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Bills sideline reporter Sal Capaccio joins Danger and Battaglia for the latest on Jeremy Maclin's visit to Buffalo and what he's looking for out of the Bills final week of OTAs.


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KM 915957. Advantage streaming online that ESPN Rochester dot com and BE SPN Rochester Iraq plus four. ESPN Rochester. Sports bar the only time the best and brightest minds in the industry people that are in the know. Year round people like south of. Pot GO. Who are. Very fortunate to have in studio in studio is not trying to can't be easier in Rochester that's how much I think of you guys I came here from buffalo just to be with an a that lacrosse tonight yeah there's a call the games on that TV spectrum sports so we do the play by play of the two semi finals that I seasons and for section five tonight when you're saying I cannot say that an act I would be very much in trouble I said something like that I expect a close couple of good games yes that's exam that's the objective you want dance and play back play announcers suck Abacha joining us here in this. Ports bar with danger and tag glee here we are Maclin watch what is the latest what do we know we saw the Easter Graham post from. LeSean McCoy that he deleted signing players every day I mean. He deleted since I've driven Harry yeah it's deleted it's gone on crack com. But you know what are we to gain from that post to mean he's working out in the weight room with the Shawn McCoy. Seems like this while all but certain I. Wouldn't say he was working out he was he was there he was walking around so I mean if he. If he was under contract to my viewers the other night there after take our chances of him working on the senator contract. But Tyrod Taylor was there as well if you watched it was an NC Greene's story which I just learned today with that is so you know if you watch it there's a video there it's. And then Tyrod and Jeremy Maclin LeSean that is but here's the thing. It doesn't matter what LeSean McCoy wanted as a matter what tyra to the ones they are now making decisions for the Buffalo Bills and that's gonna come down to what. Sean McDermott Embree and in the once they can lobby all they want. They can push harder only want hecla Shawn McCoy pushed for. This guy beach to be the GM not to long ago he was really on that they didn't care what LeSean McCoy thought nor should you organization Carol LeSean McCoy thinks. It's nice the Jeremy Maclin has friends in the bills' organization was shot was injury Maclin to wedding. Just a few weeks ago yes so it's nice that that's the case. And I'm sure that's a recruiting tool. But if you're you're relying on the Shawn McCoy to get your info about what's gonna happen when Jeremy Maclin might I would caution you say don't do that. Should people be cautious too because for Jeremy Maclin probably his best interest to go to Baltimore until an older and totally look I mean. Why would you not do that any of us should do that that situation you wanna know what your market is you want and what your value as if you have four teams interest in new buffalo Baltimore Philly. Cleveland that we know a lot of white echoes she would all of them. I have to offer and look at your bills this is not the type of player you say if you leave this building. The deal is off the table. You know you let him go do his thing and say look I mean this is what we urge city knew this is what we're willing to give you this is where we are contractually what you want what we want. Like if you if you fine another shooter somewhere else glad we can't guarantee we're gonna still want you. A week from now something else comes available we really like the guys we have so I can there has to be that sort of understanding as well but there's no doubt about it we just hedging like I mean. If you're Jeremy Maclin. Unless you just an fallen Bubba buffalo in the situation the money's right. Why would you not go somewhere else in making the comments that they made this week and it itchy eighty softball game did they worked. There organization in terms of how they can actually negotiated deal with with the tell like Jeremy Maclin I mean not you got Amy your first. We're offering him something before anybody else when he really can't go to us what would have been better off for the bills to have Maclin. Last on this tour stop my that you always wanna be the last team right but you never know he could be the last two could sign here than it has the last stop there so if you get him in first. You put on. What every got to put on you impress him maybe he's here so no I don't think it hurts your organization anyway and backed I think it shows. For a guy likely Sean who by the way two weeks ago told all of us how much he loves buffalo now he spends more time here now. For him to say that publicly to talk about it in recruiting Maclin publicly goes a long way with how people feel about buffalo which is what everybody says about buffalo. When you first arrived there you may think oh my god buffalo which you'll never leave you don't wanna leave it's a great place to great city was shot equates falling and that now he's trying to tell Jeremy Maxima that tell south of how. GO his first in studio visit here in the sports are 957 ESPN. Sell this is the problem I'm having here with the bills and how to build this team because for Jeremy Maclin would he make the team better in 27 in a course. But he ended there you billing a team for Tony seventeen are you building a team that three years from now compete for Super Bowl where do you come down. I say it's a great question and it kind is conflicting or what they're doing here with what the message has been right the messages then. This is about a long term vision and this is about building for 2018 in nineteen and beyond this isn't about Tony seventeen but. Let's remember this go to Jeff wants to wince when he seventeen that's why they brought a Shawmut quarterback that's why they