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The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Tuesday, September 12th

Newly signed Amerks defenseman Nathan Paetsch joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss the upcoming season and a return to Rochester after a successful stint in Grand Rapids.


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Dodgers nationals. Sunday night baseball with coverage starting at seven under your home for the MLB playoffs and World Series BM 950 and 957 FM the sports leader of the ESPN Rochester. Yeah September limits on hockey hell yeah. You'll remember off season it's been this exciting things for the Rochester Americans know. Expectations high and if you wanted to put the cherry cherry on the proverbial topless I think the earmarks in the sabres organization did that. Just today with the assigning a defenseman Nathan page. Anything now welcome to the sports party it's actually Mike danger with the UN not congratulations on I'm coming back. To Rochester Nathan not dale tell us what went into you come on back to the same organization here. Obviously I I live in Rochester actresses my arms so that service. I would never want her to get back here some that in. Where I've played here in January were to return to a Grand Rapids the target number one block regret that worked out. That's great it's great to have you back Nathan and love hearing players a say that this is home you know that speaks to a longer commitment to a community they're already involved in minority means so much to would talk about your timing Grand Rapids because. The EU had some success while you're there. Yeah of course certainly been whenever you play expired years and have to call the cops there's a lot of guts out every year. And I love the city that Iran or additional recently. Our older gear up and hopefully I can bring not to suggest you're Rochester you know kind of emulate what we did their admirable count. By edit the these playoffs things you speak of on it's been a few years here Rochester but. Common back in you know all the talent that is on this emirates team not talk about that anymore. What do you see. As far as the talent that you'll be surrounded with here in Rochester. I'm very excited obviously have a lot of young talented forward. And they brought in a bunch of veteran human whole boat at critical. Little. Looks like we're more than a lot of players that you were going to be out and extend our club and we've purchased that's equipment analyst Kristi Erica americorps program and amusing coaching staff. Let's if we're here investors should earn rave they're doing everything right so Oakley translate that success and here. Our success we need to take your guess here in the sports bar with Dane German tightly on AM 950 and 957 FM. ESPN. Rochester Nathan obviously the sabres have undergone quite the turn over. This offseason what he viewed noticed about this regime now Jason bottle Randy sexton. As opposed to years past that you vote spell with the organization. Well I think you're trying to build a culture are the they are successful in Pittsburgh and trying to Craig Patrick shut cheer just. Haven't seem Montrae that it would Grand Rapids the ethics at the NHL level or else they're shallow order situation that your comment on there really. Try to build that seems similar mold and build that kind of Cameron first type atmosphere and built you know just too good locker rooms of America that grew dark. They've now wanna back up here so you were here. All five or six around that era. I I know you're you're you're from Canada originally hot did you end up making register your new home town Majid Mary Rochester girl tells more about that. Yes value I've been on in the area now. Fourteen years in the fifteenth even certain routes are working yours anti American girl stretched court pretty much been an transport area. He's different places now for. Fourteen. Gore got fifteen years and this is basically hollered an air on out of greater part of my life so Britain's failure. Poker it is well at all in Rochester currently rely. Nine years I believe the desperate. Or sector you're near buffalo. So it's always vote come back every summer so now. There's going to be challenged only consider the amount of moving around from team to team that that most players have to go through and and trying to. You know keep maintain a stable. Home life his well you mentioned family is something that they're trying to deal with in this organization of the the idea that a guy is now able to be he he's hometown to play for this team. You know that that kind of speaks to be something bigger than just hockey. Yeah of course it's the atmosphere that they want to build here. They want guys ordered her third patient and careful certain positions and now he's ever at a hospital kept out. Took a close watch on the hammered always be alumni and now they don't come back be part of it again it's it's really earn in agreement and am able. Played for a multifamily my family here and obviously all the fans at least thought of intent from played our first. During working years ago sold a lot of loyal hockey fans to create art community. I mean that that's the fight hard as you come back and you you still have done Stevens calling the game I mean. I mean it has a lot changer is not much change it all Nathan. I think there's been quite that a change that obviously you're gonna have you're familiar faces people that are worked in the top spot. They've definitely done a state with coherent nation building. I worker an argument here like anything when you go to Europe. A changeover I mean it's been Kenya and your sister played here a lot long term so a lot of things you know turned over but there's still a lot of the same. Similar people and I think there are a lot of similar people operate yeah that a lot of loyal friend that they've been here for longer than I ever played thirty years. Excited you know well. If impatient person tests and I guess you're in the sports bar danger Mattel I mean it's not your body old in a play Phelan. I feel great obviously there's been a lot of our games the last five years for me but I feel you really could come up. In the run this year was we were fortunate in the west we didn't have to weigh on gains we. What that if you around here and there are a couple of short period the leader. Of urged a crowd went the distance. I dean led by a feel good it with a short summer border great summer. I think the writer ignored it Cooley here a mature areas and our vehicle. I mean some of those teams you play with your first goal around. And I am talk about some of the talent on that team because I look back at you know the team of the lockout Nathan and down. What there was some talent there with Ryan Miller in goal and had common bills down and you Vanna was here for some time me these are names that we all know is sabres and it was exciting then and united part of the story was that yeah I hated it it didn't end with a cop front Mi a bring us back to your first time here your first go round in Rochester. What might actually the year before that we had a great team to regard to playoff men out. Going seven. We won the personal against Syracuse you're gonna lose in the conference out walking actually talked to win the cup your real post a warning there and then the second year. We might as we won I. We're overseeing the regular season title and then went last granite church or he I think actually armor backer. Think restore burn my better wanna to have her there he meant soccer we got a little banged up and every team so good Europe or wacko but he couldn't really afford to lose those audio players and keep moving on. I was a bit at this point and it is therefore Hillary here my first year here made it and are we agree leadership we are guys like. RC Christian political coach now reject in honor of playing here it's here to bare that are back as well as the economic if this were really good veteran. We had a lot of we are great back there and kind of the more that they're building now as well so. Desperately we had back then. How does that work I'm sure you've had this conversation because you know coach in India know your veteran leader on this team but. You know Chris Daly got a friend till I mean he's a former teammate years so how does that dynamic court was it with a guy you grew up. In the ranks with the essentially now he's your head coach. Yeah of course here's salaries of mentored me quick hearing here is my captain Lou we are kept in touch and and I'm really excited to be able to play different and or is going to be a great coach is always extremely intelligent player so. You can feel that can translate the coaching just that would you play the game the right way any spot in currently there are. Mentally one step ahead of her party and I think that's the same ticker porch during the coach and I'm I'm extremely excited where we're very fortunate as well. Ever defenseman Nathan pay shunning is here in the sports part danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester veteran leadership which bring to the table locker room and I don't know of too much is made of the generational differences between guys have been playing as long as you have first is the guys that are just upping coming it's a different breed of players two different kind of player at least. That's what you hear. What. Well I think in my experience and little more blue collar when I start on Rochester and a could do everything possibly in the lineup played for pretty much struggled the first season and I never played a key part of my life. And worked on in the penalty kill and I was in a few scraps in my younger years and try to get them out but basically anything occurred in the lineup. I think a lot of the younger guys that. Turning to a younger league so a lot of the younger either friends making it when they're when he went on and they start expect that as well so. I can kind of give them. On the road that I went through and hopefully. Sure that it takes a little more or work its marketing it and it here in the American heart rate stream leader hockey reading that you have impaired Wear her down here feel that translate. Now Andy Nathan you know in some of the talents that buffalo has now in the you know we might have operating Cooley forcing down any what do you expect Duff from buffalo sending down not as first helping out this Rochester American team on the Blue Line. I think there's been a lot of great players there's a lot of that your guys that I played again but I know other reporters I got to go up who watched the prospects crack the I think O o'clock sweetener that. Watch glee and he's writing Arctic and man can he can shoot. Now Parker around like an actual announcement you'll usually you know somebody his age over the puck respect and confidence in the now why it's so I'm excited he's down here it's great to be really fun to work for them if not. But the locked from the sabres but either way he's eventually going to be there are under shooter later. Rochester Americans defenseman Nathan pace joining us on the day that he returns. To the Rochester Americans looking forward to this season it's it's not even. The middle of September you were right there are all days from October and now we are ready ready for amor socket a return here on ESPN Rochester new eighth and we really appreciate you give him back. Come back to Rochester giving us some your time this afternoon all right. Our pleasure I. Did not know all. He stayed in town all these years match how difficult that is when your wife is back living in spent report your tail being Grand Rapids in the next two weeks of. Nathan not to probably share a couple of cold ones talking about the ones that hooked us to stay in Rochester they got their claws and this team. We're never leaving and gonna die you try to answer you thought you would be now it's the BI you know I thought I probably could have been that Craig carton without all the or your Red Sox shadow got Mike danger I'll. All of that gene. No I it's there's nothing wrong with what need to patience describing the idea that you you view. You found somebody that you can settle down with start a family with and do it in Rochester new York and he he's kept his home here the entire time his family's here. It's funny how many hockey players do this stuff Scott faculty that allow Scott Nicol played how many years in the NHL he lives in Victor. And he's the director of player development for the and national predators yeah meant it that that's a fun commute getting on a plane down that there's any natural Rochester direct connection but. You dear dear not that's funny we're we're atomic. You know bounce on herself but other people coming into the values so that that makes me happy that Nathan page. I'm not only stayed here but he's coming back plea for the Rochester America. If you join in later are you missed that conversation with Emerson tense beneath the page will have enough for you and available on demand. At the all new ESPN Rochester dot com stand by for that also frank Garcia from our sister station. Sports Radio the fan in Charlotte his reached out we're gonna talk to him out right around 5 o'clock freer ride a little preview of deals Panthers and Carolina stresses. Yeah it's time the jets game that's old news and look ahead to Carolina and they're not feel I would think they're not feel too confident coming out that forty niner game but will will get the latest there from a former panther turned radio host frank Garcia. Yeah coast to Garcia and daily on Sports Radio the fan surely he'll be joining us here in just few minutes you know the first lets up. Let's sort of today's top and tell stories and bite sized form NFL appetizers and sports bar. With danger and tightly we've got devastating injury to talk about and we got a couple of games that. Right now our still kind of in limbo as far as where they might be played thanks to hurricane and well. Yet or pass through but understand this that. Local law enforcement the last thing on their mind right now has to be do you know our let's make sure seventy about a thousand people go to a football games of that. That's kind of question here heading into this week what is. What's the status in Tampa and Jacksonville bolster teams cities laid it all postings as we Kimmel will keep updated genital appetizers next in the sports bar danger and the tank Leo on ESPN brought.