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Tuesday, September 12th

Former Carolina Panther Frank Garcia of Sportsradio The Fan in Charlotte joins Danger and Battaglia to preview Panthers/Bills and talk about how the Panthers are looking for the 2017 season.


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Welcome to happy hour as we sort of our daily special on the sports bar my teacher along with TV tech live 895957. FM ESPN Rochester. Your home for Buffalo Bills football on Sunday. Yes of the bills with a week weaned that we want to win over the New York Jets and I think the prevailing thought was okay that was what you were supposed to do we beat that she acts. Let's go to Carolina I'm just curious if it's kind of the same thought Donnie Carolina because. You know watching some of the highlights of that game went over the 49ers and that's not a good forty niner team they did what they had to do so. Carolina returning home this weekend night joining us here on the phone right now he is the co host of Garcia and daily. Sports Radio the standing in Charlotte frank Garcia a former Carolina panther Fred appreciate the time. What's the what's the thought on Cam Newton down their because obviously you miss some time during camp as he just need need to get the rust off here just a little bit. Yep first up or apologize for hold yet doubled earlier notebook on by a couple of football. Practice here in you know got possible that but yeah as art and it goes. Analysts and I know you guys are talking about you know went in on the road and you know aunt who's beaten diners. Indicted on the road when you know throw out the victory AG go and you move on to next on so. You know cam in that game little rusty start. Really. Crisp and sharp really honestly with the interception. Earlier on Google impostor who sponsored just drop it but. As the game went on he started a little rhythm and I think it was point EI's. Early in the second or early in the second half you know kind of in that first of the third quarter. He read that first down and I think that's where he got a little competence and realized emotional does not matter act and I can take a pounding on it. And I'm unspoken would be okay and it has been out of that board and 199 domestic and so. Got a got a riveting got a groove and buried at wide receivers make. Plays you know with Islamist what you expect there's been so there you go wrecked early on but dep found has proven that as being go to Camden. If frank I mean it's interesting you mention that about Cam Newton now I mean I go back to the Super Bowl loss against Denver and it felt like in that game. The that he was kind of pressing and forcing you cover the seem a lot closer and sealock close to the we do going to be all of last year really felt like cameras just kind of the throwing high forcing the ball it was it didn't feel like Cam Newton that we expected to see last season. And do you think that rhythm that he got into the end of this in this forty niner game is is what we can kind of come to expect coming this Sunday. Having that's a great question I think that's the biggest questions. I think the coaching staff the the you know viewers enough fans are way that he because. You know in order basics that's honestly for a long time ago to have some consistency and you know you create consistency with good habits and make good habits and and you know good mechanics and sort of thing can vote struggle with is mechanic I kind of related on the golf course. Not your you know eighteen handicap in the book there and you're gonna have you around you're gonna play great movie you're still wrestling when you get that rhythm. You're gonna have a probably pretty good round but the required a handicap is good yep ethnic ethnic because you don't putt well because you don't do things consistently. Over and over again by. When you're when you're that rhythm when you're in that mode they're like well that that's the kind of applies camp. It mechanics have got to get better and that he's worked on that you know he's that bad of place look competent because when you. In our rhythm he's gonna have great timing and do a lot of things are gonna go his way it is being. Like at that goes with that so yeah I mean if he goes out there that in starts giving them momentum and put in a couple went the other. They act as a very easily beat you that you returning him return in the form like he didn't 2000 that it. Frank Garcia guest former Carolina panther now he's the coast of Garcia and daily in the sand in Charlotte. Here in the sports are 957 ESPN so Frankie you could imagine you know one of the prevailing thoughts we've heard it here in west New York this week. How Sean McDermott he's gonna know the secrets to game planning the Carolina Panthers. As some sort of play the game someone who's covered this team is there any truth to better is that overblown. While why's he so much smarter than on the prayer because a lot of our work with him five years those eager to know more about on the on those about Al you know that's kind of that's got to the point acknowledge that. You did of one players droplet up on the board and coaches draw plays up on the border with smoke for idea that our board but. There you know I've never Tenneco's Gartner and make a tackle or you know intercept the password you know make plays on the football field. When it comes down to it not yet videos at jimmies and Joes out there. All know when they go out there and make plays that's what it comes on every matchup that's what you do well I don't know what the other does well and I think ultimately you know each and every that's what we need that in the play better on that given day is gonna win the game has not been a really do with. You know the game planning and eat the strategic aspect of it though gamut dot McDermott doesn't know about more more about this anymore this coaching staff the ilk. That is that these guys have been no maybe. Repair is seen on film with those guys. Franklin let's talk about some of the weapons on offense for the Carolina Panthers and we spent some time talking about Cam Newton but of course you have the rookie Christian McCaffery. And then the other guy and I think the last time we had you want