The Sports Bar-Don Beebe

Bills legend Don Beebe joins us in advance of his Monday night appearance at Frontier Field to share memories of the Bills' Superbowl runs and update us on what he's been up to since retiring from the NFL.


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Part of the four Super Bowl teams played in three of those four super bulls will be signing autographs. Monday night at frontier field the great John DE joining us here in the sports bar on ESPN Rochester dot it's great to have you on how are you. Like. Oh well excellent. A Don and I I think it's always got to be fun for you to come back in talked to deals fans because that is the team. I certainly am in your career your most closely associated with. You know I I say that quite often. You know and talk to a guy. If I would if I'm not a person that looked back but I'll as a person to go back in congress where would you go out execute so the point in time. I would go back to those pictures I hit the vote with the fans. Organization players. The French of and still do. I would go back to that time there was no better time then those pictures. Done that that's those are strong word to me or what what made it so great those six years what made it so great that you would actually go back in time in and redo those. Those used to be a chance to again. Well there's a lot of variables let's take it really starts were at the top I think. You know guys like absent mr. Wilson and built Poland and John Butler Marv Levy those types of individuals. Know that yet they get right combination of guys that are hiding character competitive guys. And obviously the talent. But what really formed it was dark blue collar atmosphere out when you went out on the town. You know people really enjoyed just being a part of its. Yeah I've been on our team and sometimes when when you it's almost like there's expectations. That they why you do something for them. Bill in buffalo was like what I do for you I mean it was just so opposite of what most of America like which is set people off well is just different. Western New York there's no matter where you know it they treat it and Tim knee is what makes it's special. Don DD will be at the red wing game coming up. This coming Monday night. As the wings will be taking on Charlotte the next homestand on BBR guest during the sports bar. Don the that you were part of that four falls and buffalo lots thirty for 38 tests free church what did you think of it. I a that it sent test tie up by I is it brought back a lot of memories. Great memories. You know deceit and the way they put together. That whole piece was just I never I am I have seen and I've been an effort from hundreds of people. I haven't heard one person or one bad thing about I actually got to show. It was really need to or people that really bad actually for the younger people actually are in the bills and all around the country that weren't old enough. Really got to dictate that might hurt the most I didn't know what. It was so cool. What a great piece stated. I've done it was a piece were I thought I knew everything. There was to know all about that the Super Bowl team of from the four years. And then it's almost like they set you up at the ending your piece I didn't know that part of the story the part were we all knew you went on to green bank. But I never realized. You got the ball. From Bret far right. After the final snap AA and when you talked about all the emotions you were feeling. I'd done if you could just talk about tactic because to me that was just like all. All bets it that is exactly you know I could imagine what you were feeling at that point. Well let let's just legislate my my feelings were genuine. I mean I just I did. It'll goose pimple the thing about you know. Didn't Jeremiah my car. I'm all over disparate people there about driving a lot actually. It is in the fact that. What I want it would Green Bay I remember it like yes yes to attend art ourselves in that aren't far and and everything that's what that means it's crazy there you suitable ID in a quiet moment when everything was on not. I approached from behind it in a you know you might bite out of bought he could be there's nobody you know. That editor is what you'll. You know it's that I appreciated by the border guards walked over to Wear my hair look and try to calm down. On the field. My thoughts just really. It's reflected back to. All of Western New York people in the stands and and then and Marvin chairman. And all like my closest friends are the guys that played with you know. And I felt really guilty. Which is strange is that I mean guilt yet he would assume all I did. I was like yeah why me why don't. Community deserved what I did you know and and then. And boy I tell you all call that I got receiving and we couldn't expand. The received that phone call. We're talking that's all. All my close friends. Lived in a while. A lot of blacks react to. But just share that with them and the moment they were still genuinely happy in the letters. In the mail about a hundred. Maybe even more than knack was just overwhelmed from. Don Beebe joining us here in the sports bar danger to tightly M 95957. FM he'll be at frontier field Monday is the wings return take on. Charlotte died you know. I assume that you're still. Paying attention to what happens around Lee at times assume that you're still paying attention to what's happening in buffalo. What's do you see. In this current regime with what buffalo has done so far this offseason