The Sports Bar-Christine Lisi

The voice of SportsCenter on ESPN Radio, Christine Lisi, a Western New York native, joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss all of the offseason moves being made by both the Bills and Sabres.


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These he's sure home for the NBA finals cavs Celtics team won tonight at 730. On eight and 950 and 957. Of them not sports leader ESPN Rochester she you know I love you. But if given the choice between you and our next guest. In reading these sports and up to its ability is no compares there I'd rather it is he's smooth sounds of Christine lacy. And that's not a view that's just that's how could she hits. Christine how are you. Hi guys I'm good how are you you are very kind thank you owe. Chris. I actually I just made them soccer cookie bars which is probably not the licensing I've done because at 85 degrees here today in really hot. Now. And that and I'm just kind of sit outside enjoying the day company you guys. If you follow Christine on Twitter you'll see she does videos on YouTube channel where she EU EU Baikal kinds of stuff like aside the other I'm like oh my god. BC debate is something. Idea why I'm Italian so I kinda comes with the territory. You know gene bell I'm I I love debate I love to cook and down I just thought I'd you know I'd do it all the time Emmy as well. It'll make video could come lay out friend who. Can't really cook is bloodied there like oh we love your recipes that I need to see it I'm like okay carried out. It's ever gonna try one thing this weekend. For my sweet tooth what what's your best Christine. A lot of people love the stuffed chocolate chip cookies usually you can put a brownie you're an Oreo or whatever you want inside the better. Both are going to be hit it where can whenever my friend request something if you guys request anything to me I will make it as well. Well. I'm floored wall oh. Ollie they next time become subject to seal what he is there going to be a trip this year Christine got him back god back this way. I'm not sure. Because of the way that that album. I have promoted the plan the jet like to come back and offer homecoming but I'm not quite sure I'm going to be able to make that. I came last year and I had a I a lot of fun at alumni weekend now. Christina. Year. Christine JEE Beano Western New York native and and somebody who for his followed these teams have bills the sabres for most of your life I mean. In no shortage of things to talk about it in buffalo sports to me give us first your your overall impression of what the bills have been doing this offseason. Our I would. Nothing you want to see anybody lose their job but I think that they needed some of them changed they needed. I don't know what it's gonna work I hope it does I'm thinking that maybe because for Indonesia on that Carolina connection. And knowing each other and maybe that will work. Com I'm hoping for. And I'm being well I think that's what we built and Ali car is a you know we're hard on my grandmother who's 91. Talk dealt with it guys as well just say you know she always helpful always excited it will concerned about cornerback position as she could tell you she was on the Q but. She very helpful very excited. Well if you if I think the bills are concerned too if they re negotiate with Tyrod Taylor but gas from the standpoint of getting that. Extra first round pick next year and a draft the might have a lot of quarterbacks is that does that get jail in more interest in here. Yeah I know I just could it's so hard because it's been a lot you know them and thirteen that made the playoffs and it's just. I. I don't mean to be impatient but I would really like 2017 to be something special. To get a little impatient. Kelly could we we preach patience here Christina gonna be a bit more hate me. Assume that and so that's got better before it gets war or worse before it gets better Christine. What do you guys think about Tyrod you told Brennan are not know. No flash. He's he could his flaws are not are gonna prevent him from being a franchise quarterback I don't know at this point in his career Christine he's gonna learn to roll over the middle where Earth's rolled right Seaver all open I mean. He is small doses he's great but in the end asked to win playoff games I don't. No he's that court reckoned. Put a team on his back. The inconsistencies. Him have art to too wide to ignore and then ending you know but. New offense according this year new system. He's a little familiar with again I mean this is he season for hole and you know maybe we see a different Tyrod Taylor and when he said it was forget like this is really what his third season. This third season starting quarterback and take some time to developing and even though he was. A back up for a while you know I can be sold on Tyrod Taylor and what I'm sold on right now is that he gives the bills. And and would give the bills regarding all 88 when you factor at all the options number available this off season the best chance. Two winning 278. Right like I love this scrambling ability I love what he can do with his feet but it's just done an engine Kelly said that want when he was gone and at highlighted. I have the arm that. It's a little disconcerting at times that may be you find maybe they can have a system that worked for him and that he can excel and. We also lose the tie rods a big topic here Christine also Sammy Watkins and Sammy Watkins not getting his fifth year option picked up when normally it does but you have talent yet you have injury. What's your view on Sammy Watkins. I agree with them not picking up the option he's just. I understand the town everything that you you've tried so much and I know that's that. You know that maybe just a fluke that nobody opera. I don't hurt last year the year before where he wanted the ball more and I'm like you know I would like to concentrate on being healthy I'm staying healthy. Before you start complaining about how much you do it cannot get the ball. Yeah I mean he's got that kind of wide receiver. Almost diva mentality that that beatle wide receivers out of I'm curious as to whether or not that's going to be a fit in Sean McDermott's culture. Moving for 'cause it sure feels like he's going to hold these players to a different level. Of accountability not just on the field but off the field as well. I would hope so because I didn't. I didn't like a lot of other things by and you know you can't hear different things than apartment things like hey how about at them like men right. I'm not having to be cry about not having to be reminded how to act. With Marv Levy you never. We know they never seem to have these problems that they say it didn't seem like it I don't know. Maybe it was Chris mythic in Cali York Cornelius Bennett taking care of things that saying it is not the way we do think here let with the patriots. Coming in whether you have some issued in the past. A large sacks on Brady that is the way we do things here get at least that. Well let let your new coworker habit Rex when he comes to Rosie is he made his way through yes. I mad tracks yet and Bristol Christine. I have not met him yet I have. No where where and a different radio than a different part of the building and the TV people but nope I. Have not met him yet increasingly turning a bee and can't take heat heat opinion dated he. He knows the sport he loved the sports I'm sure he'll be great. Christina is a rough rough few weeks there at the have Bristol campuses well take a spotter and I mean you know but some unfortunate. Dismissals. A lot of talented people mom looking for their next opportunity now. It was the third one cents 2013 the third major. Tom. Act that they have done it it was hard right. I've actually gone into work that day for two of them any shelf pockets like you walk into what more do you feel like. You're walking your quick and like he would be at any big company. You know to lose like 300 people and I don't somebody people along I've been very talented. I'm very good at what they do and I think. Perhaps the unfortunate thing like that. Their contract just happened to be up and 2017. You know art for a lot of and I just. It's heartbreaking to you don't you don't want to see anybody lose their job and it's just. It's very bad and I hope that they I'll land on their feet because how many of them are so good people like you know Ed werder clean so great at what he does. It was just it was dead if say goodbye to a lot of those people. Kristy Lee see you here updates throughout ESPN radio here our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN she's a Western New York native. As we mentioned Rex Ryan now higher by ESP and now he'll be doing that first. Monday night game now would that mile wins and I was a little bit surprise on night saw that story that technology becomes the first female play by play. Broadcast her since 1987. Really connecting. I Christine. In I mean obviously that's overdue owed is this. You know it's been a long time coming I was surprised to see that nobody broken throw up until this point. I was surprised Q and I'm so excited for her you know I eat I eat like. There's so many good women out there like Doris Burke like he would still great at what she does the basketball and I think the best I was so excited when I thought that the other day and it's like what a great opportunity for her. Absolutely Christine O what we're about. Were you take us through your day. At the Bristol campus you off today. But a normal day for Kristy Lee C break it down force I just again I'm so fascinated wanna look behind the curtain of what happens there. It in Bristol. I did an about. An hour before I hit there. I didn't say I kind of I our research department is the best of the industry I think. Other guys and girls where they're so hard over there in getting us all the information from the became that are coming up that night or the gains that happened the night before is I work in the morning and then I just kinda. Okay what was the big game last night it. You know it's right now at this time of the year would be the NBA 8 the eastern finals or the western finals of the NHL eastern trying to western final arms. And I try to go together at my big events I looked through any sound I wanna pick. People whether they western new Yorker is well he's now called the predators. Apps play by play and I used to copper to him last Saturday because it was fantastic I kind of try to pick audio that is gonna grab people's attention I think. There are few things better than overtime winners and playoff hockey I don't know how you guys feel about that. An and I kind of just go from there out what they spot and my gotta on and you know what did. That person do like last Friday it was you know how bad man party what is today it might be how good he is. And then I'll throw in little things at the end like a golf tournament if there's a big enough name leading it. Kind of go from there and then as breaking news comes then how out blended in and out and then I kinda move on because you wanna keep that is current in its crashed. And you tend to people keep coming to you or they can be up to date to. But if you're working with different host like Ryan pursue allow our bubble money Jones there it did you have to. Craft you're update a little bit differently what is it like working with all these different personalities. Actually you know what we kind of independently kind of do our own thing the talks don't have. You know they pick subjects that it'll move the meter they get people calling of people talking tweeting what ever and we kind of just skewed view. I what the most important news is that the daylight they might they might not think that. It might not get their radar but it certainly would hit ours. ESPN radio is Kristy Lee C joining us in the sports bar with danger and tag Leah Christine it's always. Great having you on the air we know where we can hear you. Where can listeners CU and read some of your work on line get Twitter handle all of that. Okay my Twitter handle is ESPN increased dean and on FaceBook it Christine leafy. I'm also allowed in program and Tumblr although I don't quite understand Tumblr I'm on YouTube I add Chris easily see. So even onion where I love to talk you know export any thing I can argue with you about anything and I well I enjoyed talking sports with. That the ID I don't want people to argue all day about our public sometimes that a Leinart epithet in bar. I