The Sports Bar-Mike Rodak's Mike Rodak joins Danger and Battaglia to review the final week of Bills OTAs including the return of Sammy Watkins, Reggie Ragland and Zay Jones.


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Took a court took a week. We're sports on ABM 950 and 957. Have been these sports leader ESPN Rochester. Welcome back sports bar with danger and attack. Where we only speak for the best and brightest minds in the industry the guys that have their ears to the ground that can report the facts to you and making smarter just from listening. To the sports bar with danger of attack me I'm. Mike rollback is a great golfer Mike got got when he these situations where I've got to go golfing this week in any I mean the situation might work you're in town. Anywhere you would go like say I'll pay teach me what you want. I you know wherever it is Richard buffalo but the you know the offers always opens in my 20 wanna go golfing near Rochester it's the nice day today you can go golfing at a BR one bills drive. Yeah I mean at lest they defying great golf they can't wait a great I get the break or that. Which are in that category. Say this is talking about gene you have anything G nervous because he's got to go golfing with with wild pack. He's going golfing with a the we had a big you know he's he's gonna have his pinky and the air and he's nervous at that. You know I'm not gonna have my pinky in new year holidays is not one known what is he is and you don't wanna look like an ass on the golf core. I don't want him driving the ball and I don't want little drillers off the in off the tee ending things going into the woods like so I'm pretty petrified road back can you reassure Jeanne all of that is going to happen. And it's line. Well yeah if you want to let them albeit not the golf course I can't do you. A Mike got hot at Sammy Watkins look to you today. He he looked try to be aware that you know extensive stopped it was just individual rules it just you know running routes and as much full speed news cutting implanting but what I'm against defenders and wasn't a whole lot to it but he looked. You know it looks kind of muted it I don't like I always say that there every respect injury there you know April 1 practice back in out of I think every single time I say you know books by a you'd ever really know. Probably in the fuel. A week from now there get training camp figured you were best every single day are hot as export fuel because as we do a question here. It it can back up on it and it was a situation where. You are that we want against the ravens and that we too custodians of jets and lose it was pretty sort so. Who goes you know where things will be an amber and I don't think anything's really are. With the waste any walk in is. Battled injuries of the last copiers but at least for today. He was fine and that he's actually get in Egypt is. He wraps it up at all my guess you probably not they will probably weight training camp city. You know and here at least fully participate in practice but obviously encouraging at least it hasn't stepped back and that is also up in late. Well it. It it seems like der ability as it is a big. It's a big value of coach McDermott to mean you know you heard him express concern. Over Charles Claes in the end and he's expressing concern over a guy who was part of 81% of the bills. Offensive snaps last season yet you know you have to manage his wraps throughout course of the week is is going to be another kind of situation. With Sammy Watkins where were wrapped in the sky happened bubble wrap during the week and hoping for the best on Sundays. Could they beat him to see. You know again how how will he holds up week one week to week three. Yeah chief of the season. But if there are issues that surprised the city and yet the actual guys who would you let her last I knew it was it was that it Charles clay. We're pretty commonly out of those one state practices so. You know we do want and how people respond days but. It's also new regime here in whatever it is shot victory be you know pushing walked in open more. Obviously and yes. In and dispensable player given that day declined to fit your options so it's not like. Q1 of those guys that Rex always talk about you know at practice. Probably not in that category shop Victor. So maybe there'll be. Sort of in a bubble wrap what you like you described then they need those promote their active. At this point it's really topped out you know how exactly they're you'll efforts amber and that you you and amber. Mike wrote that Buffalo Bills reporter for Is our guest here in the sports bar on 957. ESP and so on the other side of the ball Reggie rag went I OTA so. Regulate how much I'll where they letting him do win what type of impact you think he could have on the defense this year. So he was full go today and that's really the first time. Has been full ghost cents. Last August when he retort that be are to be said that it was. You know as most players do take a back in. Waterbury you're Ian how it fuels and that first planted first and order or call it. It's always something that they're gonna steal and in this case and he actually pop in his knee when you're currently speech you'll be like oh so but. It's the way you described it was actually discard issue and he said it was an issue. The doctors had previously told them that it focuses knees are. Are equally strong at this court that he's he's fully recovered so. You know stop and tell helped pat you know our middle linebacker or it opera supplied that it. At this point a year not a whole lot of value rate but. In terms of where you're sliding up section with spec sheet so you know rubber in a defense is different. The record heat and track it would depend what