that leads you to believe there could be. A Renaissance with the Buffalo Bills that we could see returned to do what we saw when you were playing with the bills. Well the first thing yet and it coaches. The term he went out and actually sat out with a lot of the action that nineties team. That's pretty Smart guy. You know it is ought to pick their brain and what what what is that you guys. You know that Nate you guys so good because let's and I mean never came right. Obviously. Certain situations you have to have known reputable court. Our two winners to forward to go to vote you have to have that leader it's called. But what really makes Petit. Have that kind of chemistry about you know and he just picked the brain and those guys which will I it's a Smart. And then Clayton visit and news you know there are making eyes are really believe that. They're does the coach it's gonna do it I really do mean it in our tart what the record player and seventeen years that is now. That that's on that's crazy and out and it changed. The other bills stand. I just told us when they go to Super Bowl and they would have it in all. I know it's not all guidelines call for are going to be at that game been at the ceremony and everything I mean what a cool thing that would be. For everybody involved and he sees the battles when you are just wish mr. wells have been. Don how close are you want to your former teammates Jim Kelly Thurman Thomas Bruce Smith to this deck. Well. I mean they're awesome obviously yeah. We talked I mean it's Alec we talked directly used to mean nobody does that right there he moved graduate high school or college or. That's certainly a professional team. What else should we knew when you go through what we did in in each it's things that we did with the people. That we didn't let. That that would never be. I mean I I try I try to get back to awful much like an apartment immaculate two sides are year. Or some function or so you know some game or whatever. And it and that spirit seriously what government have been. I what artsy people in Western New York I'll see you Monday night. You know what being it was it was twenty years ago. And it's that's why it's so special. And it retard like it's ready and even kids that are born even now you know prepared to instill in them looked at nine it was all about. It was a special no question. Don Beebe our guests in the sports bar with danger and tag Leah I don't what he's been up to you have the appearances in the functions and meaning you know since your playing days have been done what. What even do to keep busy day you hear so many horror stories about NFL players who retire and it doesn't always go. Go well for them high even old enough how's everything going. Yeah what it did the day I retired was made in 1990 to a few months they actually make a decision. Did you out of my system might well. Or start a business call outs speed June 1 1998. And if we are this many years later. I'm 191819 years later in and you're very highly successful business spectrum and athletes of any boy or girl 8910. All all the way up to our oldest 172. Archer. Is that do a lot of motivational speaking. And I travel around all over the United States speaking at different functions without those options are. And so like my double speak he but at least it's prepared to negotiate people have been talking aren't really in. When you do the motivational speaking Don is that the one play that people remember you for Super Bowl 47 chasing down only on lap. No I incorporate that day in almost almost every speech yeah it doesn't matter I would go on to talk to a sport in the world. On graduation. Or some some function. There's even. You know I I talk like that because that that it's double Artest everybody that's quite that play less attractive to so many because. We lived every bit. I mean at some retarded we just give up like every day you'll get up sometimes. The strong whatever it is our job honor our our relationships and certainly not our marriages in infamy. You know I had that black on that people can look at that and and and listen to it. And hopefully extinction alum and I've urged OW. I missed. I'm overwhelmed with distorted the verbal. Oh I die I'm getting motivated just hearing you talk about it I think the memories of the memories that you were able to make of the nineties playing in buffalo at that forge relationships that will last an entire life flying a lifetime and now the message that you're able to spread. Three you're speaking engagements and using that plays an example is is just it's it's it's awesome. And and the one that really enjoy out the other Beltran and lack of recollection of the Arctic. And and and steep that it does resonate so much more because they've lived it with you know. John DB will be in town not coming up on Monday as the red wings are home against Charlotte get there early and you can not meet and get an autograph from Don. Don it's been a pleasure what more questioner your. Your son play football well and how it is. How is it is apparent standing up in the stands when you don't have any control over the situation done. How well it is it's much harder being a parent that are then ask mr. But it it's much more enjoyable to you know I sinister people that say countries in this then I'll probably crazy a lot of fans. But when when I won the Super Bowl oh. I saw it well on this sweltering day. In 1996. Are also won back to the extent championships with my height one by in high school my arm as a junior senior