think I'm gonna try that that that recipe there for the stuff cookies and. No you don't get faster Christine your husband do the black topping your drive where is that something you forma. They are out not very handy but I. Anna says is the day we were that Smart yeah yeah yeah exactly the right to work the investment. Yes yes I think about the sabres. I am excited about chickens are coming on as the GM. I think that he'll build a good while a good bridge between buffalo and Rochester and I just like to see them. I'd like a goaltender. I'd like obviously their defense to be a lot better but I think when you have a like a generational translates into player like Jeff I call I think things can only be great and he net so much time at the start to question I think they're really put buffalo went out the sabres and. All tell you think the sabres are much closer than the bills here. Yet I I mean I I think so because they have bet. They have get cycle they have that generational player like you know like a Sidney Crosby wouldn't expect like a vaccine with the Blackhawks. I bet I mean that's my opinion. Don I don't disagree with you one bit and it'll be agency who he brings in as a head coach and whether or not that head coach can relate to a new generation. Younger players and and of course when he was announced here everybody in Rochester just to hear him mention Rochester. Had fans of the M works up in arms like all my god we might actually be or in franchise in the except they try to get as winning again anyone what to see what he's done with Pittsburgh and Scranton wilkes-barre. Is is pretty remarkable and the hope is that he can repeat that success. Now he's with buffalo. Because if Rochester is good then buffalo will be back CNET. That's my belief and I pay anything back to the days where like the favorite he at one year about a decade ago three. Very good goalie Ryan Miller Mika nor an end and Marty beer on the bike and they came up through the system and it doesn't seem like a look at that her wild like us you know. From Rochester and a minor league team. Boy yeah she knows her sabres hockey there during an up Mika ignored and I was a name I forgot I. Kristen when you look at Tennessee or did you make it up to a lot of ever games. I I I. I think we only went and I nobody really had a car. So we we basically did the I ninety and we did go to RIT one gain. At IT lucky but. I actually I didn't see an image game until I moved out to Connecticut and they played the Hartford. I'd be I'd I'd I'd tramping department that looked at Adam Pacman or what. A lead they played of genetically the world pack. And got in a playoff game I love my Michael pack up. Captain security. I was tow our 2000 and then that would have been. Yet look what yup my husband went to keep the Rangers fans so I we rented at a north there was a budget sabres into neon. In the crowd Q and it's always onion noted that wherever you go I don't it's like that you get when you travel but if you see like he Cambodian builders sabres security. They'll get so excited and I have to run up and talk to them and some people find that weird but I like it like this bombed that we western New Yorkers have that it never leaves you. Are able Christine we got to send you some hammer here here or there so that when when you're going about being somebody sees hammocks are gonna be like Rochester and what apple. No not exactly but this show everyone well. I I would love I would take anything I you know I'm so devoted to those teens I would. I probably where anything you send me. Stuffed chocolate chip cookies for an Merck's wags the unfair trade. That's it I'm very good Christine this is awesome love having you won't dust. Let's do it again real soon enjoy the rest of your afternoon all right. Thank you thank you have a much unlike you I really appreciate you get me call. Oh Harry's Christine Lee C love the energy love governor on knows her stuff when it comes to buffalo sports you can hear of course. Delivering sports center on ESPN radio throughout the day but god given voice to. Mean this is there a better update person. Increasingly see would have voice no I think it is that if you think about ESPN radio update personalities it's Christine EC and nobody else right. And India it's Christine Lee CNN. That a guy or somebody else yeah exactly and now I think we should go go find something in the closets under it to that that's a fair trade. Right what's it take away from increasingly see it's not what she knows about the Buffalo Sabres set her and her husband farm out the black top. Farming out somebody else seals the driveway. Yeah after that big yet there are successful people in Connecticut that understand the value saved. Time that I'm now populate grain I greet you sandy and Matt Damon green tweeting me I sealed my driveway myself once never again right I'd rather slam my junk in a cargo for. If it. Darryl that I'd rather stared directly into the sun for three hours straight they have to do that again Jeanne I don't wanna do that again. That's why I was defending. You all like it was like act in defending knew it was almost like there was that. Hacking your wife and in all not at all I am I trying to state my position. And if I went on her financial. Podcast I'd say what's the value here okay you do in the your own job there you're working for less than minimum wage. You are you gonna say what fifteen box for baking in the sun. Now go make fifteen bucks somewhere else. Fifteen bucks for heat stroke. And ruin shoes and pants hat and good luck trying to get tar off a highway and I have pain all oh no it's messy and. I won this battle James it'll come back it'll come back to run you wait take away number two from Christine. That laugh always kept. Or personality I love having her on. All right so stuffed chocolate chip cookies on the way we'll gets member swank fair deal on. Well increasingly see if you miss that conversation our conversation earlier with John leg geared but he said the pilot dot com we will get those up. And on demand for you at the all new ESPN Rochester come up next in the sports bar we syrup today's top NFL stories and bite sized form. And half fell appetizers with danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester.