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The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, September 13th

Derek Kramer of Breakfast With The Bills on WGR joins Danger and Battaglia to break down the best college football quarterback prospects after week two of the season.


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The sports bar with danger and it that we get a huge challenge that's a very this is a great town football team you know a team that's been together for a long time you know seven years now for the most part very talented defense. They do a great job schematic plea. Yes surely fast so we'll have our cancel Sean knows a the personnel on both sides of the ball for Carolina. Strengths and weaknesses speed. And perhaps most important he knows what kind of defenses. And what kind of schemes father can. Mike danger they didn't feel like I think Cam Newton that we expected to see last season. And do you think that limiting two in the end this this forty niner game it is is what we can kind of come to expect coming this Sunday. If you keep doing the pocket. These attributes. Aren't as great in the fact that he's he's not Iverson's passing. It's your fellow citizens. Jeanne exactly how Sean McDermott. He's gonna know the secrets to gain planning the Carolina Panthers. Is there any truth to better than overblown. Well why he's so much more than love affair because Ron Rivera worked with him for five years so eager to know more about on the line knows about him. Rochester sports leader 957. Yes yes. Welcome back to the sports bar Mike danger along with Jean attack Leah ESPN Rochester dot com required reading if urea Buffalo Bills fan. Derek Kremer. Who writes for WGR you can also hear him up on your way to the came on Sunday's breakfast with the bills. The college quarterback power rankings for week two Derek Kramer joining us now on the sports or danger to tag me about how are you. Are not. We're great I mean this a it's if were not happy with the bills' season that we can watch out what's happening on Saturday as I don't think I've ever been. So much in a clot council on answered Erica you know you hear that from a lot of people. As you know the peace going up right now. You have all right now is that the number one quarterback in your rankings being. Lamar Jackson. Here's my question did we just done. Do we not give Lamar Jack seen enough credit here because we're just soured on not on the running quarterback here because statistically this guy's done at all. I've never went mostly would listen mr. college quarterbacks. I've never seen a player being the dominant. And so consistently dominant carrying eighteen single handedly Latin martek and sent. I have to say from the bench young when Texas a guy who on the ground through the air is its policy isn't gonna get. Dangerous on the ground and. From last year to this year you're actually seeing improvement is passing mechanics. Setting his feet. Proper storage structure and he's also more willing when he's running to look down the field that semi Barger bombing of north lies is one of those plays where. You go ahead and say. Now he's a legitimate chance to get these second Heisman Trophy as the guy who is really trying to clean it up and making an L scouts open era. Derek and he does he have the ability to beat the prototypical pocket passer that the a lot of minutes LGM's look for got it isn't gonna. Put himself in harm's way by being a running quarterback. I would say prototypical pocket passer I would really hate something more along the lines were Russell Wilson got camps in a pocket. What we're used to mobility not only to extend plays with both his legs but at arm as well. I think that would Mark Jackson really is becoming one of those kind of guys that is gonna get a serious look in the top five it's continued to play. Like this and he continues to work on his mechanics as well as yet. We're talking about quarterbacks coming out and 28 scene and there are so many good quarterbacks to talk about as Lamar jacks in you want to match up Clancy in the old bill ABC that's your Saturday night game this week U do watch that. I'm Mason Rudolph thought opened up semis and that wean over Ohio State and you won't we he was a guided audio kinda get got thrown behind I guess in the pecking order to how what are your thoughts on Rudolph feared there. Well they may still look the guy that took on the islands held Oklahoma. Mitt misspeak on my art baker me out there are. They may utility guy. Honestly I think you can comparisons to John payment now with great speaker mean he'll sciele play and lots style QB. A guy who can improvise in the backfield and be able to create play at not any quarterbacks are making in the college game right now. Huge take down Ohio State there. 386 yards and three touchdowns that. Really is one of the biggest things that you keep one of the biggest concerns the bigger army field and possibly what can do and he'd do you know like not only gamble. But possible value at quarterback with bigamy killed if he doesn't take many snaps and percent. So they're gonna be keen that are gonna go I didn't shy away from that I'd just to spread quarterback that kinda thing. So we're gonna meet obviously Q what happened there with the draft process but they commute he'll definitely entered the conversation. Any major way we. Now let's talk about the other quarterback in Oklahoma quarterback for Oklahoma State Mason Rudolph who we haven't seen or heard a lot about he hasn't had really had any. Any superior competition are we gonna see him playing at that kind of a high level or we can really get a good a good sense for. Whether or not this guy is is worth a high draft pick. Rudolph is doing what top prospect should be doing at the quarterback that is meant dominating the lesser opponents. I mean you saw but I've been watching him. Ever since toward the end of last year a big fan of and I think that Oklahoma State doesn't did not run. And meet some Rudolph is one of those guys is that standard pocket passers expired. Great kind of not measurable but also great passing he's got the accuracy you've got ranger at the arm are. Week one QQ you touched on the forty plus yards or more in the boat in the year or forty yards or more. Armed with each of those gross it was one of those things region saw complete package really with Mason Rudolph and I think there's a guy who. Really need to be talked about as one of the possibly top three quarterbacks to take in this draft grew up isn't getting enough credit. Josh Rosen UCLA. You know you have detailed to pass there you know exciting comeback. What are his strengths weakness c.s and M where you have him in your pecking order. Wrote for the guys that it's kind of like with that at least for right now the third and fourth right now and it's not a bad thing either I'm really that is more protection and how well that. Rudolph and Jackson are playing right now that Josh Rosen and sent Dario gets in a moment. Those two are kind of in the U and or read right now wrote in the that huge comeback against Pakistan and shows that kind of you know resilience that is needed from the quarterback but at the same time you saw a guy who well he kind of got what you a couple times that Cordoba and their comeback against Texas Dana. Ever since. He started the second half against Pakistan economic and we care what these last six quarters you're talking about Pakistan from nine touched hounds. In Portland in six quarters of play right now and it's ridiculous how well he's playing. Jerry Kramer our guests in the sports bar with danger and the tag we're talking about his college our quarterback power rankings that you can read right now ESPN Rochester dot com and also. Followed Derrick on Twitter acts Derek Kremer WGR. Your product is name and we all kind of fell in love I think after the Rose Bowl last year us and Arnold. Look at that performance for USC against Penn State and oh my god he's only a fresh this is the guy this is the guy that we to write but after one week we saw. Some flaws in his game and a little bit of a bounce back this week talk a little bit about USC's quarterback. Arnold has the accuracy you really is one of those guys as he has meant and the guy that is very easy all mulled what. Even with that hole all USC quarterbacks don't do well on the pros kinda thing. You'd even kind of beating that stereotype right now with with regards to Scotland and everything like that. Arnold is a very accurate player he's got legs that can help him. Really China's stretch of play out if need be not necessarily what it calls running the rat constantly by the guy that. You know you'd like to extend a play if needed. And there was one play against Stanford where you rolled out of the right. Throws a nice lob receiver mix of beautiful diving for a touchdown and it kind of shows what Donald plate and resonate. A guy that he makes all the throws in the pocket but at the same time you can make all throws on the run. And yes let's pick up against western Michigan by western machine with a net. Did you go on. Good Stanford team and and Arnold making his weight back into the front of the conversation as he should be. Derek Kramer WGR you can read he's article college quarterback power rankings week to find our web site. ESPN Rochester dot com I think entering this year we thought in our minds okay darn old and rows in and then had Josh out. And then Josh Allen they'll look too good week one so how did Josh Allen play week. Two and was weak want an aberration or is that more of what you might be getting in this quarterback got to Wyoming. I actually Josh and scares me most of these pastors I'd do not like is his style play. He's the guy that you've got perception speak just. Quite frankly one astonishing into trouble you're gonna have to try to teach you guys entirely new mechanic. Honestly I would think I call a discount capital homes right now because of the fact that you know he really just relied on armed counts strictly. Yes one and doesn't necessarily have a by the it talent to go at work around. But if you really is supposed to be what people see you then. You've got to kind of be able to shore up against a team like Iowa and luckily for us and he's going to be able to get an initial test now this week against Oregon we might deal would see something. Hopefully a form of improvement. That we're gonna need from Josh you know I would hit it meet personally I won't even be able taken seriously. Yeah I mean I see the same thing you do and I'm never really been impressed with Josh on as a pro prospect but you you here. I don't know who puts it with some writers somewhere. Just fell in love with Josh Allen started the conversation about him and I've yet to see. One I think most NFL GO to be looking for when her. When they're gonna risk a high draft pick on a quarterback or any draft pick on a quarterback and you won at least know you're gonna get some return on investment in and talk about that match of this weekend for Josh always gonna get organ I mean