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The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Thursday, September 7th

Covering all things Boston for CLNS Media Network and host of the Patriots Beat Podcast, Mike Petraglia joins Danger and Battaglia to preview tonight's NFL kickoff between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots!


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Welcome back to the sports part danger and it's Magglio we are alive for NFL pick up celebrating the start of another NFL season. At champs restaurant a bar east view mall Mike danger Jeanne it's likely getting you ready for New England the and Kansas City tonight from Foxborough is patriots raise another championship banner. It is that the embarrassment of riches the patriots have on offense now bringing. What the wave that they do because if you have good books and if you have chronicle of the middle. You have Chris the whole game. I ain't losing Helmand but then I figure somebody else is gonna step number that role maybe it's the Rex Burkett I mean. It is this patriots team they could lose a player like doing an element it's not gonna affect them all that much. Well a guy who covers this team closer than anybody that we know will make you smarter just from listening to him. Our buddy silent G Mike the trolley covering all things Boston for CL and as media network and host to the patriots beat podcast our guest now the sports bar. With danger and take Lehigh of them like. I'm gonna have like to apologize to your producer as I was cranky because I was in the middle inning by clam chowder spiritual stadium. And I have to quality as any I'm sure he's a jury it's something that you are you being cranky have no interest he did not that is. And there. Not very kind on the boat you shall. Well it is opening night and it is Roger Goodell we're gonna be as yet the stadiums that matters he hiding out now the bulls and now here Peter's revealed he's here. He is talking to the patriot. Coach. They executives and Robert Kraft but he will not be. Saying very long our understanding. He will not be show when he is here in the suites watching I guess the first app it will not. Be shown on the big monitors inside this stadium. And you know I think that's a Smart move politically for the patriots. Say you know extending an extension of the olive branch we already know. About these posted. Effort by course to sports and out wound Howell. To about 70000 fans here July I don't know how that's gonna go over. But I think Roger Goodell would probably like to limit its exposure. To a lot of the stands and those who turn out so I just said yell at camp which I don't I I think that overblown by this point now it's almost three years. Since that episode and the placate he had the patriots win two Super Bowls in that three year period. So it's not all bad and I think gam most of patriot nation is ready to move on I really do believe that. We were talking and reminiscing Mike Crowley from. A CL and as media network and host the patriots beat podcast. We remember vividly the game where New England wins he Kansas City. They got waxed by the chiefs and everybody was ready to throw dirt. On Tom Brady's grave and asking him to hang it up because he just wasn't the same quarterback and really since then. The patriots have been kind of on this unstoppable are unstoppable are unstoppable Tara know you remember. That night and I'm curious from your perspective Mike was that night a turning point for this franchise and anyway. And there is no question that it was and it's been a turning point or the latter part. Tom Brady's career I am I think more than anything when it's fired in my. It hasn't been what happened with the late date it would lose. In a couple of days after that. Embarrassing loss. For everybody to write him off and the way you respond it was pretty bad aspects and in the way you would expect the greatest quarterback ever play the game. To respond if that's what he bit. So you know I remember that the at a native who exactly what happened on a short week just five days later. And now the angles were undefeated going into that game a couple of doors blown off. And Brady played in nearly perfect game actually if you remember that on the night game against Cincinnati. He almost got picked off on the first strive. Can have the angle for that off that you know the whole scenario the last three years. Might be a little different. But after one of the Bangalore backers I forget who was dropped that ball. Reid want right down the field like a machine and the patriots about the top two really sent. Your column on Twitter at tracks Mike the trolley. Who covers all things Boston for the ACL and as media network host the patriots beat podcast our guest here in the sports bar 957 ESPN. Side the people that you have an embarrassment of riches on offense but you don't have do we now me anymore so. Move the guns that guy that Tom Brady will look to six. All right that's a great question that the question I've been wondering about I think one of the keys early on these and and I think it was like everything else it'll be a combination apple rock and tell you that. A couple of days ago when amp. How often. You know get along without you know they're about third down option Tom Brady's you know favorite receiver Julian adamant he said it's going to be a team effort. Certainly crop will be part of that equation. ID get open in the same but I think Danny Amendola James White. Dion Lewis and the guy that I don't think a lot of people are talking about they should be. Is Rex Burkhead. If he is picked up the offense for the degree I believe we have. Secretly in you know here is impressed the Petri coaching staff and they got here notes EA. If he is comfortable and Brady is more importantly radiates comfortable with him he will be a huge factor. Early on in the season of the preacher. They don't we see it awful at Brady and he really does come down to trusted and he has it if you have. Properties trust you're gonna get bad days I guess what would give me pause on on. Anointing any kind of success on Rex Burkhead and YouTube team is is. That you have a really develop that trust you with robbery were guys like Chris Hogan. Even like it DR Lewis. James White these guys have kind of been there now for a longer amount of time we is that you know I worry about a Perkins had I worry about Mike you mostly or might just sticking too much into it and putting too much stock in. What we CD here as outsiders that Brady really trust these guys. I think you might be. Over reading it a little bit simply because you know there was a time and place the couple years ago where Chris spoken about similar position. Where Malcolm Mitchell went on the injured reserve. A couple hours ago. He was in a position last year but Malcolm Mitchell and rookie. And you know what one point Danny Amendola way back when and now back in 2012. He had earned britney's trust. Look any debt very quickly if you work hard you can get. Earned Brady's trust and he will he get the ball. In a short amount of time but it means that you have to really really work to understand. Everything about the offense all of the options within the offense. And you have to they're really you know do what it takes to show our Brady you're committed a relative to the team can't. Micro trolley are gassed up might give us an update but give us two updates here. Couple of buffalo guys now on adapting to the patriot way how they make it through Kampala they looking Esteban Gilmore and Mike Gillis would. Thought apart Gilmore. It has been pretty strong from the get go. Certainly I'd better get a couple of rough patches. Early on in camp he also got into a fight with Julian element scope of those players got booted. That would Gilmore is where Spain you know. Julian element to require. He's my teammate now but I am not going to get pushed around on the field no matter who it is. And I think that was. A watershed moment early on in training camp first Stephon Gilmore. In in a limited amount that we got the Kia which is namely the Detroit Lions game you look very strong Yeltsin did play against the use the fact that Bob by. You know in those two preceding games he's looked. You know all the parts partly shut down corner opposite. Welcome Butler at my guilty plea injury he was banged up from most training camp. He did get into the game against the Detroit Lions and we. Three of the pre season scored a couple of touchdowns. And looks very good in short yardage situations which is by bank. Where they're gonna start using him is around the goal line. On the ground. And on you know third and two or Korea the patriots get a look that they like and they wanna run the ball I think he'll he'll be your guy. My Petro is covering all things Boston for CL a mass media network and a host the patriots beat podcaster could follow on Twitter at tracks circus here at sports bar. With the danger of the tightly as we preview tonight's New England Kansas City. NFL kick off live from chance restaurant a bar Mike I've got the patriots winning another second straight Super Bowl there third out of four years. You know I don't see any way that anybody if he steps up to them. You saw the patriots do some un patriot like things this offseason mainly spend money. Is that. The result of Belichick kind of knowing they. We have a window still opportunity. For the next 384. Years to win a couple more championships while we still have Brady and now Rob Lowe waiting in the wings. Because that's it sure seems like. What they did this offseason is a little bit about wire. Yes and no I would say sure they know that the window is closing on radio I mean he's only human. You know what they figured two to three more years op performance. If these checks around. And they don't decide to trade him in favor Jimmy Rob Lowe I think that is not out by the Rome optically. But I think more point the patriots. As long as school Belichick has been here have always been a forward looking. I'll franchise and they wanna sign these younger players. A long term contract and they are willing to spend the money that the money. And Gilmore still pretty young player when you take a look at that's why they gave you more of the money that's why. There are not. Afraid to go out there and trade corporate in the cook. And perhaps perhaps see their franchise the rock blow or franchise grand took action here. Keep in armor around. You know they believe in always looking forward and I think. If it means spending part of the salary cap that effect on their willing to do it. It covers all things Boston for the ACL and as media network posted the patriots. He podcast you Beaumont putter and it drags Mike trolley our guest Mike we appreciate your time is always have fun covering tonight's game. I will should be tremendous show as always is Marky Mark Mark Wahlberg was Al. Reversing a here introducing. From the via former patriots who will be on hand Padilla unveiling of a super global general re a fun night. You don't party Marky Mark mark IRL Ryan has awesome. Might throw it takes to get in Dallas suck you get later this season we have a couple of opportunities you that here's the bill's face off its it would limit towards the end the year right. You got to figure out all right cool thing I could probably our guest here the sport sport danger tightly.