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ESPN Rochester alum Matthew Coller of 1500 ESPN in Minneapolis joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss the NHL's concussion policy and what it could mean for the Sabres should they hire Jason Botterill of the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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Epic victories heartbreaking defeat us no matter your team no matter your game. Week talks sports on PM 95957. FM does sports leader ESP yet Rochester. Here the sports bar we only talk. And brightest minds in our industry can. Make you smarter just from listening every afternoon. Three tell. And when it's time to talk hockey that's really one name we think covering up tough market. I like the home. Proud of ESPN Rochester along Matthew Collor who went the buffalo after Rochester. And now out with ESPN Minnesota covering the wild and vikings but does certainly covering the NHL is well as anybody Matthew thank you so much. On appreciate your time it could you explain. This policy if there is actually one. With the NHL and when it comes to concussions because looking at Sidney Crosby last night you just tell something was. Yeah I was blown away your last night that he wasn't immediately taken off yardage after he went flying into the border villages. Made no sense at all and I. Down. Aboard an explanation today that also didn't make any sense either that. They were claiming that they weren't allowed to take them off yards with that type of collision is. I mean that the NHL is so often awarded. On this issue that needs to making the NFL looks Smart that's how bad. The NHL is handled it with Sydney Crosby. I was watching that game last just feeling sick. Like it if this is another hit they cause a caution for Sidney Crosby and we're talking about them it. 48 years old struggling waited. You know post induction issues I mean. I'm gonna go back in this game and say you failed this guy NHL and you tell them over and over there it's the first time that he's done a Russian kept playing. And then we found out later. Is it gonna take some kind of massive class action suit like the NFL had to struggle with to to get a policy that's more concrete I mean I read the same thing you do that did that. You know hits. To the head from from the ice. Is some is subject to. Concussion protocol but to the boards isn't all that makes sense IRA you know I hit to the head with a hammer lazy you know we have I visited app if you hit yourself in the head with a slight chance burn. Well now you're OK with it's just ridiculous. If rowdy Roddy Piper comes not understand that it some of the chairs on. Russian can't. Take a mop. It makes nonsense but I do know that there is number. Acts NHL players already. Who are working on a lawsuit that I think is going to be a major bombshell and potentially wake up call but. If you read the things that Gary Bettman is staying in the media found a lot like what Roger Goodell was trying to stay for years until finally. They got ten downing had to pay out millions and even. But the NFL I think that they got off pretty the amount of money they're paying. Vs what they probably should pay isn't really that much I think the NHL is just trying to hold out. As long as possible and I I don't think that there ever gonna take this issue truly seriously. Until Gary Bettman is no longer the commissioner what should've happened a long time ago but he just signed a contract that. Z and I hate that I love the NHL. It drives be crazy they just do everything that we love hockey yes love the NHL console side. Off. That said Matthew are my eyes deceiving near his Washington just completely out played Pittsburgh this series. Oh yeah after the whole series I mean they've had the puck the majority. Better about it scoring chances all the numbers have gone their way. Except for the sport and a lot of games but now. It's been pushed to a game seven he has finally been sort of evened out and mark Robert Horry remembered that they'll Marc-Andre ware. I mean last night there's no in the game. And you know would opportunity to have their superstars. Come back late and he just gives up goals that you cannot give up in those situations especially. The 12 John Carlson had to make it or not Edwards. And astoundingly bad goal but then you remember that Marc-Andre ware has that history has. And that is why they wanted Matt Murray in goal last year in the playoffs and why I'm sure that they would prefer mammary at the end goal. Now but I think you're finally seeing here is the effects of not having Chris what tank. And also how freaking good Chris McCain clearly is an I know it's Sidney Crosby you know getting all seem well we're paying. Is to me all the same level player and it never quite got that level of recognition because of the other two start on the scene. And now that you see. They're playing a very similar watch in Washington team as a last year they dominated the puck last year and this time around Washington chatted the whole series. So it. It's kind of finally catching up with them they have Bryant doable in their talk depend. Rochester native Matthew collar on ESPN Minnesota now joining us here in the sports bar. On 957 ES canceled has been the debate that danger I've been having danger or not I hear I hear you guys argument at the capitals are playing well. You guys know history right this is where the capitals can turning in the capitals tomorrow night. That being said Matthew whoever means. Tomorrow night's game would you say that team. Will stand the best chance to go on and win the Stanley Cup. I can get I would say that for Washington but I am not sure that I would say that are experts because they I think. That is going to end up being Nashville in the Stanley Cup final would be my guest the way they're playing and I think. I don't think that expert can last much longer they might get away with this eerie I'm not sure they can match. All the way to the end without her but I do think that they could. Run over Ottawa or the New York Rangers if you watch any part of that series is seeing how bad apple for those views are. And how messed up the NHL playoff system is that one of those teams will get to be in the Eastern Conference final and one out to Sterger Washington won't. Ottawa in the is the worst team in the playoffs last and the 81 of the worst he even made the playoffs and here they are leaving the Rangers. It is that he has also were flawed and Hendrick won't quit. Hasn't played the way we usually expect Havoc one list to play so I didn't think Washington was the strongest regular season team this year. Which would lead me to say yeah they can definitely when our. Pittsburgh without woods and as they continue to have the play Marc-Andre weary I don't think that the ball. Mack collar from 15100 ESPN Minneapolis joining us in the sports bar with danger tag leave topics and NHL post season action. And you're Buffalo Sabres then you've got to be rooting for Washington to win that game seven right that opens up all the windows and doors and Ayers everything about it or at keybank that you can bring in the guy you've. Yeah I assume there is your GM candidate TE Jason block Roland if you bringing Jason bottled well why not just. Luke from the Pittsburgh covered some more and grabbed Rick talk it is your new head coach right. Yeah I guess that sounds like the planned as an he's a bottle thing sounds like it's blocked and I don't know much about the pocket the net OJ I saw that it was. Reported that that the possibility and I never know how to predict whether someone is going to be a good head coach or not because I think everybody. Would have looked at John to order relatives here coming to Columbus and call Columbus buddy technically took over the year orbit you know Columbus toward guerrillas are going to be a match is. He's washed up and then they had agreed regulars these and ran into Sidney Crosby who lost first round but. He changed his bio are eagerly. He was known bird just being shot blocking guy and then you got to Columbus team that was playing up tempo and utilizing their will be dispensed man. And just playing completely different game than they ever had or over our that would not really it's that or head coach when he got a chance in in the pray. And has an add other opportunity than black. If you look at the weight Pittsburgh changed their play when Mike Sullivan took over. You really need that for the sabres need to find a way to maximize Jack Michael's Steele and bringing in some dispensed and they can move the pocket and gave it I mean. Outside of Rasmus. As crystal line and they really struggled in that area. It was almost like we're the ones that do everything. Or they were gonna lose. So I think that one of the things bilateral would do right away is try to model bird and after. Birds that has. A true number one defense in the tank but all the other guys can skate and move the clock to get it up quite play up tempo that's of the neighbors are really missing. Matthew collar our guests to before going to Minnesota obviously is covering the sabres on buffalo so now when you look from the outside and you saw it come across a wire we haven't had gone since. Mean what was your reaction when Terry Google decided hey. Eyebrows and you're gone but then it's from Murray was a surprise at least by many here that he was not given year three. Where did he Marie not come up short here in buffalo. I think a few areas. We can start with the defense which I think it was very orderly put together ended up on the roster. It because outside of the top six players are cycles of vendor came I'll post those. They were running out and guys that didn't even belong in the NHL and I don't think that that's why people expected I don't think that's what the ownership expected. By this point in the rebuild that have to be playing Derek who ran on opening night repair brain as a career HL guy who has opened it. One or climb in the NHL and here is you've got Victorian England you'll point whipped them like. This is not how you fill out an NHL Oscar now where every he has sport that line. And on defense we trade a player like mark Patrick was pretty good at moving the art not a superstar Miami's but as solid player. Where a guy who's kind of a lot and I bought in. Dmitry cool acog. And it seemed like you know getting players like the Bojan cool cop. That may have been more successful in the past using their big bodies and physical play just doesn't