you know how does this. How does this match up works for him and and is it possible that you know if organ. Smacks him around a little bit we're not really having the Josh Allen conversation for much longer. Quite frankly organs back from around the same I would that then we're gonna have some real problems considering Josh Alan can at least curious. Pro prospect in the starting quarterback potential. Ellen needs to have such a good game but I wouldn't necessarily take good team is the biggest thing I'm looking for it in the display policy guy who's able to make plays in the pocket and is able to make a little more. Cleanly than what I've been able the eat from him lately. And like you would dissent I never really took them too seriously to start with but here's the reason why people keep a lot of it's immeasurable he's got strong arm he's got prototypical size he's a guy that. Measurable lies you're not an eagle and get much better out of and that split stereotypical prototypical size that GMs and scouts well. Derek other quarterbacks that we might amiss here in your ratings that. Somebody sit down on Saturday am wanna do you know do my advanced scouting here who were you watching names that we haven't brought up yet. Now ordered stepped. Auburn quarterback got beaten down by the players and I would say innate physical cents eleven acts. The victim of clumps than. Back on Saturdays only Garrett stood in the guy that we might need to second look at because. To be under siege for that much it's initiate any quarterback that's really something that's not really. Aspect is standing too harshly here's the other one that I would go ahead and say something or is. Jake brown out of Washington. Doesn't necessarily have the cleanest of mechanics should not necessarily the most on the pro prospects. Like Browning is a guy that one is certainly one to watch and to use some of that out considers impeaching prospects shape. Thirteen is they booms out on the quarterback derby in the first round of the guy that can be as strong these two candidates. He's got a dual threat kind of ways to him and he can make all the throws that the accuracy that yes. All right here we go longer go ahead and and start the speculation fires right now Derrick they're Cramer from WG our guest here. In the sports bar with danger but tightly as we hear rumors out of Indianapolis and Andrew looks camp is. He's not very pleased with. How he was treated that he had to basically play through an injury and Indianapolis broke Andrew Luck forcing him out of the beginning of this season if it trade. With Andrew Luck happens let's say the pills or him play if you have the opportunity to get Andrew Luck war. You have the opportunity to get one of these guys that you're watching on Saturday next year in the draft. Which direction he gun. Honestly was injured works that is it would have to be more or less how to test because if you pass a physical that he's going to be good Keiko. If that's kind of on the edges here than I would go hadn't faced someone like Mark Jackson or me and I'm I'm glad they are Monty will mark. Myself and one of my former cohost neat theory. We are driving the box problem market action and I think that. Well Marchex and if you if you are built and you're watching these players right now or even not nudist I'm just keeping an eye on everything on the side. When Mark Jackson looks to me like that guy that he's. More advanced version of tyrant to our guys will make aggressive stroke will lead to more turnovers spot. It'll also lead to more scoring more touchdowns through the air and more of eight. Rhett in the action. Now married dyed jet fans yes on the look forward to. Derrick got great stuff here working dots folks follow you and again you could read the out peace again on ESP in Rochester daka. I think sir. They sure didn't show out here. You gotta dare Kramer of course follow on Twitter at Jerry Kramer WGR. And keep an analyst college quarterback power rankings at ESPN Rochester dot com as we tour rankings are up right now. And it's worth your time to check out if you're looking forward to the 2018. Crashed the way we now we're gonna talk a lot about the quarterbacks and toxin college football are quickly we pivot here right history was made in baseball what I didn't know. Our guy here Rochester had such a big part back in notes too with that Oakland did we played on the movie. We'll play Mike Quade has the first base coach Steele plays in 2000 to a. Our men and if anything if that movie was was anything true to life I mean what. Behind the scenes nightmare that must have been navigating mean talk about we'll get we'll get quade this next at the talk about what went on with that team leading up to that twenty game win streak that improbable win streak. Which with the Oakland days and and today we do as you mentioned history made is. As he Cleveland Indians won their 21 straight beating the an American League record for consecutive games one. BioWare will get to have some shots. One 9000 that just means like the other the stadium was a quarter empty. I understand it's a Wednesday getaway day but last night it was even worse Cleveland he's not a good baseball theory. Show up in the intensity really really fit. I will get red wings manager Mike audio with his next live from Tampa by the will get us we'll get his zest sights and sounds of what's happening their post hurricane Irma as well Mike Quade red wings manager next. In the sports bar danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Roger.