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Rich Donnelly of News 10 NBC joins Danger and Battaglia for a preview of Bills vs. Jets on Sunday.


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On Notre Dame Fighting Irish but Georgia Bulldogs Saturday at 630 on your home for fighting Irish football AM 950. DN 957. Advantage thus sports leader ESPN Rochester. Welcome back to the sports car with danger to tag glee as we prepare you. For week one bill's chest football Friday here in the sports bar and we want to begin Rich Donnelly news ten NBC. Launch time no talk ritual you're doing well on is this the most him. Start of Tyrod Taylor's career. I think you can chalk this one up. I hate they must quickly yet it has to be the most important start here that a contract here. They're not expecting a whole lot out of him they have a perceived bad team committed he kind of got a boat or jet. Are they putting Tyrod in the best position to win no I mean that that's a fair question isn't not because this offense has changed a little bit. In you've taken some of but Tyrod best weapons away. I think it's a very fair question as can I think it's got to be nobody could not put Tyrod in the best position to win I think they are positioning to build a franchise. In the best position they can and I'd say I mean branded beat John McDermott. To move forward we heard these guys say many many times. Yes we wanna win this year we're not gonna sacrifice 20182019. And after that just four short term band aid. And that's the plan they do appear to be sticking to it and unfortunately for Tyrod Taylor they did kind of cut off company. It also feels like there's excuses being made you know like we wanna say always losses best weapons it is best deep threats and yeah you know you could say that that from a talent standpoint Sammy why Keynes. Has more evicting Jordan Matthews or Z Jones. Butts. It's the same time year being asked XQ two game plan and it doesn't it feel like when you watch tyra Taylor at least in recent memory that that. He just kind of wings it sometimes it would seem bad tire at least the public that the preceding the precinct just thought we saw a Tyrod Taylor was a little bit on the changed. Verses that the kind of a limit the mistakes he made Tyrod Taylor and when he sixteen. I do think it's a very fair point to make now on Wednesday tyra did say that. Pre season they didn't have the full playbook and they only game planned for one game you would presume there would be. The third pre season game when they would have starters would play the most together and he goes out five to ten with with a concussion. But we didn't get to seek him there. But with this system. That Rick Dennison to what we saw a lot from his previous stops which gives me a little bit applause with respect Tyrod. Our short passes over the middle that that is one gaping hole Tyrod game that we really have not seen. With respect to what we should be expected not a and and they Jones you would think kind of possession receiver to some degree in like over the middle crossing patterns. Tyrant that under arms could be a deep threat I've. You know I don't wanna sound. Cynical I'll believe it when I see it I mean that in the most honest way like what went exceed these guys in action for the first time really. Will know what to expect. Rich Donnelly our guests here from news ten NBC joining us here in the sports bar. On 957. ESPN on the other side of the football. I have higher expectations for the bills defense is weak if for nothing else I'm looking at that jets' offense and I he might think this might be the worst offense we've seen in recent memory of their rich. I think so I think the bill defense is good but yet I haven't moved the jets are going to be it copies smoldering garbage and kind of build good. Take a lot of college teams opened up with apps via schemes that jets are kind of the FCS team of the NFL this year and it is what it is. But that gives. No excuses if the bills played port built have to play well I have to just dominate the jet in every capacity and I do believe that it will. The defense should be good by itself are matched the defense the bill deepens will win the team. Two to three games by themselves this year yet we might have to hit some thirteen to ten. Boring games but that build defense should be earned ago. I don't cared nobody should apologize for victory in the NFL and for anybody that wanted to. To see the NFL have a development league I think. This is as close to a developmental league came that you're going to see with with the bills and jets facing up Saturday by the weakened what are you are not quite. Exactly right envision how how funny is it that we joke about it like hey if the bills when they're in first place what if the jets' way and no it was expected that talk about the first place New York Jets game. Pay this bill this silver lining to that car out. Is the bills would be tied with the patriots. And if you wanna bet auto week one you have to. Well if let's talk about last night. On the Eaton two trains of thought one is hey it's weak line and we've seen this from the patriots before the other train of thought. Oh my god they gave up over 500 yards of offense is the most ever rebel attack secret team as odd dine. So which which one is a here near your opinion. Well the last time the sky is falling after the patriots lost to achieve on national television the ones who possible. They were on the Cincinnati and there appears that they're on to New Orleans right now but could as the chiefs looked really good. They looked great at pressures were flying off the end make and break you look uneasy. This cream and kids. Oh my goodness technically there like hindsight 20/20 but. You've got to be the best player in the world right to look at the Arctic Russia but how funny is that he fumbles his first touch. And then goes all. I think this is great coaching great coaching by Andy Reid truly think about it. Think that's the coaches in the NFL that bit with that were to happen sit down rock you're done. Tom Coughlin said David Wilson for beating tiger opener after you fumbled I believe it was a kick. Tom I Tom Coughlin broke David Wilson I remember vividly he broke a talented runner. By doing the just completely. Crushed his confidence and and you know you saw distraught Kareem hunt after that first guy who never fumbling college. And then what does he do he responds by going out there and his dominating it was it was great analysts and he he's one game in in you can expect cream want to do that. Every single game but you know I think. Andy Reid last night. It simply just out coached the patriots coach Bill Belichick I mean some of the design of some of those plays just which is gorgeous. Well especially the way he would keep his speedy running backs like. One on one with linebackers. Unlike coal routes and two wheeled into them into open space. And I thought the breaking news of the day. And Aleks Maric completed a pass more than twenty yards. I thought that was started and oh by the way. On national television Stephon Gilmore gets burned. She yeah I if you go back to review that though Richard you'll see that that's really have more on my quarry missing it Gilmore. Would we wanna see the you know we wanna say that it was in the got burned and we see him doing what he does and throwing his arms up in kind of Dino laying blame on on his teammates which is just awful and and I don't imagine that that they're gonna put up without for very long in New England but. Yeah he's nice to be of the seat. This this Stephon Gilmore doing Stephon Gilmore things in new England and know that and maybe it wasn't the bills maybe maybe there were right in and justified in letting him walk. Although if that is the case and again it's we want it'll long long season to play very well. You don't normally see the patriots go out and get big name high priced free agents like that and date if they do they usually work. So better be an interesting little subplot to follow the rest of the respective Gilmore. But the patriots wide receivers state they look like they're missing Julian battle. And they've been looked like Brady was often. Not able to find his safety blanket in the while. Eight the other thing they could cure this too is may be NFL coaches could actually treat the pre season a little bit better I know everybody has this you know versions. The fear of injury and that's Ottoman and ill gotten hurt playing in a pre season game in Detroit but on the other hand. I yadda worsened to some sloppy after execution their for New England last nine rich I would be surprised we're gonna see more just. I would call a bad football things that look real are level football we don't like here in week one just because these teams haven't had enough wraps. At least they're not years is compared to years past. Well it's not just the precinct in but it would expect to see a lot of bad tackle because they're not going through many lives drills in practice during training camp. You don't seem that two days but certainly about three days and no amount of time they're limited with pads and actual contact. You're you're gonna see some. Some questionable. Decision making when it comes to tackling informed and blocking like that. Rich Donnelly news NBC our guest. Here in the sports bar with danger Ametek Leo football Friday getting geared up for Sunday morning. Buffalo and New York it knew where feel pre game starting here at 9 o'clock on ESP. And Rochester. Rick rich let's not talk about the overall outcome of the bills when he seventeenth season I don't know if you've. Publicly given any kind of bold prediction for the season or what you think the bills will finish the season with it's sure seems like six in ten is kind of like the though the baseline where everybody seems to be kind of landing right around that six in ten mark where you stand. I'm probably a probably have a six intend zone the bill lowest Togo is three and cortina that is BP most sky is falling cynical way and only six content. I expect at the builder and it surprises here and there. If you look at Indianapolis. If Andrew Luck really is banged up in the back could be a win Miami to at the end of the year. You never know that could be a win. You know received the chargers that could be away and I'm looking around. Camp could be a win to build have a bye week right before that. The raiders needing to come east you know the raiders are really good team and I think a definite possibility to make the Super Bowl but. They're companies. May be. But after the jets will those next four games could be. Now I guess this is a year rich where were all watching college football on low big closer handsome. Current car we already Sam Arnold yeah well and in indeed the overreaction. In all my guys that you see with the UCLA quarterback created in the Wyoming DA will look so good so. I mean what are your early thoughts here from what you were able to watch the college game after Labor Day weekend. I thought Josh Rosen walked on water in the fourth quarter I've got a minute and forty fort and I changed channel I was watching that West Virginia game speaker elect will really looked pretty didn't. In less urgent. But some of the other games. Mean Arnold looked OK. Not great but then again it was western Michigan although they have talent. Treatment sorely out and they look pretty good rookie necessarily NFL body or ready but you you want. Granted you know used on him a Mac team and papal and the ball a lot. Adjusted. You know Turkey's quarterbacks really good to. Erica I don't think he's gonna come out or if he's even able to but that's someone to just keep an eye on Dino papers is doing them. So equal things that often they're score a lot of point. Which we were talking about quarterbacks let's go back to the bills starting quarterback. A situation right now is a stance last night before the game. I know a lot of Kansas City fans were. Scratching their heads and and chanting for Patrick my home is based on what he'd in the pre season you can make some parallels to what is happening in Western New York Whitney compete and get X wraps. Towards the end of the pre season and looking. Decent what does Tyrod Taylor have to do to shut up the critics and to make it ready realized he gives this team the best chance to win. Shelve Nathan Peterman for at least this season. It is it is something is something is is is much is what like Alex Smith did last night because I don't think anybody in Kansas City right now is saying yeah we still need homes and at some point this year. I pick out an absolutely bought him all of 2070. And what he starts had a couple 124 yard games where. Three interceptions and checked down everywhere. In the difference with my homes and Peter has. They went up to get all have been of the way that the chiefs traded with a built to go get Patrick Holmes number ten. With. Him if tyra does point out that last night. I don't think Tyrod and his wild mystery is gonna matched that despite. Tired actually played really well the last regular season game we saw him play against all cute great. You don't need to have 300 yards necessarily doesn't need to be four touchdowns. But you want to see a high completion percentage on the ball down the field. We don't want interceptions in last season we promote art did not seem odd time. You wanna see him execute an efficient game and is that 200 yards. 28 attempts like twenty for 28200 yards a touchdown. With you know. Calling it right audible giving the ball LeSean McCoy OK if it is then fine is one that he was we looked available that. For Tyrod sake don't turn the ball over play within yourself. And get the ball out quick step the one thing that I took away from one Peterman got the start in the last pre season games in yeah I was against the guys that aligns we're gonna cut. But apple came out. It was quit he looked right way in the pocket just sit it out there and we don't release your appetite. Welcomes president Peter. I'm curious as to where the line is it you know like a 1713. Bills wind where tyra throws for 225 and a touch. Isn't enough right I mean we wanna really see Tyrod pour it on me while I hear your own. I guess I'm I'm curious where the line knees when you make the switch OK the obvious thing is okay you're out of the playoff picture and that's when you make the switch. Well what point could it become before that because I look at what Cleveland's doing. And is the Sean Kaiser the long term answer there. I don't know all you see some promise I mean you could draw the parallel. But clearly should be in good position to go get a quarterback what they're doing is at least they're going to evaluate DeShawn Kaiser this year OK we see enough here to believe our guy. If your buffalo win jewel on head star map process rich if the bills are. I mean where they have to be two and 42 and five we technically still alive that you know really rademan. Well I mean you can go that way but you know. Peter and skipped over by every single NFL team for four routes. So it's not like she's Andrew Luck in ever want to go get him right away and were waiting all season to get him. There's got to be a reason that he dropped down. And with that said. Are at the bills ready to win then go to the playoffs. In all phases of the game right now or would Peter and served himself better down the road if he is the quarterback of the future. To just watch for a little bit and it's maybe just mean but let Tyrod get beat up. Both on the field and in the press for another season. While he still has that aura of well we've got a god for the future go comedian and waiting in the wings. Maybe that's for the best. I still think Tyrod Taylor right now don't give to build the best chance to win out of quarterbacks that they have. Rich Donnelly news ten NBC our guest in the sports bar with danger Mattel a lyric what are you working out for tonight. Well we've got high school football really more is going to be Pittsburgh Webster Thomas that are touched down ten game of the week. Also Syracuse went to big commit today. They hired debate I'm connection it's not rocket over with the York. A body is now with the double. It went so debts next year correct yes it usually beat. I that you can get the Brewster academy and New Hampshire believes it raises but. That's good get and a lot of big B on programs we're looking at him. And yet you would think that of course his dad would have to be in. Maybe for transit means yeah they have around. For her a little and then never leave. This buys him five more years is that lawyers saying rich. I think so. As men like she shot he'll be retired by that all linked in you could stand gonna wanna make up those 101 wins. And of another decade of very high. I'm gonna battle it right now another decade of base. Koch. And will be here another decade and definitely. I got the gym behind you will be their for a patient in their right Peter. Rich Donnelly news and NBC our guest rich thanks you're time has always have appreciated as always and enjoy your week in Iraq did not disagree startling news NBC can check them out tonight. On news ten NBC you know we come back next with I'll drink to that. Yeah guy we got some thought provoking comments to wrap your mind around we call and I'll drink to that here in the sports bar as. Yeah one of the issues we should talk about the pace of play in the what happened last they were promising me faster game less commercials less stoppage. OK. What time did you go to bed. I think my clock read like close to 1 AM by the time I finally unwound from that game yeah I yeah that was. Yes they it when I see a Michelle the four way out on the field or post scandal it is time to go to bed and yet at that point past while there yet now can't stay up. Right now we're gonna play Alger. That next you're always welcome to join and pull stool at 454. ESP and the sports bar with danger to tightly continues next on AM 915957. FM and streaming online at ESPN Rochester to.