principal. To me that was more rewarding. To Wear high school championship but it was unsuitable. And I say that because. What is suitable care about you know what I'd do it. But we're in your starter your kids want my daughter's achieved something that it to that level. It's it's great Robert war and repair. There's nothing more rewarding is senior kids achieve excellence I mean I know I say it all the time one of my favorite things one might. My my most valued at June treasures is being able to watch my child plays soccer in and win or lose I think it goes back to what we were talking about that the relationships that she's forming with their teammates. That she will have for lifetime I mean that's a gift that that he can't. Put a price tag on. You know that's why open that I actually talk about a lot when I travel around as it is by Marty I'd get this question all are here it's a level. And I'd tell them it's because I've talked in my life and I talked young age how to loose. It and how to win and people are you are trying to speak like coach athletes they don't let loose. And they put some pressure on the kid and there's so much pressure to win and then it's crazy. So. I think they just enjoy. You're pollute a lot you know little. This enjoy the props and train really hard to achieve all of the king and and you can always look result. I can sit here like I said it and you know we don't foresee global market sit here it's a particularly in and look back and those days are out of it. We did everything we could demand in it from me individual editor Eric could help between land and it didn't land doesn't it didn't play perfect. Okay and I dropped ball tonight I didn't play great some time but I but I tried and I trained hard and so you do that you can look result when it. Don Beebe will be in town coming up. On Monday night as the Rochester red wings are are going to be taking on Charlotte you can be done before the game. Don this has been a thrill on talking to you and it'll be great to have you back from Western New York. Well like. You got it done BB our guest in the sports bar danger in the tightly Don enjoy the mystery afternoon look for senior on Monday. Dot dot BBR guest here in sports where that was allows us. I was inspirational. I structural wall. I want a I want to appreciate my life more you know everything that he's. He's talking about a mean the values that that that that guy carries with him. Mean we could all learn load different on BB two we knocked. It topic if you watched. The four falls and buffalo the thirty for thirty. And Don talked about this just now where he wins the Super Bowl he gets the ball. And the feeling is guilt from the can you imagine that yeah you work all your life to get to this point. But because. The guys teach you fought all the battles with war there with you. That just speaks of the character that Don Beebe that he was feeling that emotion at that time so it was great to have Don Beebe on the shown again Monday night. At frontier field NIU a special thanks to Dan Mason team he ran from the Rochester railings for help in the set that up for us. Awesome and I doubt we'll have that also on them on demand and available for you on the only ESPN Rochester com if you. John Dean in the middle of that conversation 5 o'clock Jeanne happy hour we got shots in just few minutes what we've got a couple minutes here. You real quick TMZ. Releasing video of the adult as Washington rest from Sunday night. Grow quickly I want to know your thoughts I have my thoughts. And and and I'm just right now I see that video and we were you know shared on on social me. I'm white plant. Is it okay to do some bail police officer that's exit from what I was gonna say is. My first thought was adult this Washington is a lucky man he's lucky to be alive. After you watch this video because. He's being bum rush by police who see him. Going for his gun holding his gun. Showing them he's gone. How does he knocked it in the world that we live now we you're not compliant. Does that mean tens up. Here showing a gun he's lucky lucky to get shots. Yes somebody put this video out there to tell the story and this doesn't look good for Washington it just does not this doesn't look light. You know a misunderstanding if you. OK a police officer asked you to do something any news video. Ice he's he's defiant coal I don't wanna move. Okay and then you're you reaching with that gone in your hand and a police officers to be what is that police officer it to mean that police officer what is going through his mind danger he's probably. Half second away and that's why for all the men and women who protect us. I just gotta feel like god has got to be the worst situation ever did the end. Where you've got to make debt split decision what do white T what are we doing this is a sport shell I understand. But this is a Buffalo Bill who nearly. The worst a police officer into what decision that they never ever wanna have to make. Adult as Washington is pretty lucky danger. Pretty lucky that that this is the worst it's cut and. Which now leads as to what the Buffalo Bills should do with the golf is watching you know that there's. And a just peace and how this video has come out a great outlook for the NFL. Okay what it we learned during Ray Rice video makes everything more worse OK so very case everybody can make their own judgment. And he's being defiant. The financial point I think once they explained to him how lucky years and I think you do hear him kind of expressly out hey