The Sports Bar-Martin Biron

Former Amerks and Sabres goaltender Martin Biron joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss the firing of Sabres GM Tim Murray and head coach Dan Bylsma.


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We NBA playoffs and leave here rockets under Friday night 83 on a M 950 and 957. FM these sports leaders. ESPN Rochester and I'm happy. Or twenty when yours. Welcome back to sports bar with danger exactly have an AM 950 and 957 FMD sports leader ESPN Rochester nothing going on today gene so I don't even know why we decided on the part of Iran arms got hockey mean. But it's nice quiet day in Western New York march camber on our guest in the sports bar how Lori today Marty. I'm doing good let's talk about. It didn't work in last by our interest they. Could see that happening yeah I mean that that you know we can do at least 1520 minutes on the hour I said John. Alina now. Oh absolutely I mean what is up with right now yet. As it is vitamins you know more of thought about that or. Marty big news out of buffalo today oh what's your take on this. Well I got in particular picture is. I mean obviously I work. Heard who has a quick look at me aren't yet. The radio you view it as well I. Don't agree with that decision is it jumped the gun on this. Yes. A group cold and it ain't over years and then there are two years. Eight that gave them in the last quarter instead of being on the op Ed Reed grass and it. He didn't give you that yelling that they weren't adequately. That they. You have ever read that fire your coach or general manager at that you and go at it but I. Think it's girly. Borer an equity. What you're. Witness roster like that very straight it went straight to you and wit. One as a coach that. I mean I remember my purse here would that processor American. In 9798. We had Brett McCutcheon the coach and out the other two I hated her in the carts and I did not think it was a coach that is understandable what it needed. How artwork. Yeah we're here because I wasn't quite. And and it. We were called up to bolt will play out. The yellow with five other guys and we basically hear a lot with Bradley got sent for the week. And we got to dole out the optical. And then the next year. What don't it would like I didn't say we got that there won't need to talk about art talk about it. And so. You bet you'll port yeah about especially. In the kind of dim that summer it's kind of a carpet like at the I'd like to happen this year of occasions. Destructive locker room. I hope we get the guys that four or the economy and call it what the guys went out. And then that opened back up I think have been dot. And obviously it wasn't because it is. They dump it got a little bit on that. Marty do you think. If the coolers are guilty of any crime is the owners of the sabres and for that matter the bills is that they are very similar to Austin that they are fans. Almost first and foremost and does that does that impair their vision when they're trying to make some of these moves. Why isn't every corner of their franchise. Because. If you weren't in about sports franchise that pertinent as a team. You would be on it because there aren't there to make on the money these guys make a lot more money to a I'll go. You know you buy at team. Because you want into orbit for a long time get a green or wet carpet or a part of some. Special. What works speed and they're not all would but I. You have to but how like you how involved art aspect that. The process been. I don't know I've got in the global dot. Being a bit general matter off says. There's this old rating quite a debate that they are doing what we call I think that the littler pretty much. Well. Let cord on a glide because. It is a rebuilt it and they. Are. Grow up. Or what. On the web or not. I mean they're over it. Doubt garlic eat eat pretty at all let. Look around deadly old. Apple brilliant all of ordered what I was with the York Rangers was very involved a little boy meaning maybe more than excited but it but involved with that. With the New York Rangers orders are involved. Indiana Reid aide. We're debt. The players and the coaches is that as well supplied by that. And I don't think it's it's a negative I think it's it's sort of fashion or. For the people. MS DTS and former buffalo sabre goalie Marty you're on our guest here in sports are 957 ESPN. Marty this this news today. Eight income does it put Jack cycle and a tough spot because some people will connect the dots here at a you know bad okay Michael wanted to change and he he got his way. No I think it actually helped Jack out on it or not. And very weren't really. Go right at a critical saying. It will find me here for here is goats is still around and go like that goes you aren't. Because if that would indicate that would do temporary. Eight last week you could settle. I don't me yeah Michael like in. Your day while we need to go there wouldn't be much more than. It. I call it and that Rupert so there were war. I guess it was that call go that route and all of that all started when the team. We're losing you know we got. The odd but you can a couple of stop in Colorado errors on. I think we're a little weight he got close to a wild card spot. And I but it went because a competitor. He wants to. Obviously. Well. It has been in the what was going so well. That people wouldn't allow any. Way like yes. Every player that I played at what point right. As yet I hate that aren't that aren't quote. Actually. And I stated about every single vote at what point are. Does that mean all awkward and codes aren't that mean we are. And they edit the government get better order and be at that sort of that and edit the whole all of them. He can't get out from underneath. If Mardy were on a guest here in the sports bar with danger tag lay up if Jack cycle is. Gonna have a say as far as who the is he going to have a say Purcell of of who this. This new head coach could be I imagine that at some point you're bringing in can I candidates for the interview you gonna introduce them to your star player when Jim. I don't have any say into what happened because I. Who's right now it's your uncle and as many as our current. And what are you are. Go. Eric Eric Eric yet it would have agent and wanted to clear the air. We're. Bonds or anybody would go on court in I'm were. I error you know I I know. Now a couple of years I had to be ordered out. You know I hear this eight when I was waiting in. The parts are played. Oh. Frequently yeah. All I know that it's not that it is in any resistance to the end. We're not act like it have anything sailor who wore a coat. Edward and the Colbert comes in and what the or if they decide to higher ground work of art yacht race purse in particular direction your agent. That where you go one. It's goat will come in and interview with every player and jacket in a key player number. It'll fifteen that's what he's got to be not going to be that double on the lip. Their name of the Eaton technical standard. You know you're just outline. That's how we were. Marty I'm I'm curious. Wait when you're talking about what what happened today and how you rebuild that you're Terry good luck. You have to hire somebody who's going to be considered an upgrade from what you have last year. You're Terry ghoul a guy who has owned a hockey team for short amount of time who is. Counseling the coolers and working with the rule was. To make sure that they are interviewing and talking to the best candidates that are out there for this franchise long term. Well let it I don't but I don't know I don't console elk. I think that there are Smart people you need. Great Michael I eat. One is looking to. I feel America is the sabres. Even be covered with Nicole in their hearts oral that it is. Later. Former coach is. I mean that was the right vehicle apparently you don't know what the right now. Is it there or is Matt. We are the people that. Were conferred with the idea that this race and do you know yet that load meeting with the very end I would like eight as well we're. Although I think that airplane group. Analysts say a 100%. That's where I think that it would their legally what we are the other B boy yesterday. Are gone they're gonna find somebody right over the right. And it could be darn bad I agree with him what. Your words super advocate that you were four. You know don't know from the density that were relieved because equally. I would be surprised if you got quiet. One a because you blew Cold War at all. He called the door you interview people. And and let everybody know what our. I mean I suspect that you know. Lever deeper in to help them along districts will be kept quiet in and that will look. Like and what they're. Marty you're as wired as anybody in the hockey community. Ease buffalo. Desirable destination at this point. They are garbled escrow certain our current guy like are well in. Your. -- The vocal neighbors. It is the desire. Yes they were warriors it's gotten there other. Europe here well it appears we oaks. Because the players that come in the ball well. Would. You are not going to vote would be to leave. Being in a bit of displaced right. What is the problem is right now it may be an herbal. Weight. To eat or old Roger oiler coach. I coach that is looking. For a job in epic like dad about Morgan Stanley Cup went in or out. In the eighties here. That they hit it yet though you're. Despite here you know. That the talks now and I'll bet that going to be that's going to be our debate in the up and coming coaches. 08. That agreed out for sure yet gold or were it's better than the Arizona utilities and it. The collateral. And it better than any other team is better than others like. Well it it's not. Today by a Canadian that it that's. That there is no disrespect with this what short. The organization I went there I love. And it went number one on the lip lightly. Or. Vocal sick or spoke. The way I yeah. Perception around the league there's going to be yet Costello. Other coaching in general. The because of that history that it. With that the past year. Former average sabre goalie Marc Murano march ember on joining us here in the sports part danger. And the tag Leah we've established Marty that that the the goalless first and foremost their fans of the team they owned the team they are fans of the team. Are as fans. Are we. Are we setting to hive an expectation our standards too high when you consider the mountain that needs to be climbed in order for this team to get to where we think it should be. Are the expectations are never quite an I think that's Bentley. Willis. What do we want it just let the let out every year at. One that BP that the motivation behind. Picking the blue distinction. You know that we were gonna compete for playoff spot this year ultimately. What you wanna know we Adam. As sold it pisses me be the bar is not that high enough baby equipment that it was a what they wanted to go all the expectations. To me are ever bit the part of our I mean you've always been a failed. The expectation of silicon level that it that we are still well they are based. Lets you witnessed that copper every year you've got to yeah. Iger they'll. Line it's going to be a battery is. That the goal to make the play out. And yeah the first round you. No because he went to a conference finals then that's the lighter. Expeditions but never in. I understand what you're saying and and let me maybe. They've put another way if is unrealistic to have expectations. When the talent you have doesn't justify having those expectations. Is a fan of this team you can watch and see some glaring deficiencies. On what you see on the eyes I watched. The Stanley Cup Playoffs like you do like a lot of fans do and you kind of view it through the lens are I've been watching the sabres all year and the sabres don't look like any of these teams so we have these high expectations. But not necessarily the talent. To justify having those high expectations and on saying. Bart but yeah I don't that's why I disagree with the move. OK I expect he. Has been the daily cup winning coach right. Oh. We're working with right now is making the playoffs. Eight realistic I expect Asian is is big seventeen point out of the playoff. They had that feeling in your cart yet all we beat Italy I'd like to point to visit our yeah that would. Right there and what org is where we would've been. But seventeen point is way too much. If you look back mean. Great coaches not to the evil one. They would accord they should or would. Did really well as they occurred in the odds are that bargain with the way. Sometimes he looked look at a lot of our look at the circumstances. And they had stepped more realistic expectations but. I think debt forgo long road expectations should never behind it expectations are of get well secret scheme to win a cup. These four and in spite yours. At community is a global it but yeah you're. A player not the player or not. Yeah you're in Washington roll working so well that worked open. That the aisle would later. There actually. Believe a police having accurate. And you know battery pack and all those guys out like well we update. It about five. That's absolutely true they'll be. Bit odd that she can compete with a total equally right now is not the year. And it sure does matter in the decision to fire coach sort. Maybe not as much with the general manager maybe that response though it's almost solely on the shall there. And that is why. He was in trouble quarter. I guess they long and they want it our all. Our guest Marty Barack here in the sports bar Marty be before we let you go here I'm just so curious to get your take we're gonna hear a lot of candidates for GM and a lot of candidates for head coach. And certainly a name or all familiar with here and he's being rumored are ready a's a guy you played for Lindy Roth. What Lindy Ruff BS did with today's organization and in either capacity. I don't think it. That. You'll agree coached for and desperate organization. Was sleeper I think if you bring back erupt. You are bringing it sentimental value. In Iraq represent. And I don't think. That is the right approach now live it love with. Air like. Any other coach and a right it won't be because of course they occur or. But I still think that it would be our primary reason why Iraq could be years if you don't want to bring. Debt sentimental values that Wendy's that wonderful coach it. And they are a bad that's that occurred in Dallas that that opening but. I don't think it is. Next chapter should be double what it was. Marty are on good with this time this afternoon joining us from the road. And a breaking down the news today the firing of GM Tim Murray and Dan piles within the Buffalo Sabres are Marty. Knowing that the Google as are your employer you still disagree with him I know we're getting the truth in the honest opinion not a view like I can't thank you enough. For coming on the air with us and that giving issue brushing perspective. Anytime guys that you revenue. Love them. Love them with the Rochester Americans love them you know on MS gene Marty bronze Saber grade and debt design as these it's gonna guess where he says no Lindy Ruff. Great coach deserves another chance. Probably not the right fit here that would be the sentimental choice for the sabres in what I can agree with that we're gonna look forward not backward but. You're gonna hear this rough contingency may be rough is the GM. I'm still trying to ram manner and all this H. He you know what given the history of what's happened with this organization since the ghoulish took over. Forget about a big name forget about it a big flashy. He helped coach or G your your going to get. A first time you want to get Sean McDermott. You're going to get what the bills got with Sean McDermott and that is it. Necessarily a bad thing. We we're keeping a lot of praise on the bills' head coach. Who hasn't played a single hasn't coached a single game yet with this organization we'll see how it all plays out. But I I think if you if you look at the crystal ball for the Buffalo Sabres as far as who you can expect to see. He GM. Or head coach I'd be shocked if you had anybody with any kind of long term experience outside of an assistant GM role or an assistant head coach role. Well here's the Buffalo News and this is their list of candidates that they are coming up with. Hi dean for GM dean Lombardi former kings GM Rick Dudley I mean he coached the sabres are way way ago. Chris drew Laurie okay now that's interesting because he's been in with the Rangers as their director of player development Jason botched roll. Here require. Care require. Oh no all. Should know. Tom FitzGerald assistant GM of the double CA what you're saying that theme here is assistant assistant assistant you're gonna get an assistant coach who wants to be a first time head coach. An assistant GM who wants to be a first time GM coaching candidates. They list Roth. Phil Housley. Kevin Adams Kevin man might be the sneaky pics here because he's already in the global framework is green there. No they do not have him listed. They have Darryl so our largest markets he won a couple cops signature have to kind of. You listen if I would be excited about the the combination. The LA combination that was like up. I'd listen to that. Really because to me. The problems that. Files and I had it seems like Darryl Sutter had with the kings having Darryl Sutter. That the famous story being that he got locked out of his own dressing room by his players little mini mutiny. How would listen the Lombardi is sauter. The other name being ventured here. Dan Quinn you brought up Dan Quinn against Dan Quinn Boston university's Jack cycles coached college for one season also Ivan Rodriguez. As the Buffalo News puts that if the sabres hired Quinn that would certainly give the appearance that Jack cycles running the show here. He is running the show. He is running the show he should he's that he's the only thing the only glimmer of hope that this franchise has Gina and say this the Marty when we had a mom what. When down by ultimate beginning of the season said you know the goal is ninety points ninety points is what we want that's the goal we want ninety points. I mean you what I've had this conversation we had this conversation before the season it's hardly thought won't ninety points. With this roster. Has really tough out. Talent where's the talents. They don't have that talent Nat. Fortunately does not fall on Dan by asthma follows we got its constructing the team didn't do a very good job that lost his job today because of. They re doing it to narrow up barrel down thing with the sabres meaning. There was a time in January February the sabres are kind of flirting are at their five points out of the playoff here they are four points. And then everybody knows they go on the buy an anchor point only Savion wins from mid February time. That's the reason to waive his team limped down the stretch because that was your full roster debt debt debt is what you had signed up for and it just didn't work. If you miss her conversation with mark Hebert Rhonda just wrapped up we'll have a four he later this afternoon ought demand. At the all new ESP and Rochester dot com let me just slip this in here completely different topic but. Tiger Lloyds another back surgery today so he just announced this Chinese. Own website and according to him he just wants to you live a normal life here and then eventually get back to golf. The surgery went well on the optimistic that this will relieve my back spasms and pain. When healed I look forward to getting back to a normal life playing what my kids. Competing in professional golf in living without the pain I've been battling soul long that's Tiger Woods today out indefinitely. After another Baxter. We've got a list of compelling sports topics to discuss some statements read you'll agree or disagree with its a game we play called. I'll drink to that we'll do it next in the sports bar with danger in the tightly aging you know gonna be doing the show live three heads beer garden Wednesday. For a draft preview party you believe this. Taking identity and taking the afternoon. At three had just talking all things draft from first round pick predictions stepped. Preview and what's on tap. I over there are really had some soul we get to you talk about the draft and samples there drafts I'd like this a lot lose. This is Wednesday joined us from three until 63 heads beer garden Atlantic avenue have some free food we some great prizes. It's the best beer and how own three heads beer garden on Atlantic avenue. Danger to tag leave the sports party SP and Rochester we will be there live and looking forward to seeing you Wednesday from three to six at three heads to your garden with ESPN Rochester.