the inside guys and it 34 cracks. In nervous you and keep bike. As we've talked spoke before of the subsidies and I don't think yet yet but it doesn't play that spot at a press around as. But that's there was of the guys you have in this scheme they're gonna place seek an app and then there. Knowing that they're going to be several notches below equally. So today it was Preston brown with the first unit bite swing. By reverend Alexander at standard royal opera well which is the book we see basically all spring now and it it was Reggie wrangling with the second team. Along side out that the Lotto. Or Waco to. Draft picks this year then Terrell Hodges was out of thirteen reached picked up beside two weeks so. That's kind of the way to a lot of things right now elect change they want our dessert yeah outside a little bit. That open purse will roll goes on out of the price could sort of training camp. Ought to have a second round pick last year you expect TP. At this point probably not the greatest thing for your right and wept the CP and in LeapFrog Preston brown noted August. Covering the Buffalo Bills for he has micro and act joining us in the sports bar with danger in the tag Lee after viewing. The bills' practice day OT case. Maclin watch. We know that he is lost Baltimore without a deal we know he's going to wedding he's going to ponder some of his options. We also know that another one of his ex coaches is declined to. To pick him up Doug Peterson in Philadelphia saying now we're goodwill lord gonna go for Jeremy Maclin at this time that means both Andy Reid and Doug Peterson. Don't really want Maclin on their roster does that raise any kind of concern for you. And do you think Jeremy Maclin has it has a future if he becomes Buffalo Bill. I mean some global concern. The chief letting him go letting her go or receiver go at oak is the body actor. Obviously the chiefs were willing to pay back in the ten billion net that it that they stayed by cutting a and I checked cap issues. Terms signing draft picks having Burton C space and all that so that played into that there also yeah the system became a city. West Coast about doing a lot of deep actually kind of plug in guys at wide receiver and they historically open guys so. You know there's there's a lesson value for a or BC Circuit City probably had a jar it that they probably used more receivers giving out their offenses. Exactly put up huge numbers in the passing game with the Eagles you know sweeping epic quality. Probably an issue with them. That's a sense I get this old beach and Jerry back have a cut off slow. They do visit Benin the news. It was Musharraf McDermott today he says you know good player or person. You know not talk about why he's not side well read between the lines basically that it took its. That also look what all Mort that you beat Baltimore. It became director sit in the player it and in you know what he saw out of them last year and still. And it brought that forbids it than really what seems to have fallen through it is the cost the site where I like your. You know writing about there aren't out there valuation these days so it say about it it's. Bodies are so. That that issue here which is the matter who blinks first. On bills and ravens are backward and you know that's something that leapt wait seal products is. So this is gonna really come down to whether or not MacBook what kind of a pay cut is Jeremy Maclin want to take into when he seventeen. In order to be on an NFL roster. Yes that that's definitely where I think that that that they can't. The democratic column come to the metal a little bit which team comes to the battle first. Propaganda they be thinking that there will get Gary back when that great how. Are cheap. You know for the sake of that team I think there's there's that potential here that you know he's he's. He's he's has pretty important. Mike wrote back to one more question not on nine Jeremy Maclin because you were in town at the LeSean McCoy softball game here sorry reined in your visit Iran to surmise that. Is that timing all of this the Maclin release and and high here's a Sunday were you have everybody available that hot to end you hear the campaigning if you will almost from LeSean McCoy. Didn't bills managed me get dragged into this because it's a fine line when you have your star athletes recruiting a guy but on the other hand. It's a dangerous situation when you start involving players and personnel decisions is that not. It is many don't always hear in other places aid equipment. Of by I think I can remember. Players you know going to the links that cheating you're Tara acted. You know talked about it duke player potential. So that was a little bit strange I concede maybe yeah the bills. You know thought. You know you wanna you wanna get soccer players basically let's let go at least checked it out Munich he that a theory but. I mean I'm sure there was some global interest at least you know let's just look at the guy it and you reap what we have here but. Yet meaty do you want to risk that I think overall. Do you run the risk inciting injury back without doing oh tremendous waste money and I'd notices. Big picture but. He probably not gonna make or just this year Jerry Mac or not I mean I think when people are expecting the bill make quite out so. Are signing to a one year deal for a X million dollars would be really inning. That's the big question I think the bills kept asking trapped slowed down she'd be in it are good there despite aren't well that this guy you know. Help ourselves you wanna play with what Earl teammates. Go to their motivations but the built up to like it has. It would be exactly getting out of this guy and I think the one benefit would get out of them is figuring out