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Dennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss whether or not the Sabres should deal Evander Kane and what other potential moves the team can make this offseason.


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I look back at the sports are much danger Jeanne detect live at 95957. FMD sports leader ESPN Rochester also streaming online. At ESPN Rochester dot com. NG my or waiting on a Dennis Bernstein but the league is calling us right now. Yeah end again a story just coming over big story from constable Bob Stoops stepping aside. Oklahoma head coach longest tenured coach in college football there's a trivia question for a Stoops after eighteen seasons on no longer than a coach of the Oklahoma Sooners he is retiring. Here in the sports bar with danger tag Leah you know we only elect talked the best and brightest minds in the industry the people with their ear to the ground people in the know. Who share that knowledge with you make you smarter just from listening people like. Dennis Bernstein who's joining us for the first time ever in the sports bar or danger to tightly from the fourth period dot com Dennis got to know thanks for joining us. Sure yeah I got out. Excited about it but you know like your introduction almost all markets and the itchy I mean I'm. Well we like we'd like our guests humble too Smart humble tennis the whole package their man. A great great party got that he had Dennis we're big Saber country here and I. I guess we'll start with a Evander Kane and you know as far as you have a new GM and decent box role in vain thirteen. I'm globe how would you assessed the trade market for a guy that. Has had talents he can put the puck in the back of the net. He's had some personal issues that are well documented and he's gonna be free agent after the season so how would you wage is valid. Well I think when Jason comes in the you can open it basically clean sheet right he has come options and no real loyalties are. Affinity to keeping our were trading away players Soviet debt that's stating that the positive. I have no lack of me and I watch a live at the NHL. On might normally apple TV I watch a lot of sabres games caused a lot of market and keep. The people lost in the answer are not good and bad. I love the way that depend upon the minister Tony Coles who played art. He period of the attendant to be happy there it's really devote the final left wing's worst when he ultimately got itself and if I was inclined to. I'd remarked. Right let them for five years to compute the agency maybe thirty years all keep him here I really picky to be the solution given the fact that the team's struggles to score that said. He can get to actually indicated one of the top four defensemen you make it straight. Yeah of course because you know very know what to come back and play and play long term about Islam bunch of in the present conversations so this there's. Both sides of the argument on this I have thickest part solutions. Others including Bob can you think he's not part of the solution. I think that it's going to be treated by economy we -- to next decent wouldn't shock me could make a team better yet just that and really hesitant on to trade away got like you mentioned who could fill that implying it looked like he gets it. And this in the locker room issues understanding attitude understand that people liked photos on it mr. Graham I get all that but. He now is what 25 you looked like Lester he's finally in the short. And he's matured he's on board with everybody costs. Note that this did discord in the locker room like this team the championship team and have legally veterans have won a lot of cops in the rumored that a young team that still struggle to win the GM go on the coach is gone and so. I would be inclined to keep them but if you can't bring back to good look back assets prepared came to pick you can't that I would keep him try to beside. Did dispersing the fourth period dot com joining us in the sports bar with danger but tightly Dennis how much of you saw out of the vendors game left wing this year. Was Vander and how much that was who we had centering his line. I would say the album. Peace probably 75 tornado like Jack Jack has a major impact of gators games certainly bought. It's actually the only greats in our league so he went to another team pretty score I am it's critical. Thirty goals in a cut but got a got a lot to do or die and I think that they're jacked you know who those people on the short not really. There's some suggestion that he and the fact of GM. In the organization. But. I think that it's probably 5060 and you have to happen perquisites. Speed and talent inside schools scored chemicals that it's up by act. Actually you don't get to twenty goals as we backed him at this point so I think it's a combination or I think it they have some chemistry together. I'd like them as a pair and again it's likely get a replacement got a meal at the flip side is that you have to keep his tapped yet to keep them hopeful if you're gonna bring back. I've indicating get a deal first round draft day Kennedy developmental defenseman. But who's gonna score goals who is a team not a contender anymore the one issue I have with that. Beach literally pin you'll get a 22 minute and I defenseman but what he's been compared to say okay we thought we were on the cusp of contending in a jacked up and injured. I think it was very close and not meet the plans that you need to talk about post when he gave Hewitt had a better record it's important there's your record. I'm so I get I'm real careful that but I look. I'm probably a bigger a bigger case than most people the media. I I think that most people think he's still the bad guy who got this track suit ripped apart. In Winnipeg but. I look at a player who -- produced is that the eight were used to sometimes get it and sometimes mature. Well he's stayed out of trouble for 111 months so again I'm inclined to keep them but. I understand the logic and treated