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Thursday, September 7th

Co-Host of "The Day Shift" on 610 Sports Kansas City, Jay Binkley joins Danger and Battaglia to preview tonight's NFL kickoff between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots, from a KC perspective!


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Great job with no chaser. It's pretty good. Sports bar would need to be exactly on broadcasters sports leader from 95 C. Jay what was the general reaction that she spends a week ago tonight when they ended up trading after the bills to select Patrick moms. Or. Yeah. Steve Brinkley. From our sister station in Kansas City sixty and sports Kansas City cohost of the day shift we spoke the jags. After the NFL draft of course when the bills that treated back. With Kansas City and the chiefs with that tenth overall pick selected. Patrick my homes in the when he seventeen drafted and JPQ first of all for joining us on the night where. The chiefs kick off against the patriots and I know that there's a lot of talk in Kansas City now. About not if but when. Patrick my homes gets his chance this season. Then there's been talk when you get to do it within the way in general manager spoke. About Alex Smith is being still barred Boehner. Comparator moment even though we saw with our own eyes he was looking beyond field goal on the ball down field. In a minute 33 that two minute drill it scored that's been on the greet these and port touchdowns no picks him better than any other upper second. Don't quarterback this year pre season. While you from the get go were on record today as being on among homes wagon. What was it what was it that you like about this quarterback when you were doing your research. Short or perform a battle of arms strength and look the fact that he took Ian. It's that we haven't seen quarterback play is actually the chances. Downfield and I like the fact that Eric what they're doing and what are we than they might you're. And he knew each and every time he went on the football field. Scored touchdowns and you know really I had them by that preceded this year with the chiefs when he you know what he'll use open your lead he'd beyond. And get a touchdown to all the people really like me it really didn't like it entered my home from the get go from my per marked draft on Iowa that. Taking director mounds are finding a way to get them to that you that the team. What studying him they were really watching last year in Ifill they're really ward credit mount for the future. Danger and the tightly as the chiefs travel to doing with that for NFL kickoff. Man weeks one through ten. If this is a hall road you know I look at their schedule and pegged them as an age eighteen falling just short of of the playoffs and in what they were able to accomplish last year talk about that that early part of the schedule the difficulties that they could face and you know what Alex Smith might actually like what order for what what the record have to be for Andy Reid trigger a move that took. That bench Alex Smith I got he knows can be replaced anyways but by Patrick Holmes. Well lately would certainly do at this stage it's at point B will which quarterback at some point I actually look at the schedule pretty you know. I even looked a lot tonight to New England I can can go on three and one. Philadelphia I don't think resentment to a challenge in Kansas City be read BC news. But those pro series in Doug Peterson I like achieves. Al lost an Angel she's going to that you treat him bring. When they were in San Diego can 151000 billion Butler play in the soccer stadium that you take overload at least 50%. That being based. In Libya go and and play in a Washington Redskins at home. On a Monday Night Football loving the prime time game and one good Bailey who achieved so a lot of people are talking about this we have twelve more days of arrests. In any you know opening the way to the schedule works out play in the senate or the Mondays in the third date it's worked out the victory of twelve more days around. Did anybody else you couple that what they're hungry Andy Reid no pun intended. I'll I really like god what they're good here and no moderator for governor what are your career. In a bronco every joke at the quarterback situation Inco it and if they go get bigger opening up Philip Rivers could turn back into the community away. It is 200000 dollars a souped up and out right. I don't like them either. Well I as far as tonight and I don't think you're gonna. And nobody's gonna think that Alex Smith is gonna out duel Tom Brady if it gets into that sort of game but. What would have to happen tonight for the chiefs not to go into Foxboro to pull off wins. Kari kill every killed would be good to have murmured to government fourteen to exploit the patriots in the year they want to promote their. And yet the R&B a forty or look or been murdered Eric but object that nobody level but it didn't like accused beard there that evening your team this. City and these do and play the playoffs two years ago that the major they lost by a touchdown. The data heavy defeat weapon offensively you know cream on brings to nudge used to the running back position I rebuild the guy that. He took that this guy in the NFL whether it catches the ball in around on the jets sweet people find a way to get the ball at the end that's the good news about him. They can take it away in the testing new Molly want. Cecil in the ball doing. Getting the ball he's going to be returning punts as well be the last time they played the only guy they need to take was Trevor felt they take him out of the game. The military is focused on hill which opens it up chiefs finally have other weapon outside Adobe. Now they had Maclin that game but he was banged up in probably shouldn't you wait regaining the ineffective. Or heaven hill. Haven't Kelsey in an a running back flickering not. I there's been changes that day and mimic of the cheeks from what they had the last time we're out there eighty Reid actually schemes very well against Belichick and I would signal a check. A 100% that this was between week four when I ever we stick. Between weeks seven what you get all walks beat them. To prepare for that one team budget bill kick at the same preparation time for the chiefs. But it doesn't even the playing field out between the two coaches in the top there and in all card more than that even without an eighty because so long prepare. Doing. (%expletive) ever