The Sports Bar-Jody Gage

Amerks Hall-of-Famer Jody Gage joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss the Sabres hiring of GM Jason Botterill, his relationship with him from his days as a player in Rochester and some predictions for the remainder of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


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Exciting times to be a fan of your west New York sports teams you had the introduction of Brandon being this morning from one bills drive. And of course yesterday Jason bottler produces a new sabres. General manager. Yeah I ended Jason box troll right from the get go said he wants to build two teams one in buffalo. And one in Rochester and who better to talk. About the Rochester Americans danger than mr. ever give yourself a hall of Famer Joseph gauge joining us in the sports bar Jodi thanks your time how are you today. All know Alton banks perhaps me guys feel great today. That's great I mean I you know Jason box troll. Just a little bit what are your thoughts on the sabres higher. I think integrate it simple but considers. Stripper in Jason you know I am as a player and he's the ultimate team guy great character. Highly intelligent. Is a guy that you wanna go to war with them very well respected by his team is when our locker room. As one of the leaders and is there a problem when you see you wanna be your or reporters. You know call bush not only becoming that your mobile server but everything he's done well the war started and went but also has the penguins. That a model yourself up after polarization that's. It's not won there they've all been to other for a long time. And you know what he did a lot of credit when there's a lot and that's responsible watts who not only their season was well on. That you hope you aren't and no injuries and his background he's probably gonna remark model. Homes. But you know it was going to be aware six times does happen overnight. Bowl on it just excited. Great great. Most vocal. Principal. And you're all merchandise that is how well in order. In the the secrecy and also you also get it the job done. Jodi tell me about your relationship with Jason up. After his playing career I mean he's been an executive in the league now for some time and I'm sure you stay in touch with them over the course of time. I would say were really close. But you know when it first and two although as that's when I was more ball and debated in our operations and and really professional. You know he used it wants to win. Like what Kawhi. Saw but you do now that. Rick from the beginning when he got into you and as you successful the it is just one of those. Is staring down the regional players. We use in the world. Just probably. Jody gauge joining us here in the sports for 957 years PM talking about dug in new Saber GM Jason box trolling. Joey that was a fun time and in am works history and eight Jason referenced it yesterday talked about his first roommate being. Ryan Miller on May eat but since you left Rochester you know he's he is playing career went out got an NBA he did all the right things. I mean take me back to first win when you first met and could you howled that. This was somebody that had a head on his shoulders. So he's got that charisma he. He's just not if he's he's well spoken. And you know he was a leader on day one when it went to. The walk home. In which are strong but it is it's in the right way. All of them very well spoken. You know as a player of the year in Mosul Kirkuk order bitterly he won't and that is WRY. A lot of beaten abuse. And stick up for his teammates. Bang crash. You know and and do the rolls all the rules. Like I it wanted to do his bit. That's why a lot of what you see what he did on the and actually been just all yeah. One of his first tasks can be finding out a new head coach. For the Buffalo Sabres Jody what what do you think the most important qualities he should be looking for in the new head coach of the Saber should be. Our our our common you know he knows what he's doing. I'm sure that you know. Like it and you wanna be on the same page. You want to assure the same vision. And I'm sure a lot of the vision that she has what they want you won't solve coach in the water and do. But looking at Pittsburgh Penguins what I liked the way it is style. But XP being put the news did they control talks. I'd really love watching this for the way that. There's just don't outgrow the assumes you purpose. And out possessions seems to whether he thinks so I'm sure we're talking voters it is is coaches and people are in. That the number one thing is. Similar position. I just where I'm just happier as of the very competent. Jason will. As a player worked very hard it will work hard all these possibilities. Do. You won't get the job done. Ever call Brimmer Jody gauged joining us here in the sports bar on 957. ESPN he talked about also yesterday how it is important to have management oversight in Rochester now. He would like to have I GM specifically devoted. To the Rochester Americans and how players notice these sort of things and joining a lot of people are connecting the dots he would this be a position that would interest you. Well I don't wanna jump. Vs is sort of what he's way. The moment and you know all. What space I bleed red white and blue moon anyway. But in the organization I will do. But