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Joe Person covers the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer and he joined Danger and Battaglia to tell us more about new Bills GM Brandon Beane.


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We NFL NHL Major League Baseball NBA and NCAA. Your home from life support to the stadium nine. 5957. FM sports leader ESPN right yeah. There are nearly sports bar in danger at Anglia where we only talked to the best and the brightest minds in the industry. I think you listen and get smarter by proxy. Will be due freezer in the sports bar with new addition to bring him beat buffalo. Bills general manager from the Carolina Panthers with that we have on Joseph person covers of can't just for the Charlotte Observer Joseph welcome the sports bar with danger of attack list. The work going on. While we are Joey thank you for that time we're trying to learn as much about the new GM here is possible and usually works the other way here people leave for western new York and they go down to Carolina but now we've got a pipeline going to reverse here. So while what you look what can you tell us about the other new hire here in buffalo what was the at what was he like to have to work with stunning nine Carolina. Yeah really really good deed. Personable which which sent being. You know you kind of need to be. Ian you know. I mean it could be best buddies with the players. Not suggesting that although it L they have their back. But you know you hit it get you gotta make some tough decisions were personnel. All the you you you what I meant by. Is personality. He really in Carolina granted being was able to kinda. There as a bridge between the front office in the coaching he was very well liked. Among both groups of people. They've Gelman you know did despite. You know maybe feel like branding was the guy that. You know that it was kind of the up and coming guy beat. Because. He promote him do it is Indian and two years ago. Being previous to that I pointed out was the the only announced candidate interviewed for the job when Marty Kirk. But but then the coaches like to do I mean obviously Ron Rivera like them and on McDermott very clearly though. We need is a sharp guy he's a nice guy he's loyal. Oil. And you know state. You know McDermott and in that. I don't think you have to worry out there I hear stories about impairment and Brandon being not being on the same age I think they are. You know I think I think they're gonna have have a good chemistry where. Joseph person joining us from the Charlotte Observer covering the Carolina Panthers here in the sports bar with danger to tag lead learn more about new bills GM. Brandy and dean grew up in North Carolina right on a North Carolina life for Joseph is that is that the truth with Brandon. Yes it is on him actually doing. On the second day column here. On on Brandon and build factors on the court then he grew up not for Charlotte a little slow them down. On the way to the beach and with a high school quarterback. He had shot or kinda thing. You know it Beckett knows they they may not admit it but I think our world that'll. These. There are hard workers. Neither album world you know were big guys Brandon might be a shade smaller than shell. But. Being played high school. It was a high school quarterback got her senior year. There are any dreams he had playing college ball kind of died along with ACL. Injury. Went to UNC Wilmington down on the beach here and was all kind of that become quite old eastern coach. And that took an internship with the Panthers and never left. You know 20/20 years later. He is that finally worked his way all the way up the latter year. You know they've. They were apparently he started at a glass ceiling here because they've Gelman was that that are a few years ago. Dade getting up there in age. Made it even think that there but he but he won re delete yet though. I think I think there's a good opportunity for Brandon I think the answers either and that at the end up whether happy or in. Joseph person you can follow him on Twitter Joseph person. From the observer joining us here in the sports are 957 ESP and enjoy. Go down to Carolina eight it's a great place to go on vacation. It's a different world up here meaning the world revolves called pulse hope hills where so much the Panthers in Carolina you got other things going on down there. I'm just curious I Howell. He and his personality will mesh with his bills fan base because we've seen other guys come manic and this. You know whether it's seventeen years and I'm playoffs but you can't go into a supermarket. Anonymously anymore he is going to be a celebrity here in Western New York. And I'm just curious as to what you think how he'll adapt to that. I think al-Qaeda for. You know under that spotlight and pressure and as he. In. One of the main thing about impairment because. He you know we we had opportunities with him in the media of course but they were limited you know the only. He did kind of one day a week with and and did a good job with it. But then I had you know turnaround and in any might even term it. Do it. Press conferences and buffalo is burying gauging. Being informative. Blog I'm Bonnie. And and and really just being beat if at all he you'd. These two guys that he used the extra significant beat around a lot in the NFL but they are right. You don't start Sean McDermott went. Kind of hat in hand is the