what you have tyra. Because that was the biggest issue last year when we're talking about our rocket. The argument back and forth about the guys. Out of that common right is that he's been at the receivers especially Wednesday the court. It's so many injuries last year and you get back in the let's face it beat Carl we have two guys or do. Band you'd make your battery valuations are ordered our. Forms well let people rookie. Can't become a great quarterback or anything close to it which you pretty good receivers then it's probably not war. He continued investment in them so that's I think that the biggest ever that you get signing back but. I just don't think you know he's been missing piece you know he thought the guys that are coming here to change just jeans orchard so. There's so I think a pretty legitimate argument bench to see whose salary cap space. It's simply look toward next year. Well I will give them credit I mean look in that situation could of or can get pretty ugly when you consider you've got the inmates. Running the asylum at least for for an afternoon in Rochester New York talking about how don't be surprised if Maclin comes and joins us here I mean. He on the bills' front office acted quickly. They set up the time to get a man they met with them I'm sure they made him an offer it probably was a very affordable offer. And now you can say to LeSean McCoy Tyrod Taylor hey we made our best offer he chose to go elsewhere if he does indeed. Choose to go elsewhere. That's what they're basically what it seems like I mean I expert. It's certainly an example here you know it's stopped outback with these guys thank much. Oh but you know I know pro ball opera about it properties you know that it is it is a strange look we have. These players clamoring for a guy in India front offices silent Iraq torture. What they're thinking so it is a way if that was their strategy. You know to bring in mandated giving him an offer stake in the proper. Back to be possible but I do think there's some level interest is considering how we dismiss workers eager court. Has spent the last couples in the company who birdied eight besides these corporate guys bed. Would not surprise me at all if secure Iraq would become the bill. Artists I think there's also some credence to your period that day they they'll want to disable based in terms what requires percent. Well a lot a week wide receiver corps god a little bit stronger. With the return of the rookie today how does a Jones look him practice. Yet you looked fine as well occupancy. Girls which are built or. Earlier in the week when he came back. But generally kept out for reform was huge deal. But he was in goal to go up about eleven holes today. Yeah I mean he continues stood to kind of are around the world firms belt I don't know dubious start up a tree and loans they are rotating guys a day or. Our Audrey whole totally browned and bread a lot of the course achievement that. Analyst second wave of guys you might seem that bursting out to Powell what suspended today. Every ball works awesome I've been there so arch street here as well. I like last year workers. You know who the top guy is going to walk in that these old people that cute three worse spot. Really up in the air you know without saying geez last year. Robert what Davos is to put. Was it you know quakes Dallas murky Scoble editor great little lower order Hank saying well how old. Nobody view going to training camp I think we're pretty sober situation this year. But I would say that stage Oates has inside track based on this track position and it beat and stay healthy he can be pretty productive workers deeper. Micro back our guest here in the sports bar 957 ES PM Mike you had the store he. I'm sure Reese right. And meet Lowber as so I had so many questions about this first and foremost. Why you heard the driver to Xavier really Ari Ari are you kidding me no one not doing it for 300 dollar tip here. Why would override a mad man that law. There's actually two we're drivers turned out first you know to reach slows at you desperately trying to by the guy. You found its we had a Turkish immigrant and I don't think he quite understood. What Wright was saying any thought it was awful while were you want to guess the joke so. I think eventually Teresa Wright got it crossed that yet rise by under idols the buffalo and the have a driver what all of that. He got there are so army about it for me to check Turco are what right back then you are well alt. A lot of Wear their car 2000 miles round trip but. You know for thousand dollars it's probably not bad deal either. Who wouldn't win any prospect I'd call me crazy here the prospect of renting a car and driving yourself then. Just want cross his mind. I think that the issue would've been sleeping. And he wanted to be fresh for practiced it McDermott actually the practice up that the thirty. On Monday because some players that we richter of sulfur coal out utilities golf or Batavia. And so they want to build things up and that's why you know I think there's some urgency as part get better and yet she got there at 6:58 AM. I think the meeting started at 7 o'clock before practice so it was a pretty. Pretty tight situation by. Yes he would take a rental car when it would have been able to sleep and probably what it then goes off in practice certain beating. All right so you've got the head coach McDermott today basically saying that this story is. To him the beginning sign of building the football team he validates sure Reese writes decision. To do whatever it takes to make it on time for his team practice. Yet G my partner Mike believes. Car and you cut him right I can't caught him this is us. Might want him right up. What do McDermott say. They this thought these were misquoted. And has playoff caliber. And I would like oppose or are on the facilities so as soon as doctor the beating on Bart today. Is position coach gill Byrd and all that that's real playoff caliber and I need to tell players about that in any talk shot Victor. Jumped ever so yeah that that's the playoff caliber stuff right there so we talked would oppose work brick works with all it. The city water or packaging operation Jane your negativity does not fly with this buffalo bills' organization anymore that's lives there and now he's negative he's gone when is the last time your job McDermott say anything negative the only negative I've heard him say. Is Charles plays he makes us nervous that's it yeah I haven't heard I was a break. I haven't heard us say a thing and and by the way. By not giving us any sound bite not tipping his hat. Any one direction or the other he's doing what successful coaches in this league do I want my coach to be dry. And political and not tip their hand in any direction one way or the other I love that he's keeping everything extremely positive. Even the idea that one is an Opel had players paid a thousand dollars for and who work from Chicago. To buffalo he finds the silver lining in that story Jr. don't cut that guy. He's playoff caliber. He's a guy I don't know what it or are sort of also rat rat and Witten Rex didn't they give you over idea himself Friday it had he had over maybe he would have been discovered in the Cleveland game there in the World Series mines that they've saved them. Yet the party bus that you you know it's no big deal or the peak of but all. Yeah I'll speak out. Well and not Mike I mean like this the only thing I keep seeing what what I see Rex Ryan's story now is. Not our problem any more like file all of these stories under not our problem anymore. The only thing I think covers while they brutality this guy. Guys personally. But. More. Moving Mike wrote back from Covered the Buffalo Bills joining us here in the sports bar with danger to tag Leno the sights and sounds. Of the final week of OTA's Mike we appreciate your insight is always enjoy the rest uniter I blood. You gotta quicker yeah thanks Mike rode back with the bills inside scoop provided exclusively by Perry's ice cream like feasible there is caught him. Four balls about preparation. Here's a guy that. What was his plan he missed his flight. Soul your credit taken whoever you cut him based on his performance on the field. Not you think it did not prepare not being not that my financial the financial irresponsibility. And spending a thousand dollars or Hoover okay. Yeah you might you're a guy who hires kids all the time to work at PXY. If you heard a story like that you would roll your eyes be like OK next candidate. You know what I've I've heard this exact story. And it didn't it's not a candidate it's people were quick I've worked with people who think. He just I mean a real bad way here what can I do. I missed the flight I need to get back. Warm you know people lose their minds and airports they really didn't like you're out of sports you're disoriented. Your tired your cranky in some instances you might be jetlag. When things don't go your way. It's escalate quickly you'll always have your wits about you. In this in states like my first so why don't dread the car wreck makes a grip and white as the red carpet he wants to see it. Are right that makes all the sense in the world now know how. Even makes all kids aren't we okay so. Again it's only OTA news. How good a quality night's sleep. Did sure Reese right get the back of a new over car with a stranger and when he got to be at at 7 AM meeting on the field it AM. And he's showing up at 658. Lack of preparation and good luck she not. I don't like this dole he shows he's into that team were all in play. This is awesome I can't wait for sure Reese right to make you believer in treated well I'd get what we gotta talk to a I have is what do you know yeah are you tell him you know what I think you should be cut. Relaxed preparation personally feel horrible football coach she needing more positively have to think how to spin that to him face to face. But I'm on record saying. This guy showed he doesn't know ought to prepare for what's football culture reaper culture you were prepare on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday we watched film about bump up about. And here's a guy that. Now okay miss it. Waits the last flight out of Chicago less like not that the flight was canceled a Canadian dole weight the last flight. Getting to be around so let's get the buffalo or getting out of buffalo is really easy it's always easy to get in the buffalo or Rochester when you're flying. Flights canceled all the time. OK god too bad it's hard flying into and out of buffalo Rochester not you know big travel destination it's not the easiest thing I. I love it I think it's great. Now. I'm kind of curious is why I decided who were not like you know Lincoln Town Car get a car service you know. And felt plays ball a little bit you know get some legroom stretching out here and Newbury could be driving in like real. Freest wanna man drool over to you coming dear town soon and if you need to go to Chicago Walt that he might get turned down a couple of times. By the way there that's a long New York City with an actual cap where if you get into a cab. Do we LaGuardia now get out now if it's in the Five Boroughs they got a taking. I would think for all over Oregon buffalo at als. Eight hour drive from Chicago. No scratch that seven hours made about seven hours. I love it our reserve that is top medical stories and more bite sized form NFL appetizer is on the way next. State a sports toward danger of attack Leah AM 915957. FM ESPN Rochester.