you know on one John well. Historian. And in the business. Does Norton might have somebody or your mind that will be the I really trust his judgment on most angst and then. I'm big on the you all the options. The goal. I'm just happy that you know he's got rained and I know that he's it's hard. On the minor league team as the culprit for walks I don't think is beautiful square was down. On it and that street 21 of the victims we certainly appears as the bulk orders in the work environment in. I know that's how bought pencil you know that's going to be good news lodge where. Jody it was a frustrating season for the M Merck's this year a lot of fans kind of looking at the team in thinking that and fortunate circumstance where. Top players that where you were playing maybe didn't give the team the best chance to win will what did you see this year. Go wrong for the Rochester Americans and how can we correct it next season. Or what they position is we took Cooper host on the police. That. That open you don't want to do wanna make sure that you're taking your time and our assistant and we've got a lot of good young tall with a new organization that's gonna come true but it's. You know stick to what are your client is. And it will take care result I picket lines need to have the depth but. You know I don't want to talk a bowl. What's hot pop and all on that'll get you know what the future holds in there's of the first big step those aren't. And I allegation bilateral. And I think there's a crew would record that was done out Donna got here to. And you know Jason always there's a poll. And also are all expendable when it was a vote in the post that vote. It was no bowl between winning and how we win the vehicle people accountable. You know put sort of sure. But the same time. That respect from the news but also coaching staff. On the a relationship that. Are they were great and. I Merck's hall of Famer Jody gauge joining us in the sports bar with danger and the tank Leo we got the sense at the end of last season with the sabres at there was a disconnect. Between upper management coaching staff and the players talk to Jason bought trolls ability to. Relates to a young team a young player in today's NHL. What are you gonna post basically working with the wolf we're gonna penguins and there are there all your first book about the first of all through this. And that you know you've got to do a lot of that credit. But. You know poke they won not. On I've been part of the auspices the ground assault or. Jason Dunham rooted quote not only players also are coach this group so we'll come through. Or spurred program has gone on its urgent. And wouldn't cut programs. And war ms. waters between. And stick with the plan and not process Sweden. And the book and this is considered and and a sixty I think you learned a lot idol I've talked about. East bureau process is what you look at that got old bureau revealed whenever he's in. And one panicked at Miller almost all intruder brought. You know we were winning a lot of games to open borders and what he. No he's gone on to do that or are there it's all. Mr. hammer Jody engaged joining us here Jodie just wanna get your thoughts on what's happening in the at the Stanley Cup play outside that. Washington Pittsburgh series a great one now Pittsburgh facing. Auto walk. If you don't pay your figure out Ottawa they don't really stand a chance here but then Pittsburgh that kind of beat up so hot how would you forecast the series coming up. All it Arctic prepared. You know you've got to vote expert far enough or longer and then he economies wax. Take. More what they reduced went back to back and up or else. It is skewed audience so many gains. And that's a war it is a smug grease he broke who. I never have. The shorter than their depth. Well on the all the aside and ones the spares they do all the women and his book the lost series. It just Thong on ways to win. When they compete balks. It's pretty admitted that you got to give credit thought law. No one expert on what what the first and also known them conference finals and bigger critic of the president Carlson's call. On I would went what's that. Jody is there anything to the difference in how old European players are developed vs North American players especially when you get. This deep in the playoffs and does that have anything to do with. Alex Ovechkin failing to get past the second round with the caps and and will have anything do with. Up Pittsburg eventually. If they do beat Ottawa with Eric Carlson being that the captain of the senators. I picked curse sometimes called corporate sponsors. Bought. They're still every player is injured who's there are. On that bank a lot of that will roll on most smitten but within the motto that system. But also. When you don't live like washing and it becomes harder it's almost like crooks and so each year would you don't succeed. It becomes copper copper and there's that pressure that comes along with the you wonder at times that. No I watched it and they're going home because it's on the holes that pressure starts to get one whenever you feel pressured mr. respects. Becomes an uphill battle. Where you know there are so successful it's almost like they believe and hope our church is stable and and so whenever remind you you're gonna have success. It could could Alex Ovechkin benefit from a change