really say today's game. Give a part of it was the economics of the dangers it didn't seem to work pretty wanted to be so aggressive and make so many trades and Eagles. That he made mistakes along the way in one of them trading up first round expert goaltender it just makes no sense in today's game. Where you can find somebody backup goalie to come in and beat your franchise goalie or you can find a guy in your system they have good goaltenders and their system. That they could've waited for and instead he spent a major asset Ottawa I think he made a few of those trades along the way that were there were big mistake and the bottom line. To Ron Allen had been that are in the playoffs or not and you guys were all rebuilding the same time. That point directly to the general manager and would file not wired GM. We kind of got a technical with. Well let's let's talk for a second little bit more about about that goaltending situation in buffalo mean Robin Lehner. You know had some alignment with the GM that did pay too much for him are his days in buffalo number. I don't know because we played pretty well last year I think it's probably. One of the last things on Jason mater of west is to worry about who's in goal right now. Because they do have other prospect that. They could eventually move up as they want to or latter is probably be fine I mean you look at the way he played about what had injuries that would concern you. But you would say there is good enough for us to win and at work finishing this rebuild here and burn to be competitive. That's kind of a last piece of the puzzle as opposed to the one that you're looking at first so it would mean I would probably stay. Letters just fine at this point but. We were kind of address that. Down the road you know and I mean like Edmonton has gone there rebuilt so long time and then. When they got comic David they finally traded sport can't tell it to put that final goal we MP placed in key piece in place start. And I think that's kind of the latest paper should address until it was just speed was just keep wonders see how good he is a long term and then it as a problem will be a live later. Best 88 the next GM of the sabres also has a challenger there's some contracts are not so nice the negotiating. And ace. Also looking at them all seen it. How difficult in today's NHL is it seeks to move these contracts are you just have to eat mourner to war. Yet it while what you just said there's another. Just circling back you reader and a hammer he probably doesn't have a job anymore that some of those contracts are just not good. Buying a map all cities over thirty years old and new. Letterman for five million dollars for five years that a long time or a guy who was parties shelling has declined right. I think it in a way any contract can be moved we are that since Pavel Datsyuk got traded. And played in Russia but he got traded but of course the target to give up a draft pick in order to do it. I think what you try to do it you're Jason bottle right now is you try to workarounds some of those deals. With Tyler and it I don't know what you're supposed you I mean it looks like sixty question is basically. Ruined his career and he just can't play at the same level anymore and I don't know. Who out there would want to take them is another thing about simmering battle we just the deals you make it deals you don't make. And I know that some people were pushing for them to trade. Tyler and it along the way knowing that he might not come back to a 100%. And Tim Murray was. Kind of factory Jimenez a twenty goal scorer this year so you'd you don't take that opportunity they had some operas are Bogosian. The potentially move him as well last year didn't want it back. I think that you can move those contracts potentially but you're never going to get. We can even deal for that you're never gonna trade Pilar and get a good prospect it's more like you'll have to give the other team something just to have back by popular rock. ESPN Rochester lawman now 15100 ESP to Minneapolis Matthew caller joining us in the sport sport talks and NHL some. Buffalo Sabres hockey Matthew let's look for let's look for to the draft. The bills are the sabres rather sliding from six to gates. Any prospects out there that Mickey ears perk up a little bit in pretty exciting out there you would imagine that the problem and try and bolster up the defense ranked. Yeah I would think so but you know music. We never draft or need it like no matter who you are you should never directory issued just always strap the best player. On the board so I haven't done mine and NATO to wrap that he but if you're talking about any of the top players. Who all you war forward or whatever else I mean if you look at these mock drafts you'll regret it defenseman because that is their needs but. Any even if you draft the defenseman eight overall. You're talking about a couple of years where that player can even debut in the NHL and you don't know where you're going to be out by then. So if you have. Great forward that you pick instead. That they end up being a sudden there's a guy coming out Cody collapsed it was pretty interesting to me who's supposed to be in the top five that's a big. What to better you know play in the WH OU