the way it goes to new regime Bibi start fresh but you gotta find a way to replace got opt instead it's a very difficult thing to do in free agency market. Dennis Bernstein from the fourth period our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN so Dennis I think sabre fans are one thing they weren't happy ways. So long was the Blue Line last year I mean cool. Would be some veteran guy that could be on the market right now could beat those late 22 minutes a game type defenders. Well if it got to not really much behind. You know Kevin checked correctly records are kept in check for six million dollars a year so that's the question who could to try to describe now looked. People culture and elites who won a Hockey Night in Canada. Are couple put aside and said there was a potential kings sabres straight right the issue with that is that I've been at a walk away creation there's no. Indication that he would some long term losses but if he did. And let's say they can have a discussion within about a long term deal that got that would come back will be kicked Russert who I think it is certainly fills the bill for a top four defensemen he can play 22 minutes not yet here difficulties last year. But they ought to difficulties in Gloucester just questions so would be Jake muck and or maybe. A Alec Martinez and out of dirty use old if I'm bilateral I've got to ask for the guy who's two years younger is probably the better defense than this but has been exceeding guys. He had he was collected for walk up to meant that in Canada hockey counterpart is one of the best top eight has been in cataracts. Which has a lot I believe he's a top fortress and so it would be someone in the mold of two a must and there were prepared communicate but again. These debt issue of free agency he would and that the problem with the kings why they dean Lombardi no validity of their respective. He took risks are rentals and he lost he'd restart these players by country secure Milan Lucic. If it really took away assets from the organization and that was kind of a job so I think that's the one mitigating factor when you wanna get prepared to back. Are you wanna get a top four defenseman for guy but what's Gianluca particulate go one year. Give back a player would term. On the two top Ford approximately twenty minutes and I really doesn't happen that's why and thinking that that kind of trade if you really want him and the organization. It's gonna get to future it's gonna get you know when traffic is not gonna need it's not gonna help that blue line next season and that's the dilemma I think is some bilateral why how can he. That you know on just how could he convinced that a reliability and dependable steady and in the back of defense in the term which is what they really need. And you have a new GM there in Los Angeles shooting not tennis. Yet Rob Blake who's on and I'll tell you the best. Let you do it our way to talk about it and it came. I do you know party going back to have been accused rat here. That would apparently was a very short conversation. From that point in time they were never in just Indian case every year when they indicate infamous pop up in western discussed is a left wing and make. Case in the far left wing I know for a fact that they were never considering him but with the new machine. Yeah again another clean sheet and other likely than not look at that what what the list organization has placed Rob Blake. Would consider a perfect case until he would be a viable option but again he's he's counting the Oregon bar are rentals. I don't think he's going to American at least of of players who have a roster players pops up a consequence there would have liked it to market. If he would more likely treated for the I jumped into it than it would for a bit McCain so I think that the sticky part produced about all the property his biggest challenge coming into is to be interrogated not part of the solution. What the ticket from what if they return for a guy who was in a walk away your discouraged. And you would also consider that an ex defense and probably understands the importance of the depth at they have a doubt blue line and LA. Why would you give up one of those pieces for vendor came for one season. Agreed yet it it it's a tough call that looked. They need to score they need to be more exciting in its parent. Medical center that is entertainment DNC and ticket renewals are coming in. And Tajikistan anymore because they've missed a class two or three seasons so they've they've got to be I think a little bit more great balance in shares and between kicked that rock solid defense and indeed at that struggles to score. I like Ricky Moore he looked there's more speed in this game is more scoring. A guy like communique would look good to build on what interest on long term deal are not as a when you replicas that makes it to break up at the at the core. For just one year than not that close to the title anymore NAFTA challenge is that. If every into the last piece in the possible likely be assumed to Milan Lucas what two years ago. Did you make that one trait and give this the longer we need with a Walker Cup team to play have to use the last 3COM did not that juggernaut that they once more so they need a player would term. And it and it just doesn't fit the bill unless immunizations can sit down. The next two we you K okay will be what decides. More atomic force in just knowing that they have top political group to a deal with it just too many teams would have to align it sort of makes sense or. Boehner came right now to be doubtless and it could change in two weeks. Yet does that tell you guys that we can that expansion draft and interject it's going to be treaties could be unprecedented activity so you really don't know and anybody adapted you know who would have thought a year ago that the peaking too bad Michael appreciate whoever. Yeah I and that was leading into my next question are our guest here is Dennis Bernstein he writes for the fourth period. There's an article up on your