the old Veterans Stadium and knocked on the door where a road. And and took they. Grind. Entry level position as administrative. There's been debate at coach. In Billy has settled down and and Brandon being did much the same thing here is is. Returning after college he'd take it intern ship a four week internship in the PR department at training. For the Panthers. You know clearly did not in in in that short time an again mayors I think we're personality. I think people like Joseph I think you know I think they've received the kind of worker is he is and and they can't give it more more opportunity more more responsibility. Jolie the knock on and being if there is one from fans has been laws guys in the most experience and it comes to scouting talent can you dispel that myth I mean. The bean was somebody who. Was instrumental in in coming up with their draft boards yearning year I mean talk about what his experience has been in scouting talent their for the Panthers. Well it was limited early in his career and and and even you know maybe just recently. Day. Eight years ago dumped like 78 years ago. And man. Marty very very giving them more responsibilities. For personal valuation. And men and then he was really really kind of it. One date element arrive. Ernie had a background Connolly be kind of he was sports writer actually. Marty her. Gelman gal and issues certainly in nine years with bill. Gal and and so he really excited to have Brandon being under his wing and kind of work with them. Alone that you know that that scouting bays than that that film based I talked to date Gelman today. He's that you know he said via the only real way to do. In terms of getting better evaluation is did just immerse yourself in film and video and that's what those two guys. There together a lot of they may be able familiar tandem. Two guys on the Panthers beat. That they will be next to each other side by side in the press buy on game day. Compare notes and and then behind that seen countless hours of film study. And you know I certainly. You can make the case in the cockpit that beam. You know than that he might not have as much experience in the way of talent evaluation. Gathering at the other guys. But he has gotten cram course the last 45 year. Joseph it's funny how we eat you mentioned being was very wide near Wright beginning essentially a couple years into the franchise there but here in western Eric remembers the end of the Super Bowl run in. All there goes the pipeline down to Carolina Bill Polian saw by frank Reich and Don DDT Matt's a large all these buffalo products going down in. Almost seems like things have come full circle here. It is that there is a real kind of interest thing. Dynamic between these these cities in the U organization. That the united. I am not I'm not on the Pennsylvania. From years ago has been stabbed while. And I moved to Charlotte eight years ago and lowered that. The prize we learned that there was not one Buffalo Bills. On Sunday but two or three. And that problem or act that but he can play good you can beer you know them. But yeah there's there's there's real via via a from. That thing I want to say the Baltic Kodak people. That then me at first combat on May be wrong but clearly. They all got the word. You know bowl winners weren't as bad. Whether a little better then here. But we need their reversed. Altered this the not as Sean has been determined team. You know what requires. Or what it and there's last year or eat in those uniform. Mike Tolbert Willie Brown Leonard Johnson and it's gonna make. I think were area we 201. Buffalo and trumpeter for his first bills being. Practice and future. And we're following trade Boston who apparently treated out last night that I was choosing between the bills and in the chargers I guess why would the Panthers not resign him what what can you tell us about this player. He wouldn't two and April he. What chapel ability and the use our annual fourth round pick. Four years ago and law is starting to at least eight. The rookie Jiri as a starter and lost it and then last speed. And though he just. You know he'd eat is not eat eat a good player he has the be it aptly. Didn't make a lot of plays. He blew it and covered it here at the opposite college. And then defiant saying is that this was the Israeli. Ironic the heat because that is playing. And the news deviated well guys drafted him like that there's seven. We didn't get the money in this new deal like other guys. They have a deal where if you. Hit certain playing time incentives. It seemed don't have anything do it believe it except your salary. And and Tre popping up big on it that well be from up like 800001. Point nine bill. Which unit grand scheme of things that might not be it on and and a well money. But what year back up they've been settled in where. That was enough I think you know we can get a rookie is to be pretty incredible. Well. That Archibald became available and it's all of these are quite. Joseph what else Khamese who we loot from the Carolina Panthers covered him in. Yeah who is your mascot busy this off season only maybe in a recruit the mascot to come in replace Billy the buffalo or whether. Yeah actually get to wished we look at the weather from Carolina Joseph person in Charlotte Observer joining us in the sports bar. With danger and the tag glee we heard that branding been was up for the San Francisco 49ers position to did you know anything about