I remember that that New England game in in Kansas City when the chiefs just handle the patriots that was the game that. Everybody wanted to claim Tom Brady's career was over. Again that's what they really pulled them out. Now it's done it's time for him to hang it up and and always done since then it's going to win a couple of Super Bowls typically our guest or six hits sports Kansas City. Our sister station cohost of the day shift you're the sports bar with feature the tightly it. You mentioned chiefs running back got Corey on rookie running back. Stepping up with the departure Spencer ware and is blown the this be the first time a lot of us have seen Kareem and play Jane what he's seen of him this pre season that makes it special player. Well you don't particularly like these I mean their energy and good for my GP Breyer and beyond we Ormond. They yeah I'd get up side I'm Korean not a great beach could HE MAA has been an exceptional. General manager aggressive judo manager this point and they like what he brings the table he did everything you read like block catch of the backfield. He led American rushing and he actually increased his reception total might thirty between his junior. In senior year at Toledo go from eleven to forty he is bring the different dynamic there are you great ability option. I wouldn't play him tonight against New England Ager but going forward I think you're the backfield and ability to toy Teddy but running back. In the past small troll obviously and number doubt they finally got one I believe in Crete. Yeah it was weird in the offseason to see GM fired you know right before the fourth of July essentially what why. Why it what really happened there. Yeah nobody really knows and I don't think you'll read. I think it was ownership and it is weird. Yeah at a GM the 13 out of four playoffs are darned play out three or four years he's here he's twelve and four won the division fired you don't see that. In the NFL I think became got a contract that leaves golf the owner too much money. He waited a year to long before he got Japanese design he waited a year too long reporter very became right down the wire and not all that. He gave Tom Ali eight to have million dollars. It would force apps western divisional round on the public now for the chiefs can't setting can they do. There's good and every point nine million bid to have money you can't donor 3031 million dollars. That put it in the pocketbook and that's what hurt them the most. I think that's why John Dorsey actually got. Typically it's extent sports Kansas City most of the patient here and sports bar with danger Ametek collegiate we haven't talked about. About the Kansas city's defense that I talk about any upgrades that they've made this offseason that this defense and how they match up against new England's offense. Well lit the question the recorded sick last year. But I against the run the one good thing is they've been top two and yet turnover differential they led the NFL western interceptions. In fumble recoveries which does I do that patients each of the defense they've been a bit but don't break on the Seahawks. It allowed fewer points to 2012. Then cheeks but they didn't address what I thought they need to address the most draft that would stop the rot. Pittsburgh last year in the playoff game never score a touchdown on the cheeks but he had the ball ten minutes longer currently beyond bill goes for a 170 yards. Daddy didn't really address the speaker with a stick around with a linebacker. Within broad beach takes over immediately treat Seattle for Kevin peer Lewis and inside linebacker actually you're pretty special teams guy. From the cheese in bear and they all go without guard Greg Greg. Now there are political we're waiver I mean when we had yacht last neck Quebec court is gonna on us thank you buffalo. And here's my take on Reggie radler again our our our guest is deep Hinckley the colors that he shifts extends sports skiing Kansas City. Reggie wrangling danger I we're so excited to see him this year and you know I at the Arizona. Owners meetings you have to head coach John McDermott saying Reggie Bradley is our number line at middle linebacker. And what happened well sometimes an ACLU. Don't come back. The wave that you can't you just can't expect one year to solve everything. I hope so you know I plotted gains in Alabama and I really want achieved directly on 04 buffalo got in the year before. But he began to pick three or skiing is what we're gonna fit in at 43 wood off guy argued about this being so you know we're very excited ever read what they're saying. He could be back at a couple weeks nobody would see until all week insisting. Wow yeah I mean you know that's that was not here I mean as you well with third stringers. Promotional campaign and the question had to be you know at 111 of it is a part of it is scheme at the other part of his they need visas are right yet you know has been. Are you probably can't disagree at all their jobs and these two all time leader in tackles. And Derrick Johnson was in the sought out really this is a first round pick they keep overall is that the first year and happen that the all the out. Port Richey Ritchie Redmond were looked up. I don't. Jerry Johnson and he got taken him under his wing so. Yeah I wouldn't give up on a guy that soon like you have uploaded with Greg went. Because I keep thinking that this scheme they run here in Kansas City they need to run stuffer and that is exactly what year. There are ticket taker took so pitted dog taken Torre ordered seventeen with the speaker Greg you have achieved starting off big in Korean won. Their ability to deploy all the want to include being in the divisional round they're not going anywhere and go to make the switch to record home. All right so that would mean that a playoff berth that will be buffalo will have Kansas city's what some more of the twentieth twentieth pick overall probably supported when he draft. Yeah I mean Aaron yeah I think the book will want to be that it's been an expert that I'm in between will be in the oil are going and where it will get there. What Jay we is always appreciate you pick it's not on your schedule to join us here in the sports bar he is the co host of the day shift our sister station six and sports Kansas City. Jed Brinkley joining us here in the sports bar with danger but tightly output tonight talked you said all right Jack. Our military doesn't orchestra. Jake Hinckley.