The Sports Bar-John Wildhack

Syracuse University Athletic Director John Wildhack joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss the upcoming SU football season, changes with the SU men's basketball coaching staff and renovations to the Carrier Dome.


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The defending AL champion Cleveland Indians take on the royals Saturday at 330. Baseball leagues on the M 950 and 957. Have been on these boards leader ESPN Rochester. I was like oh we toxin Syracuse sports can now borrow a danger of attack them. Who better to discuss it within Syracuse University athletic director John wildcats who joins us now in the sports bar hey John. Worry were great John we had Dino papers on a few weeks ago talking about spring practice in. He got danger I were ready run for a wall listening to him. We're excited about the season. And of them we have burst expectations this our enthusiasm when you look at debt scheduled Johnny is Rauf so. I guess would you be your advice for fans in regards to expectations. Are for the program this year. Well I guess first lucky to gather electoral law open. I open that you know the kind of soft wall I don't watch guys get hurt now. The took its neighbors didn't seem to have that same concern I think he is once everybody go off form I mean that was it he did to our guys are motivational as an understatement. He's great he's been awesome to work with yep eight schedule but in the scheduled rugged there's no question about it but. It is what it is in our philosophy is you know what we we've got critical played twelve games. And let's go play well about the those twelve games Hillary would get rewarded biplane at thirteen at herbal. Syracuse University athletic director John wild pack joining us here in the sports bar. With danger and the tag glee locally here in Rochester interest in Syracuse basketball is as strong as it's ever been. It's fair to say that if football. That was once at that level is sort of decline it's how much of it is in not winning how much of it has been other factors maybe the read. Or regional organization of the Buffalo Bills what would you attribute that to John. This requesting guys I think you know clearly. You'll performance matters is no question about that. The bill has done a terrific job in terms of reaching out their rights to market and I think candidly I think. Yeah I think years ago there other decisions made here is to emphasize more toward New York City. If you expense of Rochester and other community closest here Q. And that we're changing. Rapist is really important to us you've got a great alumni base there are got a great young alumni base. We really want to connect with that community and what they've harassed or go raster residents can it was a unique proposition is that it watched. Go watch a few football that Domata Friday night or Saturday in total bill came out Sunday and is that an advocate in that. No not in this area certainly John wild pack athletic director Syracuse University our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. So John will clear everything up because we read a lot of things we hear a lot of things about where the football team with a basketball team plays that being the carrier don't. On the renovation is this really happening what details can you share about this. If there are other renovation is still on the table is no question about that yeah we are. Our our process of doing due diligence look at various ways very renovation plan and it is incredibly complicated. It is we go through this will want to make sure that we we get it right with an ethicist that we want you. Really upgrade. And experience across the board. And when we're ready when we have been necessary you tell them you've got one plane and have plans that are preventable look. And we look forward to announcing that its. Take it out spent pick up a lot of my time. And other people's time but that it's a great project that on project to work where it is an unbelievable building in our goals to make it you know. You've been even better after rerun of the. I would have to imagine. Though that when you talk about it because the complications it's what okay well how how do you manage around a football schedule. And a basketball schedule is is that the number one factor here that you got to figure out. Well color clearly complicating factor guys in the you've got the fact both across programs play an adult is the only. Facility power by facility in the country where you have five or be utilized the content football. Both basketball programs both lacrosse programs. What has happened is home to a number not athletic event. Over the course your university. Violated by commencement convocation. We also have high school football basketball and the bills took it to its. Holding its incredibly billion. When we get ready to renovate wanted to continue to do we were gonna be determined. I would period the year are going to be become so called quiet period where we don't use that don't we can do the work. Inside is bill. Award I couldn't do it would act as sacrifices put all these are basketball he's been. Syracuse University AG John while pack joining us in the sports bar danger in the tightly UH one of the teams playing to dom right now. Always an elite program the Syracuse lacrosse program with got a Rochester kid there're Jamie Trimboli tangles right now. Give us your outlook for this team as we head to Memorial Day weekend. Well it's it's been a great these guys continued a terrific job or. Scored the game winner over Robert do which is huge went for a great come from behind wins we've had we've got a lot of one goal games. We play Colgate tomorrow minute that he