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Thursday, September 7th Injury Analyst Russ Manalastas joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss injuries plaguing the NFL heading into week one!


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Live here champ city's few malls sports bar a celebrating NFL kick off an invite you to come on join with us celebrate with us. Just like the good doctor Ross has doctor awesome analyzes barring injury expert joining us here in the sports or danger in the daily allotment of person Russ great seeing you. After talking to you on the iPhone week after week with the injury updates could see you a person thank you for the call what. Who environment I know I'm happy to be as it wrestles and appear on America. And for many years or raffle winner think there's a Desert Classic went Gosselin and the secrets out. It what we got here I mean can we run through a couple of injuries are we still has got word today. On a high ankle sprain of browns' offense miles of care that we make that these high ankle sprains. They're tricky you know they are tricky injury you when you see what's happening with. With O'Dell Beckham junior right now now practicing again today with the New York Giants that involves talk about how players react to a high ankle sprain. You know what the timetable for return my calls for his written get kind of varies wildly on the player doesn't it. Yeah no question so high ankle sprains are different and you're darn right ankle sprain that. The mechanism is different with those garden right into screaming you turned collective -- we'll play and it's in the foot and it's sprinkling months on the outside by the ankle with a high ankle sprain. Actually springs secondly and above the ankle joint itself so it's a new twist and turn on a foot or ankle because a lot more discomfort in the ankle itself. No timetables for high ankle sprains have to even if it's a low grade again we talked yesterday pain using determines. Recovery timeline can be 24 we've seen before six weeks normally high ankle sprains. You wanna air on the senate cautions or four weeks five weeks since he sometimes that kind timetable that you're looking at. Again a little Beckham is is a perfect example series three weeks out. I'm going to four weeks and he hasn't really practiced much in his practice today so. For people that haven't received for him to. Do you even considered consideration on Sunday. He's a practice in some sort of fashion tomorrow Saturday in order to content that he does when anything does. The chance that he's not Daniel played the full sense massacres its science and physical as or. For Russell metal last the stopping by our our home away from home your chances of me by two down the chance DC mall tonight as we're getting ready for the season opener. We had to I guest on the view of the city earlier but deep Hinckley talking about the trademarks of things of recchi rag. Hi it's been what now thirteen months injury the ACL to hear her soul rots from your outside or just in general and ACL there we've come to expect one year he should be go out there. Why is that not always the case yes so I mean I was with AC those militants of recovery sort of a face Jeter on 1112 months you know mess it's kind of beer parents across and there are people back on back sooner but again that the whole psychological mental component Benicio reconstruction. And having to deal with and knowing that you're and he is going to be fine and he's back on the field so that people and players struggle so. Peter red dragon and who's out who's thirteen months out he's the me not ready. I mean it's not uncommon no not every ACL is going to recover as fast as you think. And just a matter of getting to the point where physically and mentally do you feel comfortable with the with the news you do without everything about it if you just go out there and play. And not have to worry about what their knees going to density. Due to them if they've moved the wrong place at wrong way and that's and that's it troubles most players. If this that he feels good what is the psychological implement and easy to struggle with or they just don't feel confident enough to feel like he did their need. 100%. Go without really can't worry about it. Russ is NFL season kicks off tonight obviously Sunday at a majority of the games and media injuries that you have your lie on. As we head into Sunday. Com. Not a Dorothy Thomas Rawls is someone I'm kind of looking at Thomas Rawls RC you've got Cesar gross errors you've got Chris Garcia got pales in there. You know households in practice who's a full course is me yesterday. What they did the Indian high ankle sprain so. I would never tells me is it was a little bouncy and very very morning hi who's paying the same time he might not get the full compliment snaps on Sunday. To visit back fills a crowd that you got that you basically gets you through his eyes. The good chance they might ease Thomas -- back in there and not give his full complement snaps on Sunday. Tom other than that you know I'm I think the biggest. Question mark is about back. And I think at this point in time if he does play. It's not going to be what to expect so I would say if you have put a vacuum for Sunday and if you look for back a plants only shepherded on the giants have you tried to place to start. Just because against the Sunday night's game you know I've been options for sending night. It's going to be tough for him to really tackle out there is again when he was press yesterday or. Put all Democrats think he was jogging is pretty gingerly news. Marketing any other way or maybe put an Eddie lacy theirs or our is new without roll yes all I have my address I have are mired my final draft on Tuesday no standard big game. I had an option to choose who I knew they see in hours and over the brick thrilled about the idea but. Again with Thomas draws you you never know you he took a while yes last year to recover recover from some the ankle surgery they had so. There's a chance that Eddie lacy maybe shows the way so when using rebrand use healthy. That maybe there's there's a potential there but again pre season. He has not looked good so that's the concern is that maybe he has you know again when every week pause for a guy in his contract. That's always a concern I mean you know again if he continued I'm on money that easily I think his big chance and I would do it but. And time and time again and of these we struggle with his weight so we'll see as the season goes on that becomes it becomes concerned. The good doctor Ross Ross a battle last circus here in the sports bar with danger of exactly alive from Chansi east you mall we invite you come on join his rust. Wearing his colors today you're wearing the colors of of your new venture talk about talk about what you what you photographers all the local example you're wearing what you do it now so it's. While I open my own the derby private practice. With index of Washington Washington cripple New York. I'm disaster rights Rochus I sinner even though there right now he's he's known as Tom's feet yeah in a so we've been open now for two months and now we've been doing well we're seen you know against a very very. Athletic. Population and fitness enthusiasts have a population that we're seeing and I think my skills like that fits that detonates there. Com Sonia amusement logo words of our both Eminem so. You know we're just trying to kind of let people know about what fizzles everything right in that people can come see us without you referral from doctor. No if you wanted to use lately of an injury or if you want to you know I was recover from one faster. We think that we can be the best place for that sword in my business is managed forms that are being against the horse therapy is combination of there's a third priest and conditioning sport performance all under one umbrella and again. We oversee things from start to finish which is some times that offend anybody that dike goes out. On their own into business so ros in purple roster is congratulated van and. Yeah I mean spirited and better than they got that on himself out this Bassett and and you're gonna be a success a matter what you decide to do. Outlook because honestly you evil like yourself with winners from day one here sport where danger of the tigris and about to be honest I so Russ is great app Russ PT up by the way. On Twitter you can see right you do all the videos where you show people that strength conditioning exercise that you. The recovering or they just wanna get stronger it's really good stuff that dot doctor Ross shares with you on Twitter at Russ PT and thanks for the against the typical ups and out. Bought a Sony is a little renewed tonight on policies are policies and kick off ring give away free for four subscription and I pom girls and you Wear free for fourth user. I'm so wouldn't do well on Twitter and FaceBook is. All you have to do is attack someone on there and then respond with who you think using it when suitable. Took us all you have to do. Right if you do that you get entered to win we'll draw out maybe tonight there's not a tomorrow. And an Ozzie you fall for subscription which is 65 dollar value and an additional mill rescue. You res work for the number four. Four FOR Ford dot com for for Ford dot com Russell metal ass this. Our guest here in the sports bar with danger likely left just what he thinks of stuff out of every energizes his parents think it'll injury insight as we head into week one.