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Pat Duffy from The Break Room on 96.5 WCMF joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss Mike Gillislee to New England, Bills options in the draft, and NHL post-season hockey plus Sabres off season concerns.


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The NBA playoffs leave here more years blazers. Saturday night at 9:31 PM 950 and 957 at bam he's sports liter ESPN Rochester. Here in the sports bar with danger to take live we only talked to the best and the brightest so why in the world are we inviting patent Duffy from the break through not feeling like I'm sitting make criteria today we apologize but we'll do we'll get through it who do we can. What's up buddy. That hurt me so bad now 81 of those burrito tactics was talking about responsibility should. Absolutely eat your feelings away with the goes what what the bill's gonna do would gill slit up I don't want to. Cheat now. Spot listen you do you know what rarefied air my stimulus Lee is in with the numbers he put up last year of five point seven yards for carry a hundred carries eight. Touchdowns only four other guys in NFL history of done that three of them in the hall of fame what you want to knowingly infect you okay. Draft somebody else it's plug and play you're not gonna get that sort of running back to match that production. Yeah yet here's the thing I remember other guys all like god how these work. Partly it was was the the best rookie running back the bill C sixty years oh when we released him during training camp we canister of body check a second topic. I felt like car was a walk in the door recent OPEC where people it right now. We're pretty. While that's debts differ anyway we did his way out of equities at Taco Bell you're talking about. It's Philly it's not different topic what it is it's this system to be running backs shock to pick up the slack or like it was he was such. Com. He's a backup running back who we picked up off the street each week what said that. To see an adult you're gonna pay him more dollars next year. Pete I get. Duffy considering considering williams' pending legal issues and an NFL suspension that could happen I mean does that force the bills. At some point this draft now with no Mike jealously to address running back. I think you do it anyway I think you pick ticket to one report abruptly GQ every year you are a run a result not like edit you guys check these are pretty sure aren't. The check which you want. In the patriots next year. Occasionally the report is right you ate half. Two million felt that was our angle the public bodies that. Three guys we know very very well which you pay that much money in buffalo goes requires XP. All right sitting and you had Gilmore forty. Abort it happened between. Hope it is tactic by the cap. And that extra year to you Leo before the reported rate public monies that. A fortune. Proposed to players but he declined excellent forgot about Hogan because yet that I touchdown catch it eight block covered by the other guy spent a fortune on. Plus that if you kept your game with a couple blown coverages we hope you can do we Gilmore can you give asleep in nice player he can particularly to play by. He's out or we don't back which has spent that much money as a dual general manager are mostly players like these. Well I'll I'll turn around and ask you know all I don't think anybody would say yes to that and I think people that are upset about Hogan there's a lot of revisionist history I said let him walk because even if you brought back Hogan he's not gonna produce the same way that you saw him. Produced this past season in New England. Gilmore no nobody's gonna wanna pay that money. If for that production that he had in buffalo. And to me Gilles les just well a little bit different so that being said pat. The fact that Doug Whaley didn't tender him at the sector around level or if death is a different conversation if the bills are receiving a second round pick having everybody could agree with that. Did Doug Whaley make a mistake by not tendering him. At that level. Well the question becomes at header in the federal level. What do you have to pay and the tender but the corolla and how to cap expert teacher about that but. I get the feeling we need to squeeze it and where they could cap like the back is as much 29 years old a lot of mileage was shot accord can play any caught money. So you have to make a decision where you wanna spend your money into it it's between what Shawn McCoy or quite curiously. If it's between Tyrod Taylor or like to loosely ya okay the other guy. Pat Duffy from the break Herman 965 WC MF our guest here in the sports bar. With danger and the tag it's good having you on where and how you on a while and since at the last time we had you on how to think we've. We've kind of see a lot of smoke screens out of all mills drive there's been a lot of whining a lot of dining love quarterback conversation. The draft just over a week from now would you be comfortable with the bills taking a quarterback with the tenth pick overall in the draft. I talked or numbness and usually I tell myself you know what what he duly re route to win the Coke it's a little but now that being said. If you don't take equal back in the first two picks. You're exactly spot next season. Quarterback won the Japan for the last you could what Tyrod did make seventy now next year but like that. They're not gonna pay that money you're gonna have to go out to draft a quarterback in exe and if you don't do your candidate's height but. I mean. What other option you have the kind of which stock this quarter and so either take it with all the the option yet this year with took it skier watched Eric ties or wherever it. Were you pray to god next year that where you picked the so what I can step didn't start right away. Which one which you record Q I've read every year of my belt with a guy. And he's late writing late round guys do anything for an. Well there's one. There's a kicked out of I had particularly boot if they were decided let's say as their agent I would ruler Greg Hartmann now deliberated all local talk about. He's a way to play it is summer. He cannot play what's the point that. What do you project Elliot because first of all are by security that get that he'll find him with a burst of forget it's just a second call will be put. He any worse it was Ricardo challenging just street talent our appeal is Chet Kelly a better quarterback Ricardo. Well listen you cannot the quarterback position is more than just straight tail on the field and to me colonel Jones had a better collegiate career since that's what we have to measure Roth of I can't really count the rookie season for colonel Jones your buffalo seeing that you reserved for much much event and that weeks Argentina I. No colonel Jones is a better quarterback than Jack Kelly pat I'm sorry. Cardinal joked at a better rookie career he was damaged. He would take it out of the game he wasn't a starter at all I don't eat a about. Yes there was national championship by Q when you are out at what is all that they eat what to go anywhere. People under Jewish community what you got today that it you can check Kelly or cultural. Quarterback art our regular character question a picture Kelly. I IA. I agree with with Duffy have been pretty vocal about my at my long man crush on Chad Cali I I think now especially when you consider. That I'm sure a lot of teams are looking at him is damaged goods not just because his off field issues but now because of the re surgery. The recovery from the torn ACL. I mean if he goes undrafted. What do you have to lose. You're exactly right here at their leader at quarterback burst which don't wanna do with only having six pixels honesty or. You have a short subject it is agent that he got a contracted beside the buffalo the kit to pop. To route Elin without the injury off the bat or their quarterback ample. As a perfectly. Well I would argue that if it wasn't for the off field in the injuries he would be the top tort quarterback prospect in this year stress tens. Well it's a debate UG credit he's definitely right about the college career this sample size ball right I don't pick on quarterback of the pilot program by. I don't know I would be comfortable taking checked out in the first two rounds big watch like hell all but a carpetbagger to create. When he got the mood upbeat Lou. Pat let's just say the bills don't goal at quarterback at number ten is there anybody out there that that catches your eye what's the bills due at ten if they don't go quarterback. As much as I don't wanna do it I think it's got to be receipt in a kicker or where to look. Our partner. Which kiddies I don't like every like Bieber. Like it or secure like Williams but he did know that we're Oprah to right now one Mike will. I like Williams I like Williams a mile listen I I. I worry about going with a wide receiver ten when I consider that Tyrus throwing them the ball but Williams to me is intriguing. Just because I I think that guys were going to be a star in this league yet. Zhu Zhu's mr. Shuster that might Dick guy you could get. Later in the second round you just want that Jersey that's what you like what's it going to count. Well not loaded into the back but he left Beijing actually we need to put Specter is a tackle but now. Don't worry you don't eat sea. We're a quarter that high because she looked up to success ratio under the and overall. He got problems and look at what couple dark. Historically. Top fifteen and he got equipment should I expect he got it will repeatedly by the outside their corporate. A guy like Donte Whitner at a guy like we respect Albert wouldn't go out for the current facts. Go to commit Gregory Peck. Pat Duffy from the break remind 965 WC MF joining us in the sports bar. With danger and tag Leo thank you for your time this afternoon while we're lower shifting gears here let's let's. Go from full all the hockey I know you've been spending a lot of time watching the NHL's post season and and kind of grinding your teeth a little bit when you see some. Some ex sabres out there having success. Yeah I hurt it hurt a lot. I don't know Caspian irked me the most about it is back at seek. Oh he could to keep winner on it that would hurt turn it cannot yeah. A couple of games ago. I wanna say that this is oldest will look at dot was corporate it outright but they don't really get the position of worst general manager Quiroga world knows we don't want to. Eight at four receivers each Stafford it is jailer in the decade SE score goals it would play out by. It's possible. That you count. Two legitimate NHL forward lines he's not papers that are happy the key to their careers and essential oil and it's almost more depressing to watch that then the product the papers reported on during the regular. So until because you forget some guys like I'm watching them ranger monster quake Steve not to Montreal now huh. Public order plate like radio operators are or your. Every had a cup of coffee buffalo it now all the good that would that top six player out there ball now. How much you hate the Maple Leafs. I hate to Maple Leafs with every the piper. My views. And so many different levels. I hate the Maple Leafs are completely police ban IEP your candidate better and we see how work every day. About the people. But watch what happens act he. Peter I want to the bridge really hit like. Percival. I'm pocket bit it is the really really good hockey team I'm not. I think that this is waiting at a bottle you can put it could get by with a back did you play the capitals that our bid to Aureus Joker. The Tories tour card but. The trial in the NHL endangered G you guys know what's believed to go to get up 380. The NHL's so if they win it theory. All summer long. I'm gonna have to read about helping tactic at least our screwed up the sabres Albert what reality is they are played or to wait for. Well it's an attack. I think so I think year to back away at actor or worked there with it at. He's got so little on that line every okay. We're not as far as everybody would do about asthma. Yeah. It popped the general manager you've got to go. You've got to go meet art though I haven't. There's a guy depleted buffalo. Over the past couple. Who played on. The top guy guy who do we do when he and it will be there. He told me debt piled replete such terrible my meetings with them. That he had to see a psychiatrist at the end of the season. You have professional hockey point. Like I. Over the way piles of mistreating them and I've heard this cop with a diaper but like I just being a public to ask is what the masses with there had. And it. Check out a little like a it's obvious you don't have to buy the nation know that went. Public is proper but eichel is adorable little good Ole purse up right he's got to go. Well it is this Tim marine buying himself some time because. Yeah I leave it doesn't happen now it's gonna happen at some point in the sabres come out of the gates may lolly gag next year. Well then of obviously he's gone right what you make the move now. And you hire new coach. And that team lolly gags and up all timber is gone isn't the fact that this did it hasn't happened just yet this is Tim Murray kicking the can down the road in eventually whether it's in November December you will have a coaching change. A public hearing that he fighters as coach now in a Stanley Cup a cool apple or outlook that. You can have a hard time attracting a coat papers everything about hockey a sport where. A quarter of the way he beat him. Papers and focus that it makes coaching change stuck it to agencies and it's not correct you. That beat that keep and I newspapers higher in the front office over the next much. Could elect a guy like Lindy Ruff dictate scouting or operations position. That's gonna tell you that outlook got a quarters we can right the ship before they replace somebody already out. There's great peace on ESPN Rochester dot com written by Paul Hamilton who spent some time talking to Josh Gorges after the season was up. And it paints a picture of dysfunction with in the locker room pat I mean it talks about how. You know Georgia's a guy who's veteran players into and long time was actually used as an example by coaches for the wait to do things the right way. It was kind of ridiculed by the youth on the team for being made that example does that just speak to this team just. Quite honestly need to grow up in order to make it's that next level. Yes but we are are pretty erratic I read the article at all and let it eat eat tells. You now have to go out by branching out there for what foresee a paycheck cycle are ready where I'm object he's great guy. He's twenty years old still it'd be surrounded by his body and what your work around by Abacha your friends and don't hold accountable your thoughts in the back of the rhetoric he sure did it. Not take your job is he recently worked and it's possible guys to see the error there has been over the last which. Hatred wrecked client and beat her or veteran leadership to try to make it right for all the you've got and eight. Have found me on this if the story for Jack I goal ends like this amazing gentleman the Stanley Cup. And there it is in Gary Bettman handed over to Jack cycle in front of the home crowd. And whether this is three years four years is a story we all watch he's the captain. Why not start the future now on this because Jack eichel the reason why he was hissed at the end of that press time radio and an blocker cleanup day. He's a competitor he's measuring himself against karma dated in their content David in the play out in comic David where's the seat and then Toronto next year. May be Austin Matthews it wears the C. If Jack article is eventually going to be the captain of this team. Let's start the process right now and by the way you have that guiding hand and the guy we all love Brian Gionta. Also by the way you have something that you can dangle in front of him to get him to sign a contract that is. More beneficial for the organization long term if you were Tim Murray who's already said. Hey I'm gonna you know be involved one way or the other either directly or indirectly in deciding who the captain of this team is going to be. Does not working your advantage if your goal is to retain Jack cycle long term. I mean I was at that argument I will bite I don't think we're eager to talk about the NHL but he's gone on we're where the or professional hockey team and something about bigotry or would you think where C. We'll see you at the dollar's gonna contract with a guy like Michael with a killer Egypt like Jack I go out with a guide wit endorsements would follow up much like IIEIB. Hit that stupid and I don't think people around the without good. It's gonna be real guys OK great content you wouldn't let it out of the playoffs. If you happen to be correct you have covered under the root certificate these day the earth because we wanna keep you around for a little while. What happened and ice goes up who has Kayla that it could eat when we do pretty accurate BA opera quite a sweater give it back I went that's right. Now we'd Shia does not gonna be here four years from now it's let's start the process now. I don't you you tell you you're telling me that eichel those. He has those same abilities is he gonna make mistakes and Tony sure this that and the work it out nobody expects the sabres goal on a Stanley Cup run next year let's work this out next year and into this one step at a time. And you know jobs I mean he's a class east of class I mean if he is on this team next year. I mean behind Hamilton pressed him on this to would you come back if you're not wearing the seat yeah I would come back and it's still be a leader in this locker room and not have a CM less water. Sure I don't think private have a problem I guess. Your point your you're. Projecting extreme scenario where I go where's the scenic seat in a trip up and yeah like try to hack your pop awfully high at eight years. The world wouldn't be a particular talk like I I see that are deeply manipulate it a lot of its embassy but. You can have gotten like one you know lightly and I NG dot a charge Georgia's hope to break every day BP. Example a professionalism and that you could do a twenty year old kid because well it eat it got it and Austin by it at Abbott I think I'll pop Britain. Yes right right and railroad is a great choice is longs is not 3 AM in the suburban Toronto Tim Warren. Oh my god would you ever made a mistake you're lucky it gave. Even if you heard anything negative about rough or that he really really like or. I've had his beard smells worse than yours. Are impossible cripple the Duff has always appreciate your time pat Duffy from the break from 1965 WC MF hear him again tomorrow morning on our sister station during the rest united bud. Eight real quick before I don't you wanna be a better about the ridiculously. I feel fine about the random pick up he's down help me out. I can name probable jail and then again. Both guys and ended up doing it because upload it on both guys that completely opt out it could be on the worry about it. Okay aka the ego. Donald Jones came in Mikey Leslie love spot next to John Murphy on the job. No particular order what happened. That's what they call him touched by it Duffy appreciate your time enjoy your night it.