NCA. In this scheme is you know they've they've persevered and it got better these that progressed. They've spent its only close game they've got a handle situations be looking when they're behind. So now we wanted to do with a base here when I get out a role and our goal is playing at Foxboro. Memorial Day weekend. John being a lifelong rocked hysteria myself. I would say lacrosse semi yeah Arnold crosses the one sport there's just boomed here like this 25 years ago wasn't at this level. And now here Rochester you have programs like Victor and for airport in pits for that being said. How do you view the sport lacrosse because you wanna read July's interest in basketball you wanna read July's interest in football obviously. Ease lacrosse gonna be on that same level. Well I think we'll cross clearly the participation. Across that you guys noted increased dramatically. Eroticism really important market force you produce great players. And Jamie is the latest example that we've also got you know heavily Paris struck. Tuesday freshman attack at a women's team has 38 gold. She said an unbelievable freshman yourself Rochester area has tremendous size school lacrosse. It's important. And I think if we go forward. I think are covered it across to the rest of market have to be something that we look to include. Maybe good step in the right directions getting lacrosse on the radio gaga it's there all of that suggestion yeah. Syracuse terrorists. That's one of the better ideas than ever today. I lot of could prevent to provide that for you look at Syracuse University athletic director John while that our guest in the sports bar danger of the tag Leo let's talk about the basketball program. With us dates coming out on the schedule yet Mike Hopkins apart how second impact. Coach may have Stefano that there is former cues point guard that does now in the mix correct. Allen rip it down or. McCallum spent here for a couple weeks I played here. Well let security spent an assistant at Dayton and that would out what it is going to interview prior to what they really impressed you about now. Is that the security he was it Dayton working urgent Miller they built a very very competitive program. A program that went to the NCAA just about every single year and actually not one year. Allen is really good at identifying a belt now. Is no disrespect to date debate but if it a lot of sports star five star. So I don't bounce at all brought of the Dayton and then developed the so I think he's gonna be great addition fitted very well. Which Jerry Mac America Adrian Autry I feel great about our staff. You guys that would you know started to release. Eked out some are non conference schedule. I later Bergen and Georgetown naturally. In the if we've got three kids that are coming in next year. Recruits that were excited about. I bet you more registered today as well Matt today. He's gotten well for the great shape he's under percent help these. Pascal who got hurt early in the year missed most of this season because. If he's cleared he helped piece though. You know we've we've got you know we've got a number of good players coming back in it I think it'll be in it'll take time to develop that. You know I'm. Come up. Optimistic in their sometimes you admitted that. It was her best work when the expectations are a little bit on the load side. John while packer guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN John it seems like you've been there a long time in fact happen I mean you just always start on the false so. I mean overall housing going what is the one or two things you might learn a long awaited didn't expect during a new position. Doubt spend it spend I've really really enjoyed. You know number one. Is that. The quality of the quality of respect Napoli is commend the that yes spent the time with back to mortgage debt that it don't matter really well. He's got a request EPA that it due out school occasion the best communication or in the country. You know he's emblematic of the tactic it that we have criticized the student athlete so. It really is really cool you be able to interact with them our fans have been fantastic great support from from the university. Every most of the time frankly is really bad in bed at war with quote papers. In building the program in building the program for success. I'm optimistic we could spring practice. Kitt had a great he's in strength and conditioning a program. Kid he needed to get bigger indicate he can get better shape it. We like it it that are common and also. If you guys that despite a daunting schedule. You know I'm optimistic that will be better and that is football sure. John you had appear have been a big role in developing sir re developing Syracuse football program meals at a big role. In developing a brand that everybody knows a brand that if he's on our radios she ESPN. Rough week a rough couple of days in Bristol what are your thoughts on nine everything that apple with a layoff so last week with the Caspian. Well I think any time. People go to bed you'll warm right and then you'll a lot of those people and edit yeah they have families and you're worried about February about their family and know that obviously difficult. It is part of corporate America. Is it kind of the rough that corporate America vote that you need he has yet. You know there are other lay out in the media industry earlier this year as well so again. Yes yeah. And it is I think one thing interesting. I think a lot of people that are written. Yeah but yes candidate freefall that at about the case whatsoever. Yes it is an incredibly. Well. Successful business. It'll stay that way. They've always reacted to the marketplace. Over. Consumer tastes better than any