The Sports Bar-Dino Babers

Syracuse head football coach Dino Babers joins Danger and Battaglia in advance of his team's Spring Showcase on Saturday morning at the Carrier Dome.


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The NBA playoffs leave here more years blazers Saturday night at 9:31 PM 950 and 957. FM these sports leader ESPN Rochester. Excited for this team. We wait for the next chance of to this man. I'm we spoke to coach papers. I'm not gonna lie I went outside and I bench press box I got. And it's here I'm not gonna lie I ran through brick wall I was so fired up and we're excited pleased and honored. To welcome coach Steele neighbor's back into the sports bar with danger and to tag me good afternoon coach. We are great coaching is not good to have a little taste of football this weekend. The spring showcase preview coming up at the dome this Saturday outlook and fans looked forward to this weekend. Well I'll tell you what they can look for a more physical team I think we're a lot more physical. We're not we thought we still don't have the depth we don't have the numbers that we should add we're working on that daily. So we may not be able to go as long as we'd like to go in the spring game but I expect the action of the bat can expect even to be yours. And you've got a culture now work competition is is. At its finest what areas on the team have the most competition so far this off season. I think they're competing at all positions I think it was a good competition the offensive line. There's a fabulous competition on the defense sublime. I think Diaz secondary would be ability kidnapped each other and doing a good job. You never know if who's going to be playing good and we played bad back they're bigger ball and doing well. And I think go wide receivers stepped up their game a little bit. Tech coach Dino neighbors of the Syracuse Orange joining us here on ESPN Rochester. As this Saturday it's the spring showcase preview 10 AM of the Carrier Dome. Free admission and free parking so why your first chance to check out with 2017. Syracuse Orange course we talk about competition everybody out once and all about that the quarterback depth chart so. How would you us size this up at this point in the offseason coach. Well I think you know right now Eric number one and I think there's there's some good battle going on. High net I think that obviously those acts done a fabulous each problem. She's in game record holder holder in the history of us Syracuse football. What did reformers in dirt at the Pitt game and obviously I think direct Culpepper has done some nice things and we have another freshman Maya modes also down and I mr. Is Dino neighbor's head coach of Syracuse football spring practice the spring showcase preview. Happening Saturday morning 10 AM at the Carrier Dome with free admission and free parking you know. Here in Rochester you know we like to star Carl movie coach we will like to look at our players from section five. And you've got one in tight and Jesse Connors from its spurred. We'll have to sit out this season as a transfer from holy cross what can no what can he bring to your program long term. Now you danger you don't hear it or break you were my team rural Lamar and I don't like talking about people who. Who haven't actually stepped all of football. Remove okay this is good to know. Our outlook coach we we are sold Rochester centric heritage it is here and I will confirm. He's been practicing what does and I know we'll confirm. That. He's doing well I doubt about it and I can't confirm nor deny anything Oakland. That's gotta we don't wanna creating dissension within the locker room go don't need that etiquette gosh gosh we broke what the role all rule here how a lot of fans do the question this way because over the years we've seen. Of Rochester players section five players go on to play for Syracuse it. Coach what is your philosophy about the recruiting around here is he's getting more homegrown products a priority or is your philosophy the more his talent is talent and you go get it where you want to. Now why did I go look I don't look the first statement I'd rather have a local homegrown guys is closer I can't. I mean I love Rochester I think it's plug and outstanding second shady back any night. I loved time that's been out there in the summertime what you guys what this weather breaks I'll get up there for sure. After it admitted players that we can get close to home I think the better off. You're always going to be for the local hometown university and we wanted me people from section. And this give New York as we can get it. And we talked about we talked to last on on signing day we talk about some hot. How these new players are urged opting to the culture changes of being part of the Syracuse University football team. You know I am the culture change and you know it time and changing the culture is it takes awhile and I think that. We are on our way I think we're stammering I think we're a law familiar no Hala and I think. As we continue to grow as one and we bring new members into this fairly good. Not only this university this. And this community but also this state gonna get stronger and stronger I think