a Kelvin Benjamin was pushing three bills. I think that actually curiosity know no mincing words here guys he's a fat ass we don't know what the hell oh this guy coming into OTAs but he's leaned. He's got lean in in over the summer and all indication in the priest was. This guy was gonna be stout little bit the soft weak one for Calvin management between the top what some of the offensive weapons for the Carolina Panthers is your wife never even optimism. Yet there's there's a problem and you know again that thank you on your point art comes down to distribute the basketball or he gets you to your best players in the right. Efficient in their spot right in Italy we look at our you know whatever good point guard we're gonna look at Wednesday. And that is double stamping applies to admit that it's got a weapon all sorts shooters on the outside. And on this but in this case it's wide receivers that weapon he's got all the Benjamin he has Greg Olsen has. You know in in the backfield like Jon Stewart we drafted a couple of speak Stearns. And Christopher captain Curtis and you'll have Devin are just so there's plenty of weapons to go around it should be in the football. And realizing what the defense is used though the opposite can dictate tempo and into a lot of those things but it. Am not making the right reason their that the other weapons really matter and we saw. Again against them against San Francisco 49ers. Import double cover to get a competitive enforcement all the way to force that all of these prospectors and operate. Coming out of backfield stepped up and Stewart is a very capable catcher and no mistake with the defense interview. And then those all the time and you know when those big plate they become that was you know not the right path for me. I don't pretend to know that that passed so. Others there's a ton of weapons in the ball if those guys don't like what am did the a separate diversified that such as. That's why he was posted just what he's out of there in order or the one guy. He was a force in the ball. And he took what the defense gave him right then and then applies you know would this mean in 2017. Is just have better weapons and better people want and a personal and those types. Frank Garcia played for the Panthers he's now in radio cosic Garcia and Dalian Sports Radio the fan in Charlotte our guest. Frank I can't wait to see the other side of the football mean that bad matchup of the team that had the most rushing yards in the league lecture buffalo LeSean McCoy. I against the Carolina defense led by looped key glee the last year Luka weekly ended up getting Carter off we all know how that ended. How did Luke equally low weak one is he all the way back Powell does that Carolina run defense look right now. You know it didn't fit the run defense starts you know up the middle as any good defense no word whether it's baseball bats well you know it's on the blank. And the sport in that the candidates out a delegate take a short. Starlet lately you know like they're plugging the gaps salute he could make I make tackles and one not sideline to sideline and made plays. There's no drop off it got the football players at tackling machine Heatley had a solid year LP. The sixteen the sixteen games he's going to be near the top. And he only plays the game one way so I have a lot of respect that apparently by Thomas Davis led the team in tackles. You know Lou it would look like they're behind and and strong safety was birds are exactly the kind of the way you want it to happen. You know Kurt Coleman is under under but either heavy load he doesn't he's gonna come and boring it's so this game is stacked up the middle there are forced all accounts. And and I think that's really more aware. I think most of the people that want to be more concerned with is the edges. And setting those edges because I think we would look at the priest is and that's working very able to take advantage to the outside not desperately up the middle. He's co host of Garcia and freelance sports ready the fan and her sister station in Charlotte frank Garcia joining us for few good moments here in the sports bar. With danger ambit tightly on ESPN Rochester in advance of Carolina north verses the Carolina Panthers a four on Sunday and and we say jokingly I think frank the last time we spoke to you we were kind of curious as to all right tell us about Brandon being. Tell us more about what we know what this guy and you know what there isn't this summer weren't we just kind of is slow news day valves of the paint. Gelman just got fired as GM of the Pentagon what. What happened frank what do you know about the release of a dig on as the GO the Carolina Panthers did this the loss of brain Ambien. And Charlotte Durham written and some of the gasses that Sean yell looted from you guys dipped to bring north did it even have to do with cattlemen being let go. I know I don't know that anything to do it. Though I think more of what was the reasoning behind me being let go. Was the bedside manner in which you approach contracts and players that are a lot of sentiment around here that he wasn't handling certain contracts. You know with. What the Carolina Panthers and Jerry Richardson talks with class and dignity and on the left the port you know the the organization down here is they want to be respectful. You know whether it's to the janitors or the other admitted that the president or to the owner of the game everybody's gonna treat people with dignity and respect and not although that was. The ways that all the way to they'd get a manhandled on the contract situations. With maybe some of the work that was and how a certain players were handled if that was done in the way that. You know no matter what Jerry Richardson was looking for a bank that was more than knee jerk reaction. Firing of Dave Gilman and had nothing to do with. No Brandi dean being let go or you know any of the other things because nobody in the right mind fires the gentlemen and directly for the season. I'd doesn't have a president of the organization has to get ready for you know the busy time of the year business. Does that go back to Josh Norman could I think they'll from the outside up here it looked like why I'll bet that one nasty real slick Smith yeah I mean yeah. Well gallery you're getting hit on the head it's not just one at pebble right what would you go back to these Mitt channeling that to you know the web to do the media. Not going to judge Norman. And the way that that situation was handled and then there's a lot of thought that maybe even. You know guys like Greg goals and the commentators were looking for archer starlet lately KK or. Are you the negotiation part of that the bedside manner doing what he agents. That getting back to other players around the league how many times do you ever hear so many players coming out and the same thing about orchid station where he endorsed. He has what Williams Steve smear. You know Josh Norman you know there was just several guys also in the same bank where there's smoke there's fire and you know that little others know more are there. So how does Steve organization move forward now post scandal enemy or what what is the set and it now that you've gone through the pre season and you're into the regular season. You know they brought Margaret Beckett then turned him he's here a lot of familiarity with Robert Berry tired of you know there's a lot of familiarity there where it. You know Jerry Richardson he's gonna do what's best for this organization. Not competent that I think most people are here watched as they were confident that. Now he's just not gonna deal Michael Redd given everybody contracts that you get a concert you'd get a contract is going to be you know business as usual and it's going to be a lot of a communication with you know the front office and you're urged of course those are. We know it GM that's available if you want a guy that is the Oprah of and pathology resident Doug Elliott and ultimately the current that would block a higher tax anybody's hire him now yeah I mean he's out there are. You guys La. And yeah I think we're gonna pass that they were happy with Marty party in the other sure that there are gonna look forward. And maybe bring in the different type which you know my you know down the road but not the market in Egypt baggage up your first. We joke but isn't it funny I mean think about that I mean you know in buffalo and I you've got brand to mean you've got Sean McDermott you guys that were aligned with Carolina and there. Bringing some of the principles of this organization now to buffalo and it aren't you seeing all ready. In buffalo with the way the bills are handling their business with the way they're handling. You know deals with players and and free agents and even in the game I mean you know. It's one week of play frank but we see a team now under Sean McDermott. That knows where they're supposed to be that there's communication that details. Are covered in yes it's the jets we've been practicing that everything that has been said this week would say something positive about the bills liquor well yeah but it's the jets you know that. That is so important that those little details matter and even lacking for so long. With with past regimes in buffalo. You're absolutely right now and I'm not sure by and watch a lot of battles. You know football and you may be the ninety's when there were one of my favorite games you know back then in the glory days but you're right I mean a lot more than an identity. You know complacent is some in the senate candidate. Crops every team from the inside out and he likes you know where it it on the coaching staff and organization that was the direction edit there was a little bit of that there and that's one of the things you can't stand for as a coach and organization. Asked accountability. You know that have been in the right position SP responsibility. Of knowing where everybody's both he and yet you know to take that responsibility. And you know I think that's what Madonna's preacher and I know Brandon being I've known him and you Alibaba. Nineteen year old kids lose you know taken our our jock straps back that all board who are. You know it is in Wofford you know get more but. The god of war of how to do it there understand what it tests was like in. They're gonna preached that I think that when you have changed like that a good thing because I think there's out there with bills. You look at their aren't to mark must so various. I would that there aren't really stand out and you know that there's a lot of good players on that game is that they got to be in the right position medication that you got to also point out that he. Factored that in order a secondary or the defense and in particular that are in line. The break just because you mentioned is there any good if we can take a second what Marcel they're Sierra got to play the game. And Marcel Darius. Had a very good season a few years ago and made a lot of money off of that very good season and I think since signing that big contract. Everybody's kind of holding their breath may you know wondering when they're gonna see that Marcel dairy shop again we had an incident with him this pre season where he was late for the team bus. And sent home by coach McDermott a meat how do you deal as a team with a player who you expect to be a leader but continuously see him fall short of that expectation. While you can handle the work you way you can actually Kyra. You know and obviously the bit where there's a reason why they kept them in the trying to work with them and sometimes you need to change the people that are maybe. You know getting them you know that the leadership around but. Up your look is a leader and you're not old enough that end of the bargain that's our thought about spot bode. And accountability that's where the head coach has been abandoned. That seems like he's doing his part Woolsey if that carried over on his play on the hill but ultimately what the organization you know to take over the new general manager. And you know new head coach everybody's on notice that our jobs are. You know not guaranteed there one year deals than we might assign a multi year contract but. Nobody within those years you'll work to find out who would wanna be your I think that's where sometimes changes that earned him you know I think that McDermott direct edit. To be able to handle that. Breakers he is an original Carolina panther now cohost a Garcia and