that. Job search and why he may not have been hired by the 49ers it's time. Well because John Lynch got himself involved in the there. I think that ended everyone else everyone out the candidacy not named. Yeah I. Like I got it has witnessed in this story actually. When you guys call. He won't win being got that promotes a couple years ago it was late thirties that the time. It was a pretty big deal. The Panthers didn't have that is now like problem. Nobody cattlemen cattlemen kind of the that it is that GM title on a bank. That kind of raised. Beam profile. I think I think you know I. Other people and other front office's decision makers took notice of started maybe asking that it is it is. You know get on the right hand man was a real. And and and that certainly didn't in L Carr hurt him get that interview with the 49ers. And it's just seem like all along. Right he was gonna get his bill I mean. He and Sean were very close and I'd have. Parity talked about and other similar background that is. It's just seem like seem like it would be a bit and it will be insisting that in terms of looting the organization that I did do a little earlier today put out early or let it. Is. Energy am kind of basically told me that they they wore an imperial he'd on anti. Out leaving that defile Brandon being. All they're out here under contract it has that there's really ought. Taught. Doesn't mean maybe blow. It off my back up there at that now liked. The Panthers are going to be but it did and I think I think their radical on and branding on. Or not. Joseph Yahoo! before we let you go real quick got Cam Newton the surgery. Chances he'll be ready week one. I think I'll be ready this year you know I'd. I don't know that they've. I think he's going to be raiders started training camp to that if I guess if anything what should it would be that date. Just because he did have the surgery later on in the raw speed that they were trying to do it on surgically. Where it rested read and and it's just wouldn't get better. You know I think it's possible he might met and know and certainly that does but I would guess. That he could potentially be at risk of missing at first we camp I would bank. Midway through it and then certainly we want to should be could be. Or partially tore it from repaired. And from from what all all count or he has law the weight that we. Kind of gotten a little leaner I think he is gonna we're gonna be. Much more of it after what was is that terrible. Drop off following. MVP even two at the. Now if you could say the same thing for your wide receiver one Wiehoff. The connection there you don't Benjamin's putting it on. Is that what it's actually hit. Yeah BP and as you hang out together they're clearly not like going to name La. Covering the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer giving us some inside a new bills GM grand in being Joseph person joining us in the sports bar Joseph this has been great hope we get chance to again maybe like four Wii two me beat the of the policies. It is all the heavy and it. They're not look. You've got to Joseph person joining us here I am a fifty in 957 FM. These sports leader ESP in Rochester enjoy the rest your afternoon Joseph really appreciate I echo station that was awesome and now until the floor. My bills GM Randy beat and it's interesting to me that there are these fail safes in the panther organization that. Are you need to build the scouting department yes stop looking you're right yeah there's there's there's not a peep thing it's what you got to imagine that they're just like all right let's. Defensive coordinator lesson that it's cute aren't negative Tiggers is geologic he grabbed a few of our players on the way out. Enough enough you have enough well that's. How the Panthers were born know why it this is payback time danger everybody wanted to get paid by the Buffalo Bills the way back when it. I'm talking about frank Reich and Pete mats liars and Don Beebe is is right about the birth of free agency Bill Polian that's really the one team you could say that was built by free agency that actually was successful the Panthers and their second year after the NFC championship game. It was buffalo guys essentially. Kerry Collins came in obviously at quarterback ran up to frank Reich but frank Reich started. We won for the Carolina Panthers wide receiver tight end there's probably other guys I'm forgetting about and obviously the GM sell off funny how things have come for a full circle and also interesting to me that you say Rochester to a southerner where they say a couple guys they Kodak for. Yeah shocking for Heidi we hear from Rochester moved to Charlotte they big you know they are from Kodak yet they tortured Kodak and they kind of found their own will watering holes on Sundays and turn them into bills bars. While that does sound Rochester all know hole known fact namely its CD. In America and it doesn't have a bill's bar honestly all they ever had yet there everywhere every city has an Amber Frey. The Los Angeles who spends his Sundays in his bill's bar watching the bills in Los Angeles small place so they exist everywhere and and not surprisingly here of say the couple custom Kodak. Found their way down to Charlotte now the bills have a pretty decent following there in Carolina as well Joseph person joining us if you missed any of that conversation. We'll have an up and available for you on demand on the all new ESPN Rochester dot com.