you guys have been really enjoy the product. That would put you on the field you've got to get to a bit dull danger change yes I did to itself. And take a look at that football game I promise you they're different. Dino papers says they'll talk about the Tony seventeen season here in a little bit. I'm just curious to get your take their coach. Football fans are excited of course it is the NFL draft coming up about one week from tomorrow night in there was a wide receiver for your program. At a towel that did some great things. How do you think he his game like transferred here to the NFL. I'm good at all I think it's got transferred fantastic. I mean for him to do things that he's done with only six months only dart to Louis. Obviously he's got some fantastic god given ability. But to wait a very young man went about maturity and his work. And the way he. Bonded so quickly with just football team effort has Cano to two. You know. To elect him as one of the cap. In the long with the coaches elected to blunt the captain's pick goes up on the granite wall outside of football building tells you what. He's done for this football team and they think that he's done on and off. Football field. Quality quality individual. Extremely tall extremely strong extremely happy extremely intelligent. I'd be very surprised if he does that not only get drafted extremely I've been dug. Very well in the National Football League now you know what extent were not for long and where his career is over. With the Maryland degree and a Syracuse graduate degree I'm sure that there's a legal stopping him anytime in the near future. Well you know the bills train here in Rochester so that would be a player that I would love to see you come to the Buffalo Bills. I'm just curious coach how many phone calls. Your staff you personally get from NFL scouts as everybody is doing their homework at this time of the year. You know you get a bunch is out we've got I think I got suggested bills. The Broncos are very few people come and Bobby offers people coming by by how good they really know me. Is it union they want much information as they can get because they're in debt being. You know a lot of money in in Indonesia football players they wanna know behind the scenes they wanna know that Jews. And unfortunately when you've been and as long as I have a lot of guys know they can call me and I'm gonna give on the black and white okay and I'm not gonna give them any great. Syracuse head football coach Steele labor's joining us in the sports bar danger and tag it was spring practice is wrapping up the spring showcase preview. He Saturday morning at the Carrier Dome again free admission. Free parking coach let's look ahead this season we know this schedule is off your players are Smart they've probably seen the schedule and and realize the challenges that are going to be. That they're going to be faced with this this schedule like gets is it unfolds through the course of the season what do you tell them. To get them motivated for this unbelievable challenge that's ahead of them and point seventeenth season. OK before I go on the schedule danger that's dumb or how does this nickname change. I. It's a long story. I don't know if you want to hear right now coach mean if you if you wanna. Hello I'm common talk about the scheduled don't know about the nickname danger. Coach I was up fourteen years old and ice too was just starting and radio just a little part time a baby DJ. And doubt my real name is Chris leverage not a lot of people know that might write a person is Mike. And Chris leverage just doesn't have a ring to it doesn't have any any punch to it. So I remember asking my program director when he finally decided at the age of fourteen that he should let me go on the radio which is probably him. Decision he regrets. Don't need like a stage name an air name and he didn't hesitate coach he just said Mike danger. What might danger which you might danger from his and I've just always wanted to call my guys might danger. So I think we don't. Probably looks like you have nick it's some your players just come off your head just naturally. Look at them and like that's that guy you know he looked at me he said Mike danger and it just stuff I've had with its made it might. Mike on air name since the age of fourteen. You know what I do have nicknames for my guys and they can just kind of come off the top of my head all the tip of my jump and I want to I want my danger. That's kind of cool. The little about it all the support coach we are pretty important to outlaw it is based remember that. Danger Will Robinson danger danger and you're yeah how will Robin injured. I like that I picked up my danger. Don't tell anybody anymore just go in danger okay. What could schedule I think of danger. Yeah. The toughest schedule in college football all out push our brand would anybody else you'll get your schedule. K and you get. Our schedule and you've got somebody on the tracking your ever rebuild program and you tell me wherever your program has. I'll put our schedule against anybody I think it would talk to schedule in the country. Now are being shed we're doing everything we can't. To prepare this gene what is going to be an unbelievable tasks don't play Florida State closer. Louisville Miami. Pitt. LSU. Oh I'm sorry just stopped right in and take often nonconference. But not on W one opponent that we have. And the other eleven opponents all played in bowl games are important 68 desperate all out all eleven opponent division one play good ball game. I don't think it's ever been done I'm not sure there's never been a more gigantic task and what we're about to fix. That all begins Friday September 1 Central Connecticut State and your first taste of the Syracuse Orange. Encourage fans to go check out court papers as least bring kids showcase preview coming up. This Saturday 10 AM at deterred don't free admission and parking. And if you're coming to Rochester and all this up off seizing code shut the door is always open if you're. We got to get to throw out the first pitch of and a baseball stadium or something like dad have have you come to Rochester and meet the fans here. Well you know I'm not really big on first pitches like war and won I've won one I'd lost one. Yeah directly behind rushed actors I've got to use I use. Standing ovation for the white the next opportunity in the dark. Yeah I'm like right now I'm not Google's first did you vote until game. Euros what the jurors in the sports are coach if you need water board someone that you know what I'll I'll I'll take your every need and the like achieve this with coach neighbor's yeah. I would every David duke coach I mean in armor to throw off for you. All right I gotta get your phone numbers over the next time there might imagine that you know historical might want to I'm available call my friend might being. Sold in the lunch oh look there's got to back some people wrong. Leave me when I tell you my family that I married into Italian family and I'm area too far more dangerous than my stats I. Yeah OK okay. Throw. You're the best coach we appreciate it look forward to great this season enjoy the rest of the off season the spring showcase preview Saturday 10 AM. At the Carrier Dome with free admission and parking coach Dino Bieber is joining us in the sports or enjoy the rest your afternoon coach. All right you can get so lost just a stand ready to go now let's go now we got to get him up here. Absolutely coach would afford a Saturday as Dino paper take coach of the Syracuse Orange I can not believe. He got you to tell everybody the Mike danger story. Yeah that's fine like that's I mean every time that's that comes up and somebody wants to hear how old that came about I'm. Fine with telling that story it happened so long ago but it's such. I remember like it was yesterday where they they're no child labor laws in Minnesota you're working on air fourteen I would ride my bike. At 5 in the morning to the radio station. I would. You know back in the day every you know there's always alive body in the radio station there are some automation but everything was you know I remember running syndicated radio programs that got shipped to us on vinyl. And I would play these. These these programs and a lot of them there there was one program specifically remember that there was a groove cut in between the the tracks of the vinyl so that it couldn't keep playing it would stop in between the tracks you had to physically lift up the needle and play on the next track and remember one time I was so tired actually fell asleep and I walked on this is still a nightmare recurring nightmare that I happen where the dead air nightmare where you know all you hear is that that needle in this groove and it can't get on the phone yeah home goods it and so I woke up to that and that's that's a recurring nightmare that a hat so that that was I did for like the first. I don't know six months and I was in the in the radio station while I was doing that I would jump into one of the production studios and record demo after demo after demo and just keep feeding it to my program director to the point where he I think he just got sick of me constantly badgering him. And is it all right fine you can you can do a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday morning. And that's when I said it would only mean like an on air name a stage name Eagles Mike danger. And that's it it's stuck on was the only danger what were to get that model is one of the call when my guys Dijjer. Okay. And the rest is history. Point would you not want to play for being a reversal guys dig this this that is debt. I'm fan going all over the place what was program gonna be 23 years and listen he's got the toughest schedule in America. But I believe at that dyken with so those ads well if you don't Wear Neitzel get this okay so this would be year number two when you're playing a tough schedule. Okay is gonna make them tougher you're number three will be the pale you watch you watch do you know or we're gonna be talker ranked. Team the way this. And I don't think he would shy away from this year puff schedule no doubt. They can get database and you get to a bowl game. Yes that would be a great step with that schedule the always awesome Dino vapors joining us in the sports bar if you miss that conversation will have it up for you on demand. At the all new ESPN Rochester dot com.