of scenery in this point in this current. There is. Now we're I'm not now locker room but you know what hurt probably not. And time it should pop beat those. I'm sure that. No wonder Polaroid back you don't wanna leave you you wanna bees with guys that change. So you know you got a lot of guys in the lock them out this so we go to war again you want to find a way stay there and do so. You know on the you know war is a lot it now what do what else and they do did out of that they are or. Eric hall of Famer Jody gauge joining us and sports where an exciting time for Rochester Americans hockey for Buffalo Sabres hockey for hockey fans in Western New York with. The announcement of Jason bock troll some new GM the Buffalo Sabres yesterday in and all of the positive comments. Headed in the direction of Rochester in terms of development through the Rochester Americans Jody so good but this time this afternoon and we look for talking you get real soon right up. OK guys the present time and you know it. Are they starting Jody JH. Yeah are great the greatest Rochester Americans I say so myself joining us in the sports bar and we asked in the question danger and he gave. The very political answer or did he not know yet if this is Jason bottles timing. Jody Smart enough to know that if you say you would be interest in all the sudden that put yourself. Right in the middle aside pull it and my first initial reaction yesterday with all of the mentions of the Rochester Americans we had some fans reach a twist on Twitter. Reach out to a song on on the adult swing men lined. Jordy gauge would be perfect for GM and rock Jody did you be perfect in and you might be right. Jody gage might be the perfect and certainly nobody with more experience and nobody knows the franchise knows this market better than Jody gauged. But let Jason box you'll make that decision on his own. When he goes through his process and figures out who the best guy for that job is going to be in if it happens to be after you've gone through. And you've done all the interviewing Jody gauge. Were all gonna be happy about that if that is indeed what what ends up coming to fruition great. Great news. Yeah yeah out these are some of the comments from a from FaceBook we got Tim writing in I love everything that bottle said that said I'm not there and Jody love him but. He hasn't been a valuing talent at that level recently I think we want someone you might have a better grip on that Kurd David and in this seemed to Brad. Not rich writing in disagree he hasn't been in valuing talent because that wasn't his job description crude description weight back one remember Matt Hendricks cuss me Jody nose and find taillight he deserves an interview at the very least I think he will get in or. I mean if he wants an interview you give Jodie engaged in an interview in. Furthermore danger if you want to position to that the glows. I'd give George did whatever position he wants within the sabres whether it's a stout. Whether it's calling the shots here it in Rochester I would highly encourage that that the new GM Jason bar troll like you Jody. A call. It's great talking average hall of Famer Jody gauge of misstating that conversation here in the sports bar with danger and the tag Leah. We'll have that audio for you on demand or website the all new ESPN Rochester dot com here shortly. I'm just while we have a man in danger today was a very very sad day for the RT hockey community as one of the founding members of the corner crew warm barrel as sharp Monty if you're a section five person you remember her. First time as husband Dan. Our Lauren lost her life for the weekend so she was laid to rest today I just a fantastic. Wonderful woman and done all right the hockey games. Will not be the same so Gloria I know you're listening somewhere. Just thinking about you and where were excited about on the hammer in the sabers I'm sure you. Yeah had a little hand and that there today so Lauren bearish or Monte thinking of you today. Coming up before 5 o'clock we'll serve up the day's top medical stories and bite sized form with NFL appetizers before that. Let's get her body Crist a paso from buffalo rumblings dot com to talk about. But the big news of the day. Randy and beans yeah ha got aches. There's a lot of work to do you think terrorism but there really is but to meet Brandon being danger of one of the things that struck me. Southern accent. Fits that does Charlotte accent that he came up with so this. To me just signified his very symbolic that this this is a change this is completely new. This guy and his department will have nothing to he would do with a seventeen previous years here. So no matter perspective genius of the got the Charlotte axis is coming and coming up Western Europe like why does everybody here topic a hard day. Well their access to hear what Barack Chester grant and Atlanta hat he likes him. He's going to get some hot when he comes to the coming days it Kodak. Go to him deals scheming Jerry training camp. It's Jaffe share. So Al what's more grating. Our accent or his southern drawl. OK to close the call I see your point to close historical matter perspective we're gonna talk more. Brand in the next at buffalo rumblings like Tom Crist or possibly joins us next in the sports park. Danger and the tightly AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochus.