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Jon Ledyard of joins Danger and Battaglia to grade the Bills 2017 draft and look ahead to some intriguing quarterback prospects in the 2018 draft.


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Please use your home for the NBA finals cavs Celtics team won tonight at 7:31. AM 915 years now. 957. At them thus sports leader ESPN Rochester. Back in the sports bar danger of attack Leila we only talked to the best and brightest minds that are available to us make you smarter. Just for tuning in every afternoon from three to 61 of those my tap is to be. Junk like your draft expert from inside the pylon dot com was good at this time again this afternoon to join us John how are you today. They under great doubt but don't strap me. Jack John now we haven't talked you since the draft kind of wrapped up in you know you write the milled hills country here so we're just Dinah now. How are getting the Buffalo Bills did this year in the draft. I think it is important. But in that. But just stated and make them move there mark Lotto ball and and that bill that they need and if you turn it and being bought but. John we're losing you a little bit because your cellphone signal there are you. Every now OK there you know they're letter yeah we got you. Yeah I was just spent I think there's a big bird next they'll draft because that part is that exactly how that it is right now there's. You know there's a purse from paper back here in the field in the city in the what happened there has been ordered to determine. If what they created with a wide mover on I think because you know he's I think on the carpet you've been back in depth of the day. No more from out of work spare but we doubt that he bought. He did a corner and member Lattimore the hamstring issues that tray while it is but I doubt they'd all been been one of those more technically now. And play inside out give them a lot of what they need and so you get back into the first round but there and I think a little bit. But at the end of the day I think they thought you know one of the top corners in the draft. They were able sure per trumpet for lecture. Oh depend block all that you would that signature of old won't be able to say exactly what they did the problem got it good or not but on the purpose right now I think but I applaud the. I think people like say Jones but then you give up another pick. To dot gains in Dawkins it you know Cooley compete at the right tackle position for starting up pick what did you think of the Dawkins election. You got some good collection of given up on the wind got that out there and available I didn't think that it was afraid of deep groups so. You know given what they're put on the table without point I think the dog and make that I was a bit arranged for him he's the guy that bank. Might reach its peak it got hard inside you know powerful frame. More is it worked really hard and I put all there are murdered and that I've heard on ovals like that. You can count short note that right eye on that even though. I don't know whether rollout will be added that the tackle but I think you'd be inadequate or starting present there. Mom and at right tackle that or what their I'd go to technique. Ellis posture and sometimes it won't work up your gonna be pinpoint quickened up by just spent. He didn't get enough between being up ground that are picked. And you can expect it a little more flexible. I think in your gonna have a pretty holes starting right tackle the very least by any visible there had been able sickened by. It potentially be even better there are so. If they like if they don't like look at the right tackle this year a little but yet the development cost by the play there you got a bit stole adore. It fit in really well you can go on the court back election. John let your inside the pylon dot com joining us in the sports bar. Danger and the tag lea if we grade the bills draft as an incomplete. We do know that that extra first round draft pick next year could be. Instrumental in helping secure one of the many quarterbacks rumored to be. Available there that first draft John I mean is it too early to start talking 28 you know you probably already doing your homework. Yeah absolutely I'm on oh locked on NFL draft what debt is my thought that we ought the term perspective and I do. Yeah we we've been talking about it in Iraq prospect goalie. And today we talked about or Jackson. Yesterday we talked band old on Monday. We talked about Josh down so yeah we've got a number of guys there didn't you bill does pretty well prospect that reputation. Strong now it is but things so. There's a lot to look towards you I don't think that anybody that finished product yet obviously is over at least another year a lot of some of these goggle probably true warriors but in the book coming out so. It's going to be very interest to see who rises to the cream of the crop I think. Arnold the kind of walked among people refer to watch Allen right. A lot that Martin and Mark Jackson I don't throat UN and that is the right there. It would imagine Josh Rosen who was once thought about it that next Andrew Luck cited in the lobsters on all able. They Rudolph and the mother so. Yet there's a lot of talent in this year's upcoming. Lightly quarterback flat but again. That we remember last year Brad I and on optimum policy for the normal overall pick and more mobile quarterback. Ty and going in the background in that happened many many times over the years so yes its viability and get it by the about it then but. This day who won't be aware that is where it or are your art. You can follow him at led geared. NFL draft on Twitter John letter from inside the pylon joining us here. On ESPN Rochester I'd John and again the disclaimer I guess we should throw a lot of meaning you have all season of football a lot can change. I'm curious your thoughts and Arnold the meaning we hear a lot of great things about him Lori suggest. Hi here at this point because. I'm just curious to get your thoughts is this the best quarterback we've seen come out potentially scenes Andrew Luck. I don't think I would go to court that point but again I'm trying to keep Oakmont. Opel click. And that is. It was a spur your blog you know what you're really. As starter I think it was. Two or three when he finally took over though you know this has burst your article on the order going to be. Saw real excited he would he offers by. Pot the bottle I think is an ability to throw it took it is ability to bear eat velocity and touch. On the ball on all grew up in proper feel really well I became loose they decide the mentally. Yeah after the that is about where that accountability in the pot. I mean it's mechanic are going to be. Widely criticized by people who don't like them and probably in the public and you know people who like their enemy uses the way that he threw the ball I'm kind of in the middle ought to be about like law but I outlook and it uses it hasn't been. Our revenue like oracle news is that. It cost them in the it was obvious arm out with others that are really struggled. To adapting and felt the obvious but the ball wind up in their deliveries garbled but what he had the Campbell pretty well. The ball comes up pretty quickly but again every single second in the NFL in a matter on. That is a big deal so the longer rotate and he had on a I'm certain that more importantly knows where is delivered the ball the point where the ball actually about it in a lot longer than it should be. I'm and that causes defensive back field cover up route and probably no he didn't really look as well. They're really thumping victory and victory because it hit them long are we gonna have to pick is strong vote. That's sometimes the hard thing to do because when push comes to government data here that I bought you're gonna resort resort back to your back app though. How he developed there's going to be crucial that even at a speed of the delivery got to beat in the and it. It opens actors who got as well but overall Google want polite about it right now. I think that yet it comparative anybody elected to respond like that I think that a little bit much at this point. John like your inside the pile on dot com or gas in the sports bar endangerment tightly John earlier this week you got a tweet that caught my eye and it caught my eye because. You're talking about a player that we were talking about last week quite a bit when that the government last week last few weeks when the bills decided not to pick up. By the fifth year option on his rookie deal that Sammy Watkins that your tweet read lost in the disappointment over his injuries and a silly trade up by buffalo. Is the fact that Sammy Watkins is really really freaking good. If Watkins is healthy this year does he shown off for buffalo to keep im signing to a long term deal or. Do you think Sammy Watkins is going to end up on another NFL team and we've heard Baltimore fishing around for. Wide receivers and even mentioning Sammy Watkins is is somebody they might target on their official team website of of all places. Yeah I think the big thing within walking there's a lot of sleep at every spot put it all based on I know you know. Owners and I can think of that they didn't. I decide that other option is for the years because. Other than your history and they're just afraid of long term that what is going to be you know what once was not going to be a player on what so. I I can't really argue with that because I don't know out of that situation like they do those are from either criticize them but on server and then walking. Breaking off you know he's got that kind of get lost in the political pocket wasn't so good and I don't. They've been so good in the book and it was all the year quote a better quarterback more consistent quarterback play and you'll better soon so I think that. That kind of that narrative that the got a good kind of lead before that though of course just inclusion and that. And walking back and and or been disappointing and eighty's and I think buff when he got. Outwardly but in the market action than a completely closed that. Big play threat that taken over in the time even though he's played the injury often been the only offensive weapon in the Indian. And though and played with really even at Alec Taylor that. That not a top fifteen quarterback in the out you know I don't I think that somebody like a lot of what are due to the table by. No clearly and it appears situation to a lot of other big players you've so. Despite a lot of things working against him walk and has been terribly productive he's been able to be on the field. And I didn't observe a productive big plate. I would put in look at all the time so in terms of doing what he was supposed to do. When he was rapid he's an average tenure of UB problem until straight up or him and in a wide receiver for the ages. There are an awful lot in the process. Something that would really that you do very often a lot deeper they didn't per watt receiver and it did in draft with a good as they do they were. In got a player that's probably as good or minimal effort that and at that so that's why I think his situation to convoluted might. When in reality you just look at thing walking. He's been absolutely everything you know you'd be went out. John let your bringing it here in the sports are 957 ESPN you can read his work on the Steelers Cyprus delta dot com also inside the pilot line. Dot com. So so John you could understand more common app from these questions because Sammy Watkins we see that talent but yet it's that internal conflict is. That's part of football you brought up. Tyrod Taylor and we ask about the quarterbacks because you could see the bills haven't won I toward the future. And here's Tyrod taking less money and at the bills. Really the contract now the bills can get out of it is in that pay a big price armed with that all being said what do you you'd see on film. From Tyrod Taylor what does he need to do. In order to say hey you know everybody buffalo hey we don't need to go for quarterback we have our guy Tyrod Taylor what do you see that Tyrod means to improve on. All while it struggles with a guy like to let go or to go in Tripoli and that really made impressive progress toward one. Yeah we talk about project developmental quarterback. 99% of the time those guys about we never again when he recently it's been buried. Very hard to refine like that about Abbott all the different things you can call. When you need as much or argue that it and that in itself is really bit of practice struck at the word yet. I'm I don't know a lot more in the calm but if there is something else it. I think the ability to play from the pocket. Consistently you know that time he doesn't he does really well it is get an eleven east he'd. Because the forty Indian and really like are you and I delivered it in their own war. And then at other times in the breakdown in the egos in the pocket he's trying to get out by the pocket and make it happen when he should just step up and they played on the deal. It isn't it time you know and they are all part chrome actors start the ball park crumble. Umpire I mean you divide on the construct but you'll you'll love what it led to you the option that they did you I think he's the leader I think he guided me to kind of rallied around. I just don't know whether he'd been there. Those kind of fatal flaws it. If you get to that that would play well with instructor and if you look at the game would argue that. When the bill have really been that offensively. You played with instructor at our level I'm in and heat index also made a couple of plays here and there but he noted the outcome but I'm not sure I mean. That was the bet there that are being directed apply. And I've always been a lot but I didn't go back and we want it that the company that disclaimer about life I was so proud of them and act. And I don't feel a little bit yeah at the end. I'm but I just thought he did so many good things have been structure and active and then when he had to made the plays outside of the pocket that they desperately needed to. And that would each. Tyrod Taylor but I just doesn't happen consistently week to week he'd been buried his ability to make plays outside of the structure of the often. India would be able to do within the structure so. And certain consistency consistency that's the biggest thing with them especially the to play from a in the pocket and make accurately that there's downfield but. Certainly daddy you love the old Columbia by the Yemeni upside is you to be able to make plays outside of what the design of the offense. Strictly culture and did those android but until those guys in our that you got ability you can be more consistent about the snapped into game they're gonna have a lack of border. John let your Scots talent more than you do I'm curious as to whether or not John can lead your scouts scouts. More than I do you got John of of of some of these. For office moves the bills have made a mean of course being that the GM Joseph Shane assistant GM. We know little bit about brining gain the fact that he of the you know interviewed for the GM role and today. I'm Lee Boyd is the director pro personality of these names mean anything TO. A little bit you know I do all the got a little bit but he is there aren't so they're in the position like that. For me to really comment on how I think the U of I don't know them personally I don't know how much of the things that happened at the respective organizations. Have been because they have a product of other people that they work where. So it really hard for media this stage yeah auditor or you know would disapprove of it or anything like that. But heard good things about being from people that pass around about the you know ever know people who know him. I person bit instrument so. If that's obviously positive but even with coaching art you know it just really hard from Tuesday it ought to know that by the great because the minor there and I can be done on paper it usually does the players. I have no idea albeit leader I'll work with other people albeit a coach nothing like that they've never been in that position so. Apart from you know I don't want anything. You know I out of turn basically and I'm not important enough that it going to audit that hope that all those guys can provide. Ability for a while at the biggest thing if you look at that the organization. And especially around them and yet the stability and the great thing. And buffalo desperately need that they opened those changes in the government and into coaching staff and all that. Come together and give them stability and obviously along tracker about the play out there those guys. Need to be focused on getting better each and every year of any division that at. At some point in the next five years. Is going to be up for grabs it. I'm waiting for some. I'll wait for somebody tell me that I'm crazy for giving pause to brining gain. Although he comes highly recommended and you don't hear anybody saying anything bad about any of these new hires with the Buffalo Bills prying gain last off season. Was part of the staff the decided to be good idea of signed brought costs while it was terrible terrible. Free agent deal. Tell me I'm crazy for for going that deep in thinking that prying gain. Should give fans laws. Yeah I don't know how much of that was is that in the volatile. We or the other rumors that wasn't bill O'Brien is it wasn't really. Army adding that are well I think by someone who decided by and so. I don't know when that kind of backed out of you know there's not that I don't need it at least between problem would go to the like. So how much is going on within those in the I don't like that they've become our state so. Certainly if it is on him that it would it would worry me a little bit because let me. Even an average band was probably against for the part so that that would not be positive that would that is what. Again at harper you know it is there any doubt that look at I had no idea. Where you want and that decision whether he went along with them then. You know the better is standing in the front office and get that a well you know I don't and other whatever it might be an idea. How that worked their idea I has been on. Well it's funny how one bad decision can have a domino effect in the ring you bring in knots Weiler you've got to not only ship off the second round pick that album. But now you need to go address the quarterback position did you feel that there was previously and now Houston's given up a first round pick. So Cleveland the beneficiary Elvis we are browns fans in the air I'm just curious to get your thoughts on. What you think is happening in Cleveland is there a good plan for the browns here. I think so I mean it's a long term on their all gonna be there you're knew better than the point would like he'd be a playoff. Maybe next year you know maybe you're out there that they've got to have that vision. On the need to be patient stability back there at all about this at about oh well. You know inadequate in the ability more than we have. I just think that the EU Jack and the guy has set up from the beginning in demand it will turn around there. Can happen overnight and it was going to. That you anything look at that means our topic there years. Noble sport. I mean it just absolutely true. The wealth of resources you know multiple first round pick I believe and and not others. I'm making an impact now I'm really being held on the net Don knows all that point but these numbers and it snaps in your best for trumpet. Now and so oracle the last real beauty beat them. But you know don't care about her purse tropic piracy years though I do you look at a map perspective and just you unbelievable. Boston sort. Over the years so. The ability long term plan like that they did in the drop a lot this year but ultimately traced back he noted that all want them. Wore out on the on. You know it's going to be straight actress you know. Is that propelled guns in Detroit back to Cleveland a bit less so I think because they arrived in that there op. Editor at it is practically an individual enough to pick up again a quarterback in this situation there at port there. So you know they have a great draft and you know out there are graphic and I'm sure we'll be David duke who could be terrific. But I thought I'd cervical pumping war those other guys become nothing but he's only going to be up there but I doubt it though. The quarterback position over accompany her but I really like there I think our relationship with you Jack the going to be terrific program. After being with a guy like Ryan tally in other. Q Jack that the whole crop of pride in currently outlawed. But you can and acting up on the push guys aren't out of appeal in the world. In relation to perspectives which I think is huge for I took the that it yet all the ability in the world music there's been notably. He's one of the best John let your joining us is sports bar or danger to tightly John let everybody know where they can read your work and listen to your work is well. Inside the pile on alcohol and you're used that you mention now and act or Dhaka irate. About are the article that we of those guys there and I ND EN dot com do a lot of dropped work with a bat with a lot of the in. Draft right now at my top five. There was an actual players that he positioned just look at. They don't actually in the number 200 Iraq or is. There you look at a much odd duck walk on and a filter out. On audio blooming and I tend to term respect a month at five days that we money is right for the big drop in the morning. And breaking the poignantly on Tuesdays and Thursdays apart but I do it marks go to Everton by the probably talk. All things that well but again got decked out there on Twitter outlet you're not a elder. Love the hostile John ledger man. Do you sleep dude. Very little I got to pick Michael Goddard it though hole and I don't predict that wall which is she gets mobile do and it's all. Yeah authorities startled when I'm at but it were. That's awesome John let your take you so much for your time this afternoon let's talk again real soon are but it. I think you guys really appreciated the. John let your inside the pylon dot com among other website you can read his work follow him at ledger NFL draft on Twitter he is outstanding if you missed any of that conversation. We'll have it for you on demand. That are all new ESPN Rochester dot com. IA DR and I got to go back and listen to it to this there was so much in there but jumping out at me you re China hey. Let's tap the brakes on Sam Arnold here. Right gotten the after listening to that I heard enough to saying if you don't like it's going to be interesting because I in my mind ahead and penciled in number one overall. He'd still lot to be determined. Yeah there's a lot of football to be played if you see him dominating. In 2017. And then I think it's safe to say he could be your number one prospect it'll Mark Jackson was pretty dominant last year too on the Heisman Trophy. Is that a guy that you would consider as a top prospect is a lot of football needs to be played these players' health will be a concern. You know how the rest of their team doesn't you know it there's so much. Intrigue in in in trying to project. Who that person could be for this team in the future for the bills in the future and Arnold just stands out to me is. The guy that looks the most thorough ready but that's off of less than a season's worth of work as a freshman at USC. Yes so if you have. Four quarterbacks going high in the draft next year usually you have are looking at 23 this year was very borderline this Italy's but the next year seems to be much better. Yeah we're gonna talk a lot of draft here BK is. Unless Tyrod lights it up this year this'll be a conversation come next April. Our let's get to I'll drink to that we'll give you some sports comments to agree. Or disagree with its a game we play every day at this time I'll drink to that is on the way next stay in the sports bar danger and tag Leah. On AM 95957. FM ESPN Rochester.