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Veteran NFL reporter John McClain of the Houston Chronicle joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss the merits of Bills GM candidate Brian Gaine of the Houston Texans.


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Crunching hits backboard shattering dunks that flips and hand tricks on the sports leader AM 950 and 957 Afghan. ESPN Rochester. They're in the sports bar with danger but thankfully we only talked to the best and the brightest our industry the smartest minds out there we pass on that. That intelligence to use your Smart just for listening to the sport sport danger to take it that's why we welcome in. Are from the Houston Chronicle Sports Radio 610 Jon McLean out of Houston John how quarry. All right guys Dario. John thanks your time we really appreciate it and it's it's fun we we go through this exercise every 23 years it seems like to Western New York finding a GM finding I had coaching. Odd name that's cropped up Brian dean. Who works in the Texans front office. What. Details can you share about up prying gain as far as what he's done down there in Houston. O'Brien interviewed last week goes. Spoke on. He has been here for years it was was cowboys dolphins. I know bill why I built crime Bill Parcells. Was a big influence on his courier Bryant has. Is but I've been saying. God works. Very art that. Very hard work he travels a lot most scab on the road not as. Today. And people here in fact that I like better here now tournament Esther Manger Rick Smith and goes built Bryant. About pride. About my interview with details. In ballclub has priced. Not just or that it broke first. They had an address to create a playoff roster last year and wont raise it is. Bryant though of course they'll slow he's a good guy. Two. Has paid his dues and people here thank you make a terrific general Manger. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle joining us in the sport sport teacher and the tag Leo were or try to connect the dots. On Brian John you don't know meet German connection that we know of in this giant yeah lets you know one I guess the closest connection. How we can figure out as to what got Bryant besides his you know his resume what got him connected with the Google as maybe bill O'Brien was a connection. I think probably when I come cultures you know. They'll hire. Arms to help and so I'm guessing at that goes is. And Brian is there for. Well built and their skill. That he would be all right 'cause the very. Bottom might think act and it was at a personnel and Brian was promoted. Wind technically the chances tree yeah. If people feel ear piece ready as well I think probably or it's. Around the back of personnel people their targets are profiled there. Like the coach and general manager. And thank portable out you know Terry template Google. They have talked to another hour and I are interviewed in men so I'm I'm open. He has Oregon now as then buy it back. Recite it interviewed venture sovereign government since he has so much control would want somebody. He's familiar where. But I whole Brian Gay maker impression. Because he is record purse milk. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle and sports radio's extending Houston is our guest during the sports are 957. ESPN dimensional brine gain you know as file those diamonds in the Roth as far as street free agents. How have the Houston Texans in the last few years drafted John and and how much of a role did Brian have an act. It. She was pro personnel director of player personnel directory place. A major role overseas. Right under Rex as the general manager ranks as well coaches. Involving. As many as. Yet they count Wednesday's Denver. When Mike Shanahan like lecture coaches were involved at one thing they do here because his work carefully with those stats Bancshares gaps. Understand what they're a board position. Would hope Bryant came here it was a lot harder and it is now because it was in the establishment style. Which was effort on both sides of all reported and under your QB thanks so that a lot of changes by peddling record every year. The audit division last year while player. Game last year and Bryant. Has been instrumental in those outings success. At every level. John you've covered not just years of football but the NFL for most forty years so when you know as somebody who who probably looks from a distance at the woes of the Buffalo Bills could distilled down to just a lack of alignment between. The front office and the head coach in the consistency in the front office in the coaching staff meet. And then being conversely you've got in in Houston what from it as from an outsider we look at that we think what bill O'Brien doesn't appear to be getting along. All the time with his GM Eric Schmidt yet they find themselves in the playoffs with winning winning records. How much weight do you put. On that alignment between GM front office and head coach. Well first of all. If you look great owner saying there's something wrong. If you didn't want either one of them is right to speak their mind. The relationship going to coach and general Manger now seen as forever like manager I have problems you know arguments and shouting match. And I don't like government only one aspect bill water bombers spoke got to be able to work it out O'Brien at rates that they don't realize. But there are next each archaic practice that talk during the week in the end. Based sit next to each other in the draft bill O'Brien has control everybody plays. It doesn't play any breaks it brings somebody Ito thought nobody including owner. Can bank employment without our and it is our got to bring in somebody else so ranks meant that is clearly to. He has allows it personnel O'Brien has I'll play Abu plays. And they have to work closely together but couldn't they'd done a good job going back to 2000. Andy and the Texans drive to left tackle Duane Brown everybody. Like our strength as a starter. Except shot odds from the current one. And so they've done a tremendous job in the first round I've done a really good job like. An undrafted free agents Wear that struggle. It's trance as bad as sudden paragraph. But that was right after Gary Kubiak clip but I didn't say that he would think about. Crying Game because the thing that people organization. Helping them out. In that they use some details in the the owner has to make sure that the coach and general manager on the same page goes. If there is in fact that you get their opinion and make sure thing though. Which side of the road there's boast spatial. John McClain Houston Chronicle is our guest here in I know Gator GM credit you making that move of just dumping Brock DOS wild type that raised a lot of eyebrows but I answer it certainly a change in direction. And what is the you know what is the mood down they're used to right now John with that the draft that the Shawn Watson I would have to think that. This is his job