hey you know I understand I understand he could get a lot worse. That he actually draws it doesn't change the fact that it's pretty stupid to. Show your gun. When you've got police officers around not a great move even if you're gonna say I was trying to put it back underneath my seat or was before. Listen I understand it. Do you feel the need to eat for to protect yourself you don't wanna get shot you gonna have gone under your seat in you carpet dat right they're to me I'm not color. I don't wanna take away your rights to own a gun. But I think most of hours ago ours and I know. Our priority safe with how they handle their firearm. Right true you have to you have to be NAFTA there's a level of responsibility that comes with owning a gun. And waving it around or leaving about the open aid or. Dragging at the back underneath the cars or was before I would question why under the car seat the first place. I say I. I worry about what the NFL's gonna do now that this video is out there. And quite honestly now that I've seen the video and now that I know yesterday I was. I would say it was 75%. Sure that they should cut this guy is if your Sean McDermott you don't. Fairly hypocritical. Given all the speaking you've done on culture in and character and I'm on a percentage EU gotta you gotta move on from the office Washington. Have to win okay. So how the bills have been no comment from the bill's other than the initial. Statement they put out after the arrest but to me when the video came I mean. We were joking. Yesterday at least I was joking that will be you know this what is as Wally world you know you're gonna show up what dolphins washing in a water park trying to get in with you know on this little more serious than that so no more jokes on this and yet now the eyes are on Sean McDermott hear what do you do. I still say let this play out because if everything gets drops. All right just another bad look for the Buffalo Bills but. Again it's a comparable but let let the legal process play out here in danger. Yeah and that's what they will do. But I have a feeling if there's any kind of suspension in coming down from the league if he's going to be less than available for the Buffalo Bills. Now that's yeah if you're doing the old. Let's put the reason why keep the ball was washing to it on a team vs the reasons why do letting go all. It's obvious right now that's a big one in the right hand column that goes against. The third round pick from the Buffalo Bills and when sixteen. And a guy with character she's coming into the leak a guy that they drafted knowing he had. It's an awesome night for the Fiesta Bowl he got a gold go get under Raddatz. Smarts Graham went from Smart disciplined let discipline is what that is I mean that's what display athlete should be doing and a four. Big game. Move on that's that's were amount and at the office Washington. Sadly move on to an end very fortunate that that. More to do that we're not telling a different story. The day after he was arrested at that water park them. It's it's not safe for work radio by the Latin. And now. I leave your bills fan you probably you should watch or your bills fan wanna have an educated opinion on what to do with this guy. I'm always a guy this is I don't wanna see that video I'm not interest in watching that video I got sucked in this video I could because I thought it was gonna be. A lot more tame than it was. Pretty intense piece of video. You ask. Yes they put it out there for a reason. Somebody slipped at the DMZ for reasoned DMZ into any saluting having somebody. Leaked it to them. For reefs. Always watch the and you can't know not always watch that the I don't wanna see the re Iraq I watched the breweries we watch it once I don't know I don't know on all of you again until Nixon won his awful when your if your Bengal fan you're like yeah touchdowns telmex and member of the video. Unbelievable afternoon here in the sports bar. On BB just joined this few minutes ago if you missed that that's coming up on ESP in Rochester dot com. I don't Stephens voice of the earmarks. Lots of excitement around the Rochester Americans we have talked this much amateur hockey in July ever. According to Don Stevens. That is available for you on demand right now odious paean Rochester dot com and the ESPN Rochester app and we also spent some time. Talking sabres development camp as it wrapped up yesterday Paul Hamilton with his final thoughts before packing up for the offseason. Maybe we're not done we've got shots coming up bus on the stories which will touch signed Ted Nolan has a new job. TV ratings for the all star game are back what happens. Tyrone wasn't good but we'll let you know if they at least beat the home run derby there and now will get also a lot. The espy's tonight there's there's a local connection to this that one college does not in our town does not play up enough. I mean did you know Jimmy Carter was in town in 1979. One of our colleges. I'll explain this whole story but anybody days graduate of this college knows exactly what I'm talking about this college should let more people in our community know. What happened there back in the seventh. Gore on the world of sports serve up the biggest stories in a round of shots and it's brought you by market fuel liquor for Rochester is greatest wine and liquor values. Mark if you liquor is the only story you need great service selection and savings 11100 Jefferson road. Edie Henry at shots next in the sports part danger in the tank Leah ESPN Rochester.