website right now and you're on the air here in Rochester. Nobody would have thought he gays have been would have been available. There's a defenseman that if this is true he's available. He is approaching that level I would miss my bias calling RIT hockey games but here's a guy increased and have. He's playing for RT one year. Next year at the Vancouver Canucks are putting them on the power play in the Stanley Cup final he is a veteran in this league and why would the Vancouver cannot be moving Chris. Ten out in you know how available easier at this point. Have you watched ray Cooper applied. At a particularly. They need to get younger right BP they've got fifteen a last year the contracts make it seven million dollars a year the book 36 years old. If noble because as you got Lou we are condemned really in a bad deal. I make it six million dollars and excuse for the next five feet and another look no move clause so if you can get if you can get more offense on the he need to depart the next. I'm can find an XP anyway and to be transparent but. I think with respect Jim Benning and I think it's it's wide open like why would you consider Chris Jake Chris Kennedy campaign back to to act that the Seattle to keep it a type of player can get treats but Charlie Crist kind of in that like go to buffalo would make sense it would be total sense because. Is affordable players make and four point four million the next three seasons on picket free agencies 27 years old which is really the time of the defenseman. But is it that you might get Cooper. You have to entertain every offer I'd been not irritated him as a player typical decent looks they fired their coach Natalie Portman child as being from Utica obviously. But on it is no reason why this kind of like look. They lost Chris Patten didn't Vista plans Pakistan stocks that they think that he didn't touch on the team. I don't critically important that can the only and cuts over the guys who can be moved because they knock on the way in the movement caught the so I I think that protested being played. And you know I could take a draft pick in the future. But to get a guy that political entity that the buffalo could it be a target to borrow if he absolutely should be because I'm sure that at this point -- two billion picking all the into any offer. Dispersing its fourth period dot com or gas in the sports bar with danger and tag Leah. Dennis you alluded to a wild and crazy time years we lead up to the expansion draft tell me what you're hearing is far is. Possible possibilities with trays of me you know the biggest name out there that. You're certain you hear rumors of the rumors of the Alex Ovechkin trade which I feel like happens every offseason but the everything. That you're hearing leading up to that expansion draft double double the deeper into the expansion draft itself. Well I think look I doubt that. Also there's been gauging from Washington here's too much of a relationship with the American legal system because you can get traded away not gonna get perspective proper term. For a guy like that he's making nine million dollars a year in eight. Elite whereas its salary cap is certainly signaling an not to cooperate he did so many reasons why would treat implode. If you saw the larger in the town I don't think that he he's gonna work TARP capital now again never say never but. I just don't you get in the relationship with. We're would be the only other state that team that is probably in play it is because they're blue line is that and that QB that makes extra bottle would be the end undocks. I disposal current rumors were like last two years can't Fowler. Come into that and quickly and home the guy who is now injured improbable beat back to maybe the first year. If Jamie thought. He's the guy that certainly would improve. The defense involved flawed and that the guy who I think would move because they've got issues with respect to their expansion list. To the gonna have to move the defense and they don't necessarily want to moved to loose just let him he's an energy level deal so the one guy that. I would think would would be plate discipline to the more substantially whose quality defense he's only twenty secured. It's Jimmie on an upside. He's got the greatest defender will open Deluca as a player is on affordable contract with a five million dollars a year for the next receipt and I think that that's one big name and it looked respectable pulpit I think that the guy that. If borrow what's going to try to make it straight. That will be the guy would help you to begin if he can now play again. In the contract for the next three seasons I think that's the guy that you're talking to defense and it's gonna help buffalo run awake it would be cynical. Viral has yet to hire a head coach and we've all assumed that it's either house earlier pocket is that where you're hearing your to have. Yeah yeah I'd I think so I think he is when he put you don't wanna name coached Winston cup final two years when he expert that the conclusion that bill got a great job obviously the buffalo connection. And he's a prominent player on that bench with with Laviolette I think he deserves the job and that's the guy. I would I would give it to because his connection to the idiotic can only help and he could affect fabulous stopping in national but I think that bottles made of the smaller. I'm I'm just thinking that they do just what into the cup final because because you don't pull caged become big big big moves and they make big announcements. We started a couple of especially word Allah keep five guys and I just don't think that can happen but yeah I would pick it dopey one is to go back that they are right now. It would be out. Expansion draft coming up. Now what does it mean for the Buffalo Sabres who could we be saying bye bye to. Achieve. I think that you know you probably gonna look forward at this point in time. I do Melissa. Gambles then you're about most of be exposed I am actually you know let those contracts are so costly and you know up until a week ago. The beast that he was not going to be able to. I was gonna take a big contract stating that the convoy near buffalo and it just the opposite. So who knows what he's thinking at this point in time but yeah I think that also will be got because again that team is gonna struggle to score despite match. Issues in Buffalo's scoring goals I think he's a guy that it's recognize police to protect too silly because in the locker room with the Specter that. So I could think that it's probably going to be I mean after tickets it's a tolerance given his. History of the injuries I think it's it's probably probably look at that mammals in this point in time. I would. We begin to kick it appeared defecting accurately. When I was defense minister I think you get the handicap right now given that age and the price of just projects. Atmos is probably going to be a probably go to Vegas. Now awesome. A lot of sabre fans are alike and that's what ends up happening so. Triple those states I mean here we are talking about next year we have even finish this year up to you brought up gained five come up hot tomorrow night from Pittsburg got what is your read on this series Dennis. Who you know what all the personal Pittsburgh. They have to win that game could have any credit what goes international. But he did not lose and that's city it would not lead to Bridgestone arena. I would be very nervous about it circuit and they go down 32 so it's a tossup series had a total BI expert at six. They got to win banking in the morning that's a look at that game seven to be honest with you I don't think they can striking vehicle national ticket six a couple of building on offense going out there. I just feet away that he played and there are different team in that building it's it's certainly we talk about home ice it is not being that big factor in in cocky. It's in this series it's certainly feel very very different team much more confidence speedy Cuban national when he played Bridgestone arena so. I think all the pressures aren't exposed when they came but I do think they win that game I do ultimately CP two in the series. I'm not convinced it's gonna be at six I think he's going to be Becky seven to bring home the couple back to back these. No what is it differs from tech arena between playing in Pittsburgh implant it you know I mean like just a night and day performance from the Debbie we're talking about whether they should start game three after those first two games. Yeah I think it's just the confidence back because look if he can go bagel national did you know we're gonna go knock it in Pittsburg. It just beat himself what you watch those two games they they. Our quick strike offense though because but the goal pinnacle you feel a little bit maybe not concentrating and focused on percent another shot goes in. And the really down in the dumps so I think debt that I just think the emotional boost he gets from the stands. In national I think it really helps I really doubt I think it if he gets to a bad goal. In Pittsburgh. Early in the game look out there we're talking about you know did win that game and going to possibly winning games sixty. I just think that is content up as much much harder and they had this paper stands at 948. Owned. In the play out that that. That other war we've disappointed by The Who have got put up my 48% to that's like a guy batting before fifty for the average these itself. So I'd I just think again he beat all that crowd as those that team. And I just think that's why he's huge difference between. Is performed at home and this couple of Pittsburg and it's out. Dennis Bernstein the fourth period dot com I Dennis working out folks are read your work besides the fourth period. A just a quarter dot com an eagle at the Japanese. If Pia got a lot of crazy fever fans always. I think in the ask me questions about what bigotry and what's gonna happen expect suggest that a cure department Twitter as well. He's inaugural visit into the sports bar with danger but tightly Dennis you were awesome I hope we get chew on again soon love talking hockey which you Dennis Bernstein the fourth period dot com. Enjoy the rest your afternoon. Appreciate your time by the toggle in the media I'll be happy to talk a commuter. You've got Dennis person that was awesome he's good he's good and non. It's good to have a different opinion because. I think in you're not share this pain and a lot maybe it's because we hear from sabre fans that came. Hack scene I could put. Anybody would Jack cycle mill will produce. And there was a different opinion that said hate sabre fans not so fast. Rethink this maybe you're better off not trading Evander Kane. I wouldn't break the bank for the guy but we did see something last year coming off that injury he did have a nice season. You know you probably. Now would be the time to a lower if you can alone for the right price but I I grew what Dennis was saying not if you're gonna. Deal for prospects and they can't contribute right away especially the Blue Line. With 22 minutes a night meaning if you can't do that. Now what are you talking about. Yeah well it's something too old to consider that. When you give Evander Kane that contract but big money. Does he fallen due being Evander kaine doing Evander Kane like things that he brought up. You know that is the old locker room suit Darian on the incident Winnipeg there are things much worse on his Reza Mac as first Beckham's. Well that was awesome loved having him on what is Dennis Bernstein from the fourth period dot com if you missed any that conversation. Or jumped in in the middle of it will have for you up and on demand the website ESPN Rochester dot com our next in the sports bar with danger to tag Leah. Would play I'll drink to that give you some sports comets could go agree or disagree with. We do it everyday at this time Aldrich that in the sports bar next one team in the NFL may go winless Jeanne. We'll discuss miss a ball there in that direction altered that next in the sports bar on ESPN Roger.