to losing training camp correct. Absolutely not there's no way story first. Arms as the starter coaches. Reiterated that. He's waited three years he played little in the last year did well boss. Altered shot Watson got to learn the system. Pillow Bryant will not play in before is ready. And insists its system is quarterback a lot of break. At the line of scrimmage and that's why. Veterans in light eater but O'Brien is instant starter. In each of the last warriors I think early here. If something happens savage injury. Or or blight of Brandon wheat before he would go to shot lots. Interest in John McClain the Houston Chronicle joining us in the sports part danger. And the tag glee as we dive deeper into. Bills GM. Candidates Brian gain and John all the glowing reviews that that you've given Brian in that we hear. Of prying game room what exactly. Do you think could be the reason why he hasn't been named as GM yet he's interviewed a bunch places. I think bit wary interviewed dozens of or. Action to the organization and I think you know it. If they're boring it backs comic dharma guys that work with Carolina. For a second interview obviously armored. Is familiar with him and feels comfortable where that. And adds that the court. And and the relationships static global goes both fraud that will be on a different level. And the level dialogue with the answers so. Familiarity and so much coaches whether it's assistant coaches whether it's in the personnel are and the guy and brain by good and pronounce it. Who we were trying to figure that out too good a chance to go against. Yes the he's very highly thought you know I don't know you as well. Mention but I can't and god has done a great job of putting or help people like it Betty and Gerald they're sure. And they elect Richard games at jog Dorsey and odds matter note Gerald ranger has done. A better job that tops sold out spry as they want here is someone who is Barbara. John now before we let go we would be remiss if we ask is going to be an exciting time I would think down there with the Astros winning and and the Houston Rockets in the playoffs and how far do you think the rockets will get here. There Astros dropped to the best start franchise history and then Nate. The rockets or they've played four games are all blow up now one game and post their huge rivals at him as I go back. San Antonio. I think if there's those that or and they've world rally around it was. Only barker but it would be huge disappointment here. If the rockets after that third best record in the day. Golf at least get to Western Conference finals although could very likely on it well why. I probably should just can't rest. And let him go it it's nursery so it. And John McClain of the Houston chronic forecaster in the sports bar with danger in the tank late you can follow him on Twitter apps McLean underscore on underscore. And FL of course Houston Chronicle right you can read his work online as well John thank you for the insight. On a brain gain and look for talking you get real soon right. God is my pleasure thank you very much. John McClain. 38 years covering the NFL coming in here in the sports bar and that was a glowing recommendation for prying gain that was my take away from that and now I know that he comes from the Parcells three Eddie had a big role he's basically Smith the GM's right hand man down so maybe that was more than a token interviews perhaps. Mean could drying gain be on the move. On the move sponsored by Finger Lakes movers specializing in all of your hard to move items like furniture pool tables and more and no extra charge. Call them today at 315784. Move for you Aaron we welcome them to the sports park. Appreciate that Finger Lakes movers Crying Game itself. If you're believing what John McClain has to say and and we've heard this before that that he usual high were firm consultancy firm. Basically the headhunter you know who's out there who go we get who who we talked to. I guess a lot of the same names pop up to one of those familiar names might be Brian Gay. Bring him in its interviewed for a lot of openings. And the other thing I take from that is in the NFL like it is in a lot of places is not necessarily what you know. But cool you know. That's it. And is still why I I subscribe to that theory that Terri the goal it will pick up the phone every once in awhile. In talked of Houston Texans head coach that you have to keep that kind of quiet you're not so that's why I know it's it's you know it's an executive search we found him. Yeah I think if you up Payer guy what he paid him to stay at Penn State for an extra year you're gonna have a relationship whether you want whether it's appropriate or not. You can be able to talk back I want every one to. Idea of them ELI I think it passes the smell test if they are hiring a firm. And they're getting a list of candidates from that firm and it's a lot of the names we've heard for openings that were out there earlier this year whether it's. Diverts demeanor degree may it accounts could consist interviewing as well. They interviewed San Francisco you know he was and that was being thrown around before they hired John Lynch I mean you know these are familiar names for GM openings with in the NFL. Com but it does appear. Based on the idea that he's getting a second interview that the relations with rain and been. And Shawmut term could be enough to get been hectic. Or probably the second interview ways this is where McDermott confident right. You're you're you're almost you can't tear interviewing a McDermott but McDermott will have questions and you'll do role playing and you'll have pain out scenarios like that so. Yeah it in each I'm Sugar Bowl carrying Kim will be sitting in this just a look at the interactions between the tip. So to me it still is dean's job to lose here. You're handicapping this. That's one GM down. Potentially for the Buffalo Bills the what's the latest of the Buffalo Sabres who should get somebody that know some new that's. 7 o'clock Russia international man of mystery. So DOC united and gold back and forth on a time so he's. Danger he says give my shot so will give them a shot Seminole. Who is certainly he was down Pittsburgh actually last week soul he knows Jason doctoral buzz and wells anybody in this down. Can offer side some insight as to the potential new GM for the Buffalo Sabres are. Shuffle things up your little bit in the sports bar we normally would do I'll drink to that next you'll get you'll see we get Kavanagh with us here. Offer few good minutes before 4 o'clock and below play I'll drink to that. I just after 4 o'clock altered to that today brought you by Firestone complete auto care right now get sixty dollars off instantly per axle on standard left tiebreak service. Whenever you drive drive a Firestone altered to back him up just after four. Let's even get Kevin a club job with us next talk a little sabres hockey in the sports bar danger to tag me AM 950957. FM ESPN Rochester.