other sports media companies expect to do it again there was interest as reasons though will be earlier today and every does what you get into trouble well. Yeah I saw the notes were in in April their prime time viewership was up 8%. First date has been moved to the premiere yesterday yes it does look like 17%. Eighteen to report demos so. There's there's a lot you know there's a lot of work in ESPN. That said any time the other players are if you look at those people. And their ballot voter the. John eight ESPN such a big part of your lights and the correct you were there all right. At the beginning when you're going out there to energy whenever was 1980 at that image you're you're in couldn't envision what this would be com right. No I mean not yet. What we were just open most of the work there that in the early eighties we were young and out of school and we were open the place for war they open. Because if it didn't provide ethical get real. You know we'll get paid if the war in sports media would go if this were there about a. Sports media wasn't even a thing. Right I mean you rhetoric we got a reporter for the paper and may be a reporter on the TV news in the local station it was a I think he was. It was so groundbreaking innovative in in you got in the ground at the right time wind is the you know. Cable was just starting to boom all my god there's these channels offer programming that we there's a channel just sports and channel music. Amazing. That. Did he go to great right until unbelievable ride. Is it. If it's special audit the privilege to be part of something like that. The best setup I've really really happy committed. DURECT story about your beer season and I love being back in the us in your area. Well John if you could next time you make your way through the flower city if you use the doors opening or time wanna come to our humble abode here. While we would love to have you win and certainly we would love to have Dion guy at some point right before the football season against. Dunn guys and I'll have a couple state in my Calvert rapist. They're either late spring early summer and I would love would be delighted committed spent some time ago. We'd love to have you John while tax Syracuse University athletic director do with this time this afternoon joining us in the sports bar. With danger and tag we did John enjoy your weekend talk again real soon all right. They're you got John while hack love when he comes up with the yeah yeah and there are some stories there but there at the carrier and go home renovation. He's gonna happen. And you know quite gee how can you be impressed and more on on on the renovations he can't say anything but here's what's holding it up. It's how do you navigate. Like he said where's the football team gonna play wears the basketball team they're trying to figure out planned danger where they could perhaps do this. In a summer in bits and pieces so this is a major project it's gonna happen but. Eighties something that does she have a lot of people excited because the talk was you build a new facility you built the basketball arena. They're gonna stick with a building there but it's not gonna be the carried on the we've known and they. Cut in half and Randy have to bid for part of it and then switching do the other half. I don't know if there's any way to do that where you would you know. Like basically just. Slice and have to part of the season he would you know maybe cross season it would be ideal for lacrosse but you'd still play in the dome what you renovate and one half a bit after basketball season or you do the lower bowl in the upper bowl you need a bigger concourse the rule being the big stock that because I I know what I had like I have the daunting task in front of me of cleaning up like a launch. And I wanna clean up my garage this weekend Jeanne this is the weekend I had set aside clearly broadly you couldn't Goodyear's I think I can't clean this on my brain works and so are unclear I can't clean up my garage sixers too much stuff that it would normally is put up the driveway what it's gonna rain and snow all weekend I can't leave all that stuff up the driveway. Wallin cleaning up the garage in my next door neighbor Ritchie see. Gave me the idea what you're gonna end up having to do happier garage move everything over that happened with a rear back over than. Clean the other on your brought him like yeah that's probably the only way I can get it done which. Is not ideal role but at the end of the day the job will get done. A policy can do with the schedule you have don't. We do so he's in its offer. We have an all out then you're thinking that doomed lacrosse season I mean why should lacrosse program have to suffer. Where did you go flash. Would you move the football team down to buffalo for a year I mean it's a wacky idea. Blige. Yeah out there and in they're gonna when they announced this. It's all going to be once shot you know there's not going to be any questions still hanging out there but he's. Right in the middle of this so. Heads up on at some point this football season expect the big announcement with Pia. The Carrier Dome we once again thank you John while back got Affleck director for the Syracuse I just had to gain their pink lacrosse in. Now let's get on the radio. We appreciate that John. John while tech if you missed any of that conversation we'll have it available for you and on demand all new ESPN Rochester dot com. Coming back next since serving up the day's top and tell stories of bite sized form. Well it's in a little bit more some of these thirteen undrafted free agents the bills picked up today it's NFL appetizers on the way next stay in the sports bar danger of tag Leo on ESPN Rochester.