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Wednesday, September 13th

Red Wings manager Mike Quade joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss his involvement in the 2002 Oakland A's that won 20 straight games, his recovery from Hurrican Irma and his future with the Rochester Red Wings.


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Welcome back to the sports bar might be injured. In June attack live action packed so far this afternoon we just had a great conversation with WGR is Derek Cramer talking college quarterback prospects. As a Buffalo Bills have 21 round picks in the 2018 draft if you wanna know who they might be hiding. In terms of of potential franchise quarterback required reading for you ESPN Rochester dot com Derek Kramer's. College quarterback power rankings worth your time and if you missed any of that conversation with Derek. We'll have it up for you shortly on the all new ESPN Rochester dot com as well as our conversation in the 3 o'clock hour with buffalo bills' sideline reporter sell pot GO. Who of course should be able to hear this Sunday. Starting 1 o'clock with kickoff as the Buffalo Bills take on the Carolina Panthers suck watch your guests and 3 o'clock hour and again you can hear that on demand shortly at the all new ESPN Rochester dot com. You know the Indians won their 21 straight breaking the record of the American except by the old school clinics that was the team that was a featured money ball and our guy here Rochester Rochester red wings. Manager Mike Quade was the first base coach for the Oakland a.'s today year Mike I'm confused who played you in the movie money ball. And not a big it was a black women in particular to. All. Are about. Oh. Where. It. The are you all know. It under people all. Don't. Years and didn't that happen. Not opt out of I thought. Oh let. Quote wild card spot. A lot of problems on a lot more and a little bit but the owners they almost. And it's it's certainly looks like they're playing just ahead a dominant stuff I mean they they really have been demolishing through this through this streak which. I mean what does that say about them and their and their chances going in the post season when you consider that that most of the teams including those those open up but that oh Oakland Athletics team that you were part of and they were able to win the World Series. Not. 108. OG I. Now. Let's epic. Of course it's. Got oil at an. Auto. Court. Arts. Don't. I. Why apple so. I would have thought appoint anybody really gonna wind and went in general big league. Somebody did. Yeah and of course that game Kansas City you referenced that was the game that you know was the big Hollywood moment that they made a movie had a bird gets the home run. He rounds first base in the and you're not there again like to point out that you're not there in this movie Michael. No it won't look but he is that there are a lot of well. All types. I. Thought. Atlanta. A new light on a according rule but I want to opt. And there's no run on the court of question. I don't hear. Somebody on route to meet. A lot of well. And you gotta know that back left people people on not out of hand. In not admire what. I'll. What that would repeat. Red wings manager Mike Quade or guests here in the sports bar with danger to tag of MI now I'm just curious now that I I direct you realize and recognize that you were part of that. That Oakland a's organization during that money ball era. What was it like I mean you know that the movie would lose the pain of three Green Bay and end. Volatile situation behind the scenes between GM and manager I I imagine you're probably. Is the first base coach you know is stuck in the middle you know say mommy daddy stop fighting. Well what is so don't go out. That helped when times are. Spot or more are out of flooding. May have been. Goal along the political double the probably about the only. Part. Oh. Or any. I doubt it followed dollars Lila on. A military agreement. But now. And poke and stick doesn't. Expect. A quick players that are forty years now total cost. Well right away. I started at the cost of all grown. Are sort. What. Reports. Are all part of why. Little. At a bird. It was a great at. But there. 000. Most. Something special. Doctors are as part of bit. An end. To cool hardy street without it our all. Agree there's print out all all our. Ports are a part of the. Mike Quade wings manager our guest on Mike did you work so hard through spring training in spring in the summer now. Finally get some time off in I you know I just feel for everybody down there in Florida do you go down you got to endure their date. How how did you make out down there won't what is the situation down like where you are right now in Tampa. Well and I've really. I know that some of the most well. But the reality which don't look I want no part of our or ops wouldn't. Probably. About your. Brought up. Unfortunately. For ought. Lately it all done in April of my brother and in all of our people. That live down. Here. So we know still without power structure. Others thought it actually. I'll. Wait here wait actor. That's a hard look at. Construction. Or. I don't. Stand. It was only. Britney's manager Mike Quade safe and sound in Tampa after. Hurricane Irma this weekend in my before we let you go away you know you mentioned the twins a couple of times earlier in they have themselves now. In position for a wildcard which has to make you feel pretty good. The idea that the trade either close or that at the deadline they know