Bailey and the fan in Charlotte frank it will we had to back on the spring we kind of talked on this but. For folks listening right now it's interesting to me how these two little organization gains are hurt you know star crossed here if you will. How at the beginning to Carolina you had Bill Polian followed by corporate frank Reich and Don Beebe and keep Mets large now common back IRA time to give back will take him as our coach in him is there are general manager. Fred what was that like for you. Going to an expansion team you don't even have the stadium that point your playing games it at clan scene and you know just what sit lie when you start is a player I'm an expansion team in this late. Well everybody has an equal opportunity I think that was one of the things that was look at one night game here. You don't have established veterans like most teams do whether you're the Seattle Seahawks at the separatist 49ers about cowboys. Typically Turkey two or three years to crack the lineup and other guys either no votes has created another place or you know I retire. So you know coming into the Carolina Panthers. A rookie. Everybody knew the jobs were available on you know we had great leaders to be looked up to match some of those guys and in fact they're a lot of the guys on the bills valuable point brought the guys. There are a little older the more veteran but he knew that there are good leaders in order and respect and now that's where you know that really got off you know players like that and pay dividends for myself you know and OP that's laws very well still keep in touch with Abby coach I football team. On the right now on the road and he's been around though coach in the league in frank -- same type of thing in. You know these guys that hit it at the right way and you know with a unique opportunity to rest but there and and on the spot and you know we or spoke product that. Love talking with frank Garcia he's the co host of Garcia and Bailey on Sports Radio the fan in Charlotte, North Carolina as we preview the Panthers. And the bills Sunday at 1 o'clock kick off you can hear right here on ESPN Rochester frank as always we. We appreciate you giving us some of your time enjoy the rest your night and Itochu against sooner right. And yet it looked at a couple weight not so much as next week but at least that much. That you breakers our guest. Always good talking on the coast of Garcia daily sports really the fanning Charlotte yes so this is I Carolina team and died data did not note a Cam Newton actually finished up that game nine of nine so. Again you watch the highlights who he missed that guy he missed this guy thing can new ingenious fine. I you have low key clean who's gonna be back and the line is eight for a reason in this game has the tough game but that being said. OK I'd like to bill's chances spectators is going to be a team that you might be able to. Make some plays on offensively can Tyrod and LeSean make enough plays with the offense to win this game I think that's what it comes down by. I would say that it comes down to what happens on the other side of the ball for the Buffalo Bills and can and you disrupt Cam Newton because if he does get written Mikey did at the end of the game in week one. You have no chance but if you can disrupt Cam Newton we saw this last season disrupting Cam Newton. He gets frazzled he presses he's not the same quarterback. 9999. That stats I noted Daryn CB Darius to have one hell of a game on Sunday you need that push up the middle and you need to disrupt. Cam Newton anyway you can well. And that's where we go back to week one Marcel Barrios was not on the score sheet so to speak for talking. If you're talking about records if this were a basketball game. Robert you don't know football because plays they'll allow remote number to make. OK fair enough. But that was a jets team that. You're going to be anyways this week I agree with you you need the pressure off the middle our eyeballs will tell lies is Marcel engaged or not. That's the guy to me on that side of the football they need to come up big this week of the bills or had to have any change. Yeah I have a feeling they're gonna spread out that football they're gonna throw it to the outside you're gonna see them test Lorenzo Alexander Ramon number. A line and I also the museum test the secondary meaning you know Cam Newton can make those passes to you know to to a Kelvin Benjamin. Or DeVon Futch is Steve I Mena Nelson over the Melanie and there yes. Yes they have a lot of weapons a lot of weapons and it's really a matter of can Cam Newton hit those weapons and you certainly increase your chances if you can disrupt him up the middle. It's a big day from ourselves RS you need him to step up. You need him to step up this week. Are you more excited to see this game of the home opener. To me I'm more excited to see this game and I know that's easy to say knowing by. We all knew what was gonna happen in the home opener I think a lot of us knew what the game's gonna play out this one I don't know how the story's gonna go so that's why even on a Tuesday. I'm start to get excited for this game on some parts of the bills had today off nothing really new reports at a couple of vote roster moves right you know gas so walk off the team now lies they signed a linebacker to line Jiang gains. And Greg maybe it was like up. So a Greg may even though the last corner on the team and then the keel shorts was like go off the practice squad as well. Are we got another round of shots for you next in the sports bar with danger to tag Leah. We go around the world of sports Eddie the stories that we haven't touched on yet we will serve them up feeling shots is always. Rusty by market fuel liquor for Rochester is greatest wine and liquor values. Mark if you liquor is the only story you need great service selection and savings 11100 Jefferson road team. Henry and there was a death five years ago today danger. MI tongues planted in cheek it at this might have been the weirdest sports story ever coming. From college football that's a tease everybody continue figure out what I'm talking about timing trades aren't shots on the way next in the sports bar danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester.