on. Where it is we wanna hear the truth in the players need to hear that your and we want to make sure that will report the product you know in case on a Friday night home game. That they're ready in the standard and expecting. Game. And they're gonna be there and expect a larger game armor our fore check it he's going to be strong right I believe or not but the big thing that were. We're implement. Coach one other question from a listener writing in this is from Eric can you ask coach Taylor he understands. How that change in the vet rule works this season regarding exacts. Yet here the error event the exempt is between 260. Games that street when he. Mom thought he if he's in that area and you get out wanting them. I'm I know they're doing they're doing. HL meetings rate now and there are a weirdo little more I haven't heard it. As of late a date in a change in Turkey but I've got it but I'm assuming it keep the game it grows last year. Great thanks for the clarification on that appreciate the interaction with the fans on Twitter ID ESPN Rochester and Merck's head coach. Chris Taylor joining us in this hour danger potentially coach it was a pleasure having you want to look forward to doing again real soon and senior out in the community it's great to hear here. And you've got everybody fired up for October can't way. What thank you very much guy I really appreciate the support now. Just let the bands or amber great vote be back in I think our onion. Love it coach Taylor. Joining us in the sports bar danger Ametek Lee join the rest just new coach. Thanks appreciate it thank you Chris Chris Taylor you make go to Rochester Americans Zimmer fans react 454. ES TM 4543776. What was my biggest take away about his style communication. Communication. Why Dan miles Mo lose his job in buffalo in part because communication. Right relationships with the players out if it's a different generation acts in your coaching and and it was our age danger I mania we would have to adjust UUUU. Coach Mullen meals all the time it's a different. How do you reach the rule the talent gap between teen named team day and beat it. And it's all kind of the same right but. How do you get to motivate somebody in there somebody right there Chris Taylor I'm I like what I heard stat systems everything else they'll take care itself style of play hard nosed being informed that like all that. But making sure players are accountable letting though. Is there and not just players coaches as well I mean a guy like Brady sexting is going to hold the coaches. The players the assistance all accountable and I got a veteran guy named in court do you mean by the bench with Gil. Eight you can't ask for much more than what the hammer have done this offseason in terms of working to build a winning product for Rochus and right. These guys wanna get up. To buffalo. And you're gonna have eyeballs on them from the Buffalo Sabres organization Randy sexton. Walking every game that is going to make a difference a big big difference. Loved our conversation with Amber's head coach Chris Taylor if you missed any amateur if you came in in the middle of it. We'll have a for you on demand shortly the all new ESPN Rochester dot com or you can download the ESPN Rochester app. And listen to eat your own leisure. On the way in action sports bar. We serve up the day's top NFL stories in bite sized form we call NFL appetizers. The sun. A face former star wide receiver in the NFL gotten a little bit trouble last month. And may not be returning to the college game any time soon will what you know are talking woe. Is the sports marked danger in the tag Lia on ESPN Rochester.