have a lot of twins fans it and I have a lot of twins fans in my new speed every day on social me because. Growing up in Minnesota I I hear about what's going on what the parent company a lot. Who could be scratching their head like other thrown in the towel. Of their clothes or they'd go what is up. Talk about what happened at the trade trade deadline and talk about how this team has themselves in a position. For post season birth. Well it. I bought. Our topic happened. Are there. Look at our sport. Out there but. Arc. So I want to. I don't doubt. In. October of under the caught up here in it'll rod. Or a wild extradite. Or the whole double. I'd. It is it all up. And beat him but I'm not wrong a lot. But they. They they were. Also more and and I think the best part. Is an opportunity. For some oil. Well. Law might follow what are they are able to have been anybody in the second but he's not let. Over the aka little of Coke but in it but yet you haven't but I didn't matter that. All the major players. Off. They beat the other. But. It doesn't mean a lot closer look at look at the people that are part of that. And Deborah real well marked as most other. And well it's a debate. Like. Thank god not in don't want. Young hungry guys. As a result they can do this in no one game due to a Yankee or whoever. When there I mean just don't know we distraught but multiple and get to the playoffs. Really in it up and so we're root for a got a call it quick and coach lute. The order and battle. Well. Well it goes. So. Will be side it did it sink to. Mike the way this this year ended up I think a lot of reveling fans and I'll speak on behalf I'm kind of probably waited this team fought right to the end and it was a fun summer so. It's a year where I'm looking forward to next year so that leads me to my question here what. What's the future hold for you I mean now what is the twins organization not telling you about the you know you're status for next season. They're tired one with well thought I'd like. Older guy. All our. That. Something else. A part or a lot of oh but I look back at what. It yet but the first lobotomy or not. But wait a well. I'm not pregnant and oh. But. It. Always. Has always liked. I. I love that might might give himself three weeks he's he's recovering from a hurricane is gonna get I don't milk them for everything where I politely it's. Eric Edelman a need at least five years to regroup. Get. To figure out what my future's gonna hold up the exhaust also wanted to become a back door to Rochester I love. There are part. Well I caught it it was letter that aren't. Got a lot of things toward a lot of or. Promote development area all the stuff. It would pop that we and that is. Not that's up. Its. You know it was old Chicago though. Well well. Good situation. The last. While my congratulations on a successful season for everything you did this season for the Rochester Red Wings' best of luck. On the recovery efforts are milk it give yourself at least five or six weeks milk it a little bit more than three we don't have to be. Well. But apparently well. You can know what this game as we. Skin nice yes they can't we were actually to our luck. That earlier yes absolutely. I. It is under. I'm a lot. Oh. Look Mike is it time is always. To practice in my Claudia red wings manager joining us here in the sports or danger to take it takes about a time out of his schedule. Just recovering from yeah yeah he's got two days a clean up there but thankfully you know he made it through but not everybody obviously you know did down there. In Florida may and make a suggestion okay and you know why does he need time wall obviously he's a guy he's a former managers got caught. Okay he. There's team out there. That their manager might be retiring commander right now 6718. Being the Mets the general manager for the Mets. Sandy Alderson. Sandy dollars in being the guy that brought in my quality signal. I'm connecting the dots. Oh he had that New York media. I just a fun guy that would be a perfect fit for the Mets of Terry counts decides to go so. I I'm just saying being. You stop that we want him here. You stop it. I don't wanna look back that we took for granted when we had a well Julie manager here in Rochester on a long week we have Bartolo Cologne that's what we have to give back. Boy it would be awesome if he did come back though wouldn't it ion audio I don't eat out euros gearing Jeanne that you're gonna have another. Successful season with with this organization I mean he he what he's done the last two years sick days is pretty remarkable although he just falling short of of that playoff. That playoff berth they've been of a lot of fun to watch they've developed some really go players the parent club is reaping the benefits of and now having themselves in a position. Two adds it to be in the post season mean. If you can't really. Measure. The other contributions Mike what he's made this organization of course last season. It and listen the red wings last five years in the International League only one team Scranton has won more games. And the remnants Immelman in the playoffs once so it's a little bit of a flawed playoff format they have any internationally but. I certainly Minnesota guys the beneficiary everybody that the red wings in the twins' organization miners here. Promoted. Back to the NFL next in the sports bar with danger but frankly as we syrup today's top NFL stories and bite sized form. NFL appetizers on the way next in the sports bar with danger imitate Leon on ESPN Rochus.