brought Kyle Williams back and the rental Alexander back that's why they made those moves. The that's what about tyra tila back to be honest with you. They wanna wince when he seventeen with the vision of OK even though we want to it's really more about going on the road so. I think it's as simple as this guy's this league breezy here in June you're not bringing in a guy who this is you know a 24 year old and three NC march. You bring in the guy now we simply say you better and what we have is he better than the number two guy we have heaviest. We can be a better team so why not try. And he likes it here. Maybe he resigns who knows maybe they sign on to a two year three year deal. Then he does fit into the plans for 2018 or nineteen but I agree with you kind of counterproductive. What it seems like the message is. And at 29 year old guy. Who's had a couple injuries on the east injury plagued her prone or anything like that to bring in a one year deal but is he better than the number two guy you have. I think he has. And what kind of way you do that what would you price that at them we're trying to figure out like what is Jeremy Mac plane in 2017 worth if you're the Buffalo Bills if you sign him. To a one year or two year deal I mean he there are teams that have probably a greater need for Jeremy Maclin. Then the bill so he could probably get more with the ratings or the Eagles or that the lions are any after the brown certainly you have all that extra room to play with. What is that number put a number on itself the do you have any idea. Start with a Q the campus for the bills roughly half probably right now about fifteen million dollars that's with a Aaron Williams cap relief from about from June 1 cut. That's pretty good actually that they're a good spot about average around the league of fifteen into the can afford. A one year deal here probably the range of 34 maybe you go to four have to even five depending on what some incentives and benchmarks might be I don't think you give my base salary necessarily. That high but you know three and a half four maybe even for a half million dollars for dialing Jeremy Maclin mean that's what it takes if he's looking for 56. I think it's I don't think you do it any say look I mean were not trying to go all in right now this is Rex Ryan probably doesn't get it probably go out there and get. The kid that was just. The guy was linebacker David Harris via the public and David Harris probably get Decker probably get Mac he's going to be on and always guy yeah it's not the vision the bills have right now lives is leading into my next question Decker tactically isn't on the street yet but debts coming up settle who's the better receiver in your opinion in. Could there be a better week one opening opponent for the Buffalo Bills in the New York Jets first of all I. I like Eric Decker a lot and I think the you know he can play the slot it has size which is a huge mismatch of the bills that should trouble with that over the years. But I do think that he's had some injury issues the last three years I think is a year to with a Macklin so I would say Jeremy Maclin is probably. The better guy right now although I think it's close I think Eric Decker can still provide a team some help right now. Yes if they lose to the jets in week one I'll guys we have we better prepare the you be prepared to get a lot of calls about tanking because people say they showed. Yeah should be the jets by a couple of scores and we won the jets are. Going all in and 2018. Here twice and that's like right now I've heard people say that that is the worst roster that they've seen us close to ten years what the jets have done with the purging. Of all of this talent now they've given themselves a lot of flexibility for 28 team but this is as close to a tank without anybody coming up and saying we're tanking. As we've seen me last year's Cleveland Browns I suppose you could say we're doing the same thing. Setting themselves up for this offseason but this is atrocious and I. I don't think the jets haven't gone as deep as the browns went to the browns went so deep it's gonna take some time to recover really mean more than maybe even they thought well. I think the jets are close the other there they're. They can say all they want boy you know getting rid of aging players in salary yeah that's true that every team has those players you'll get rid of all the all those players on mosque. You can't say they're taking because of Eric Decker you can't say they're tanking because. David Harris or because of nick mangled or because of whoever he threw in there but you add them all up. They're tanking that's what they're doing. Yeah yeah we're accustomed to hear from the hockey team like you have only four lines to roll it's much different trying to fill a 53 man roster no doubt about it and on they're gonna be a bad team. Who they are starting quarterback week one against the bills I think that it is a going to be the count probably it could be hack in there for all we know my gosh. You know I mean there. The jets are banking on being near the top of the draft next year not at the top in getting one of those what should be stud quarterbacks that they can have for years ago. Let's talk about that for second suck putts you're gestured studio in the sports bar with danger and the tag Leo we've spent some time last week and I'm sure you've had this conversation much time as well talking about how the bills can better positioned themselves. 42018. In the draft with those compensatory draft and working that for me a little bit their seven qualifying players. That if they got to three of them they get that compensatory third round pick four of them would get the fourth round compensatory pick. Do you think that's an option they should explore do you think they should. Poll pat I mean you have until we tend to make these moves right he kind of give yourself a little bit of flexibility there but opt out of those seven certainly sell you see at least for those guys that that could end up helping the bills were that compensatory draft. Picked for the cup but I look here here's my philosophy I don't. I don't think you ever make decisions based on what you're comp picks should be the following years should make decisions based on who your better for basketball players are to play and in it so happens that it comes down to should we keep by air type guy B will guess what we keep guide be. And we get actually and a topic actually getting rid of guy that comes out of that I think that's the only situation otherwise. Got brother Condrey homes and what might be a third round pick next year I don't know it's going to be a third round pick of day where it based iMac and they could get rid Andre homes and some people say. Well then you get a third round topic next year well first of all that's not necessarily the formula doesn't work like that you don't know if you're going to. Possibly hundred homes can help this team and you're trying to win and that's what you do. I don't think they should take that philosophy. You know you can always maneuver in the draft it'll show that this year that when this strapped with six X. A couple of days later than eight and then about down a six and another one number one next year. I am not in that motive of thinking that you should do anything based on what comp picks might be the following year it's not about you joining us in studio the one move yesterday uncle we listened he's gone police uniting anymore questions buckled listening so that's not true I. I because I tell you. Taylor I have to clear clarify this for a lot of people. Colby Lewis and he will clear waivers in the team claims him. He goes there if not the bills have the option of putting him on reserve non football injury right they do not have to cleanly break away from him. That may be what they're hoping to do because that he doesn't count against the ninety he doesn't count against the 53 they can still sign Maclin not have to worry about anybody. I don't think they'll do that I think this is going to be a situation where they say look. He hasn't been on the field he's taken on the feel we don't think he's gonna recover why are we wasting our training. Resources. Are coaching staff from whatever working with him when we should just let him go so we can wait use that time and resource and energy on other players but. Jeanne it's very it's still possible. Colby Lewis and he could be on the bills' roster as an and a five player in the eligible to come off week six. This coming season in the that we do OTAs wrapping up tomorrow cell what are you gonna be looking for. Well I think. This is the time period where the installation really needs to be starting to look like you they know what they're doing right I mean. We've seen I've gone we can only go one time every time they've OTAs with a one time. The exit for a tease this week so the one there's in the one Friday after the last one we're only there Thursday. I wanna see ya wanna make sure communication looks good they're not run around town yo from wondering what's going on by this point routier's. You should have that down now next week they've three veteran mini camp days as the mandatory one everybody's got to be either. You better have everything set by them by the time you leave on June 15 that's their last practice. The next time you meet is it training camp and you hit the ground running so I wanna look for OTAs tomorrow and Friday only watching tomorrow. They seem to have all that down communication. Lining up the right way recognizing thing that that is what's important to me. Quarterback's passes having all that's timing stuff you start working on entry. And training camp coming up at Fisher in late July before let you go one injury question if the head coach says concerned about an injury. In the month of may now into June Charles clay how concerned should bills fans be about Charles clay. Well I think they should be concerned but let's light putting context. You know what he he was answering a question dealing with the what seems to be chronic knee problem that Charles clay has had. He didn't seem to indicate McDermott didn't seem to indicate that it's anything worse than what we've had so far with him. Always had the players not missed a game is not missing game because of the injury missed one game last year because of the birth of this child if you remember that was it. I think when he says to me the context he was saying is. Yes we're concerned because it's. It's simply something if the manager every day is simply something I have to think about every day how they manage is wraps how he managed his practice time and much remember this coaches. I was told guys. When the Sammy Watkins that your decision came down you know not to pick it up and outspoken around and ask him what was going on the forwards your enemy south they said dispersant said to me think about. How this coach operates in the fourth things he cares about. Care reliability. Durability. Availability and accountability. And it. If you can't have those four things they're going to start thinking in other ways about what they need to do. Yes I think Charles Claes knew he is concerning because availability your ability to hasn't shown anything in those two areas he's not quite there yet. As long as he still available in durable they'll be okay and I don't think it's overly all of my guy was and that was needs more like how we get a mansion in practice every day how to manage Jimenez wraps we have to be concerned about how we do things with. The great soccer pot should joining us in studio sells great to finally meet you know did you thank you I appreciate that is a beautiful studio the only thing you around give you a little torn here are quick to Leo thank you for stopping in the sports bar with danger and the tech Lee is south departure joining us a have a great time tonight Fisher's I think you. Gotta suck budget joining us cortex the sports bar with danger to tag Lee AM 915957. FM. ESPN Rochester.