like you've got these big. Senator guy who you'd say well I know you have centers like you're not sure really. How much more on the ceiling in my heart has. Know that he letter's going to be a Winger and it's never a bad idea. To grab. Super talented especially a big guy to. That they can use sort of sort of standard so. That that time I guess I don't have a specific hot cake of what player should be drafted eighth overall I'm not gonna play out. But I would say just because you need defenseman now doesn't have to at all about. Matthew collar we touched on the penguins caps series we tackle bit on but Ottawa. What about the other game tomorrow night the late one not yet been seeing an Anaheim is this Edmonton team ready to come of age with a game seven went. I have no idea that series has been so great the year I mean. Every time you'd say okay all right Edmonton they take this one then I've got back from. Down three OO or you'd say boy got in Anaheim won in double overtime they've got a they are feeling so competent partner comment implode door and and then they get demolished. All predicting this series is just so hard I mean I. Although he and the leaned toward who has the best player. And the best player maybe the best player on the resistance tires series has been Leon quite subtle but Edmonton as the best player on the David. Anaheim has more experienced guys but guys who have. Never come up big in these types of games. This is like an impossible one to predict but I would pick anybody got a little. I'm slight edge there might be a hybrid just being at home. There's game seven on the road for the younger Edmonton he might be pretty tough but there's been my favorite series because it's just been so. Kind of wild and unpredictable that haven't been getting up to it in the series early I'm coming back it's. There's been it's been up on Ryan Wednesday martians just be awesome right to game seven he can get better. Matt you actually had Charles Barkley during his telecast on TNT say that he would rather watch. The NHL plants disease NBA playoffs have been on watchable assure worst plan ever meet. You know I see it all the time and I know you and hire an agreement here that did NHL post season. The best post season all professional sports. Yeah I get frustrated like anybody else by referees swallowing the whistles and not calling the game the way it's usually call during the regular season. When it comes to the playoffs though I still got sort of my complaint but then once we get to playoff time. The drama this is the one thing that Gary Bettman. Could argue he's done well is that others. Because of the salary cap we have a lot of parity in the league C got these games seven got these type here in tight games. And where is that these two Pittsburgh Washington hadn't been an odd. He's just can't get battered and compare that to the NBA now the finals last year in the NBA and any NBA fan would tell you a lot. I know that the perspective current round weren't that great but well it. The third round was that last year that he finals are going to be awesome dog man on LeBron vs curry just the first couple around there why should I even want. Yeah in the NHL that you're gonna end up with Ottawa and Anaheim zone gets ready and then. Ottawa Ottawa Nashville not the NHL the bird and vindictive Matthew you know this is what black concert in the final I want at the bird with two teams from markets of people don't care. Ought to look Nashville let's make it happen. Well I I I don't care about the NHL ratings I do want Gary Bettman. But look bad at all costs but I do I can't have Ottawa in the in the cup final it would just be so they're just not at that speed and I bet but one thing that you ripped where it does so much parity is that. Sometimes somebody who's not back could get hot goalie and goes deeper than make sure something like that in. And if I don't what course but those final and I want I would have been very wrong because I think began and so are never rounded look like they've got a -- the beat the RAZR and I. Matthew Holler ESPN. Rochester alarm. Matthew always appreciate your time and I enjoy the playoff hockey tonight and tomorrow. Are you guys here they are. You got to Matthew caller joining us from Minneapolis 15100 ESPN Minneapolis. Good to have him on what doesn't we'll get that entire conversation in case you missed dinner. Jumped in the middle of that will get up to you online and on demand. The only ESPN Rochester doc. There's a guy who covers the Minnesota Wild and ask about the NHL concussion policy. Long. Exit make it up as we go along this is like 1985. NFL OK what you're seeing in the NHL because anybody watching that game last night. Would know all that Sidney Crosby wasn't. Right. Okay but you're gonna keep the star player in the game and now I know you have to protect the player from yourself you have to protect yourself from lawsuits down the road in the NATO doesn't. Seem to realize any it will. Play that more when we do altering to that next in the sports bar will give you some sports comments to agree or disagree with we do it every day this time. Altered to that on the way next day in the sports bar danger Mattel Anglia on AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester.