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Matthew Fairburn of The Syracuse Post-Standard joins Danger and Battaglia to share thoughts on Tyrod Taylor, LeSean McCoy's usage and a preview of Jets/Bills on Sunday. 


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The bills regular season kicks off against the jets coverage starts Sunday morning at 9:9 PM nine pitch. Fifty M 957 advantage thus sports leader ESPN Rochester. In the sports bar we only talk the best and brightest minds out there make you smarter just from listening to ESPN Rochester guys. With their here in the round comes of the Buffalo Bills the bills in such Cooper. But it exclusively by Perry's ice cream life visible carries we are proud to welcome in our our body. On terror of Friday from the Syracuse post standard Matthew fair and what's up man. Burger I. No more talk about tanking it's plow through one of these teams can you feel the excitement that you fair. Our man. You know who would've very you know that game between the jets and bills. Somebody who would be in first place at the end learning you know funny how the ball bounces that and well. Eight ask about that today show there were panel and particularly I think in about. I think laughter is the appropriate response is the idea is that gains for first bullet Nancy but. You know I'm sure bill that would conflict up on Monday morning. You know a little but it's one of those sitting atop the standings and they're. Of course and we will take whatever we can get at this point but every pick about the about the reverse a fact that it big jets. Our first place is a team that's supposed to be taking a you know how are we appeal on Monday if the if what we expect to happen. Doesn't happen on Sunday. Yes there will be in strangers and then you'll have the patriots partner though on the get. Atop the division outline though would be. You know. An upside down world from what everybody expected. You know. I think over time regardless of who went on Sunday I think you're gonna store them so you know then progressed to. Where they belong I don't know that. The capsule bill will hold up the patriots regardless of. Problem I don't know that's pretty balls pretty bold Matthew I don't know your critics and journalists hairless Matthew fair burner I gestured in the sports are 957 ESPN and the bills put out their injury report. Wasn't on the year for attack according gland so are we to believe he's ready to go all I mean what he. What's your sense from watching what little practice you could watch this week Matthew. What are you hearing about other bills left tackle is this the scenario worries has got to manage his pain. Yet I think you know they'd they expect them to play it and you know that might have to do. Manages raps like he said depending on how much pain yeah and and and how. You know how much that that put its earning him throughout the game but. The fact that he's not on the injury report is definitely a positive sign and most martial artists and and I'm boy who you know of the of the scare practiced so. You know everybody get to go to bill that are pretty healthy genes that you know. Most people would've. That okay with them you know come and into the Eden you know only down a reserve linebacker. Adept he sent to tackle so. And the fact that there are only meant the most to guises does that all the others and these are both. Obviously he says things can change your current state. Keep your fingers crossed they get that the old vanished stay healthy here. Matthew fare in the Syracuse post standard guest in the sports bar with danger and the tag glee in advance of Sunday's. Home opener for the Buffalo Bills against New York Jets you can hear the coverage here all season long and ES in Rochus with pre game on Sunday. Starting early at nine days and Matthew I'm I'm curious as to your thoughts on Tyrod Taylor I kinda think this is the most important start of his NFL career. He's got somebody behind him now in need to Peter may and that that you know. Poses a threat to his long turner his longevity here in buffalo and if he does anything but all race the jets. Are we gonna think anything but Tyrod Taylor needs to take a seat. I think he has no longer at least an act here. I think you know. It is listing starting quarterback and I don't think. The coaching staff wants to go to nick computer been. As much as native and they want the verdict Bittermann. And I don't think they're they're sitting there ready to all the trigger. And gives Tyrod. If they don't go well but. It's definitely important you know referred for Tyrod Taylor played well here because. Yeah he didn't have the best preceded and there are a lot of questions about how he that this. In the coaching staff has set the stage. That sort of forced him to do into the uncomfortable. During the pre season and so that. You know the excuse I guess for why he didn't look very good and so. Nowadays you know David always told me yesterday that the quarterbacks coach Owens that. They're excited to unleash it on the let him do his own thing and and you know play a bit more free which. OK you know earlier get up against the jets and they're very real and do it and I think. I think you will be able to organize I just find it hard to imagine and the struggle and any game like best buy. He didn't look great appreciated so you know while he's he's not like a I think. In their teens they announced that all week I think that game. Held a lot about the bills inadvertently in of people think it's a meaningless. In a game because you know the jets and how to get measured up against the jets but. If the bill picked cotton in close gain and can't put the jets away. Or who went by a touchdown. And Tyrod Taylor now a bit I think you start to learn what type of team you are and how you stacked up what you. You know at the plate game at home against the jets YouTube and acting like he scored. Exactly me that I guess that's why I ask the question about Tyrod Taylor many feel like. If you're a fan of the NFL you were hoping for a developmental league I mean this is the closest thing to a developmental league game that you're gonna see. In the NFL and if Tyrod Taylor is a starting quarterback starting caliber quarterback in this league. Against the defense like the jets I guess what does that stat line looked like what's a good stat went for tyra look like last time we saw him. Against Miami it was a healthy stat line but I don't know this 1713 bills win. At home is going to be enough for a gonna provide the satisfaction from for a her rabid fan base. Yeah I mean I don't think you get you know hold. In week two at state went into 1713. Struggled acting on their winning you don't. In the area and eight you're probably look at that you know at least aptly through this season before they would seriously consider moving on but I think. You know it's in order to satisfy people I would think you know 200 catching art at a minimum. You know apparent touchdown whether it over the armored light doesn't really matter. You know. I would think somewhere in the in the cute at 300 totally yard range and a couple of touchdowns. And hopefully play mistake free football league it's going to be really interest and more so maybe than outlined just how they use them and how that. And this scheme outcome promote the reluctantly passed the at least in and gain or where you get slaughtered cubic throws. Annika excuse is that on a bit but. In what comparable in the pretty news and you know they say that was by design. I'd definitely. You don't want to look uncomfortable in the regular season because that's never by the so. I wanna see how it in the top of the Albert Dennis a even around and because. That would almost value more than anything you know and it is Rick Dennison. It is necessarily scheming on designed runs for Tyrod Taylor or roll out deep. Thank you start to wonder. Are they even trying to build that up and there are and that's. One I think we'll know more. You know about as long term status as these are well. Matthew reverence Syracuse post standard film on Twitter at Matthew fair burner guest here in the sports bar. The other big guy an offense obviously is LeSean McCoy so we had a couple things here with a show on. One your thoughts on and on Sean McDermott telling other Mir earlier this week that he wants our CD to play on every offensive snap and that's what it takes to win. I emea obviously I mean but the good deal with the bills and last night. Quit in according this ad and she after report more money on the books here to order a half million in incentives. Why would they do that at this point in the season why would you wanna put more money was this. Where's is coming from was establish on the point complaining was this is AJ what do we know about this Mets. I think it was you know that's usually. An agent move. I think Kent for roads and houses one of the better agent that it one of the stuff like that and I think there you know just give a normal little extra you know in in do. Wanna take that workload. And I think she realizes more and more and Ager. How big a piece of it up and he's going to be in it you're gonna stand up Thursday alone the planes that well. He better have. Reason don't want a at the all want bodies because obviously. Not doing it you know without seeing a Super Bowl on mine I think and probably isn't. In his you know in the back but it had. I think we all know the bill now in the super also really were on board are just going out there. Putting mileage honest tires or what you know finally get paid a lot and it's his job to do it but. I think you know it doesn't hurt thorough and incentives now let's remember that. The way instead of work that it doesn't get their production markers and because I get the money so. I think to be a problem as he goes to them because that mean he's. He's playing really loud and maybe the bill. Our our you know. In contention if he can put together some sort of crazy season but the time and it definitely and. I like the idea of a guy betting on himself some OK with the incentives but when I heard McDermott's comments about using him every offensive play at thought to myself immediately. While he's gonna break LeSean McCoy I mean at some point he's gonna have any injury that's gonna dish cut is seizing short and and you know we just got done with art or Tony seventeen NFL bowl predictions Matthew and and one of my predictions is this is last season LeSean McCoy and buffalo. Enjoy while we have them because when you camp play the full season and you get paid what he gets paid. At some point you're gonna go cheaper younger I mean nobody knew Korean hunt a year ago at this time and look what he did last night. Yeah that the running back position in general is life. You know earlier. It up quite a few weeks ago earlier in the pre season when they were trading guys away. You know either I wrote that I would trade on oil per you know first or maybe that second round pick because. Running backs are somewhat flexible even the best running back he could probably in the third round. You know out here that Vienna as the raptor on current active in view 80% of what a thirty year old com or. And you know. I wonder. How serious trauma service is about giving McCoy at bat bigger workload does it feel like he's always trying to. Day not saying. And sometimes when he does. He accidentally. Sent something that. I don't know that he totally you know I act than that question you know what can expect some good work into whatever it takes up that well and others. Whatever it takes away it. Which he's trying to get the dole whatever it takes answered let's web that are. Apply in every step that he is so. Ultimately you'll workshop oil at some days yeah he's not at all. You know Sean Taylor. Overwork him but I. It goes down more than it did at the beginning of training camp. Like victory is willing to get and the content area and you're right that's not necessarily. The best ever record a long term outlook you don't want to give a 29 year old running back more than he can handle. So you can go 79 instead of final. That same time Earl. It at the same time when your pain guy what you're paying the Shawn McCoy. I think you wanna get the most bang for your buck yeah but the play and run until the wheels come off. Yes and by united ignorant and actors. There's like. Part of it is that wants to get the most out of that he is probably their only chance and I think that I have to get hurt. Just forget about it out so. Artwork on Smart of them I think the other thing too is you can. Getting him involved. Without necessarily giving them what it under thirty Kerry and give them eighteen carries in the standard target out of the back field. And that might be a better way to keep them involved and and get your money's worth what you mentioned because. You're gonna make a running back that you know highly paid in. That would take up that much of your salary cap and your right you should give them all the that's the identity of you're in. But at the same time. He's got two years and I feel that it planned. Or declined to get any sort of value. You know that your thirty Eden you all give them 400 Ares and you know just wait until it turns to dust because. Yeah you need him beyond that he's an. Child there has never been about. One sentence he's being in Vietnam below or on long term success. I would think you have more than one sentence you know mine on the court. Well it into as far as McCoy and annual what's going on here in 27 team Hampshire gun this question a lot but I I. Been a week here I still can't make sense Matthew what's more important to you. Any football team is that you're number two running back. Or is it a Gunner or kickoff returner because to me I cannot wrap my head still to this day on the fact that Jonathan Williams got let go and Taiwan Jones is on this roster. On is that the fact that we don't know all the talent for Gerald and this is just to cheaper mold is there something else that Jonathan Williams will what was your whole take on all that. Yet it's definitely. Interesting because when you look at the running back that Turk I think that made sense to a lot of people that could keep Jonathan Williams I don't think it ever crops. Too many people my irons my eight an actual take away it was that there was far too much. Outcry. Over released it and I grew at 3.5 yards areas where he had no ad but your area received and he did looked improve on some level but when he had a chance to be. You know that the guy at times I just never felt like you get out from. And so you know outside of this priest he's which appreciated so I don't know how much stock at. I think. You know he obviously answered suitors because he has been out. You know signing her decent money for practice squad player but he did clear waivers. And nobody wanted to put them on an active roster. So that told you a little bit. About how we've been viewed around the league Cubans that good. Somebody would have put it on active roster. The sought after practice squad guys. You know. That's the level of number two running back out on achieved going into the season so. Do you feel that much more comfortable with Colbert Taiwan on joke danger maybe not but. I don't Sean McDermott wants Mike Tolbert there's there's just no. You know where that he's huge family great blocker. He's probably a pretty good compliment to trump ordered get short yardage. And or go to it looks like Taiwan Jones will probably stay open. Taiwan Jones has some ability. He's athletic. I don't know that music it's gonna blow people say. I think. I understand where you're council for a lot of people are coming from Jonathan Williams I just don't think he was a guys. You know what does. Unquestionably. Going to take hold of that not a true running back job and probably. And I don't know what is healing. I don't know that users you know on the rises nearly as much people think well he maybe you know Iran and yeah but he turned into something in Denver in the bill looks silly. I think it was probably a bit. Too much. NATO the guy who really haven't proven. Well and you also have a head coach from day one was talking about wanted to get in personal players guys can contribute and and when you're number two running back isn't playing special teams you know you want your your guys that are packing up to be big contributors on special teams and that's what these guys from the table. That Williams didn't correct. Yes they do I mean all all three of those guys and that all preceded you know and we're trying to figure out who's gonna make the roster you always. Key note of who don't special units in Joe Banner without a bunch Tyler on on over from oil nobody at all back. You know. All the guys bring a little something different to the table now if jobs that weren't that good at running back. That would have battered but when it comes down to break it. It sounds stupid as some people write it you know. Candidate you've got to wind it would jet number two back so it sounds stupid to say that they would keep a goner. And I wander on over to outline because they can play specialty. But I think there was also there was obviously question with them. About how good running back Willis because if you was that good they would not out of it's as simple as that. I don't think there were cutting him for the sake of cutting them for the sake of putting away elite. I don't think that I don't think it came completely down the specialties. Debuted and and that Europe backed. That they have all the other guys placed special teams everybody else viewed him as a step above overt campaign here and I want jock. They obviously didn't and that's where the disconnected that. Matthew fair Vern you can read his work and lie off dot com for the Syracuse post standard if you Google that. Matthew it's always great having you on and I enjoy covering the game this Sunday. You got to Matthew fair with the bills and sets to provided exclusively by Perry's ice cream late fifties. A bowl of Perry's next in the sports bar we serve today's top National Football League stories and bite sized form with NFL appetizers. Including something that didn't go the chiefs weigh in last night's victory Foxboro against New England Patriots also. Happy hour just around the corner another round of shots. And you we have to make predictions for Sunday. And let's hope that those predictions go better than our survivor prediction from earlier this week we'll get into that more I mean I love that you. That I have happy hour written it is is part of our show prep here gene and next to happy hour you have one word. You know what I read and that I wrote I. Shame shame. That's what your wife said she came up to me you should GS came. You should be ashamed about but I am will dive into the head and more with a happy hour in just a few minutes at a fell appetizers on the way next. In the sports bar danger of the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester paint.