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Wednesday, September 13th

Bills sideline reporter Sal Capaccio joins Danger and Battaglia to recap the Bills week one victory and analyze the matchups for week two against the Panthers.


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Doctors nationals Sunday night baseball would coverage starting at seven on your home for the NLV playoffs and World Series starting at 950 yet. I'm 57 MM plus sports leader ESPN Rochester. Skills and their son there was coverage starting at 9 o'clock right here on your home to Buffalo Bills ESPN Rochester would talk to them. Bill sideline reporter sound upon jail. In the sports bar would danger of attack late afternoon sell. It it's now god great it's always fun when bills get off to a one and all start now here comes in appointing Carolina. Sell I would make the argument that this way. If the bills were to hold this off in week two. This road win against this opponent that would be more impressive than any road win that Rex Ryan had. Had picked up Thursday night. It burst here it was a pretty. When it seemed. You know we believe in the last in the year needing. What they went and in that year it was they went for a short week or on the road com but I think that would be their statement but. I don't know Carolina's rate now either but this early it and that would be a big lecture. Yes I mean I've been looking a lot of pro football focus numbers and and I know that it's one we can I know. That it's the jets but it it paints a pretty rosy picture for Buffalo Bills and their performances. A week one. This team they can actually wind is not. I think though I've I've watched. I watched the entire enters game from last week as well written them down a little bit and I got it right guys that mean. Are indeed they have really get the league player that very deep current or past. Cam Newton looked really average was very rusty. Being in the pocket you know they don't really want him running election. I hit it he doesn't run you don't let him run and neutering because that. As part of his game and really what. Let him to be an MVP two years ago it looked at number last year Berry they drop off but he did not eat pork he picked. And then this year it was it was way off. He overthrew guys left and right the only pad. I think it would if I that's fourteen completions. On I of them a wide receivers like don't talk about the bill Arab we though I think perpetuity year. And and you talk about you know Tyrod. And and we were all very critical of his performance in the pre season I mean you know when you look now after one week of doubt. At who the bills faced in the pre season and yes it's the free seasonal throw that asterisk up there as well. They played the vikings they played the Eagles and they play the ravens three pretty good defense is in those three weeks of the pre season. Could it be that tyra just faced really good defense is which might have affected his performance in the pre season what we saw. I go to. And other sports so those bills were it not really writing your work. Really but the entire playbook out there very minimal if that com. They kept it in a pocket a lot. It's a very basic they were game planning against what is that I read things like that go. Sure I mean the Allen and it was either being absolutely you know better than what they thought in the near yet overall judgment front and it pretty good. But yet a part about our rapidly realized he didn't. Integrating that caught the game and an interception but he could on the ball little better the Charles clay I think Erica. India and who's responsible but I think in the end zone late it is and that it would. All all the weight I don't but I think I don't parrot did the nice thing about it that it it. So occupied GO sideline reporter Buffalo Bills years reports on WG our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. So on the chess match of the McDermott against Rivera if you wanna throw in there my whole bird is an extra added bonus. It does does one side have an advantage over the other yourself. I always think that a coach who especially benefit of years has much more against it over the in that situation than any player of the coaching your lives. Coaches get it just ski. Players are who they are. Go to coat his familiar with the players' strengths and weaknesses he's going to be able to attack than an individual basis. A coach and it got the steam out I think they Alan I was there we did this and that is a this week ratings terminology that I hear the play circuit. He's at a player's strength is during the week is is this weakness and a coach who's been with them knows that. You hear Sean McDermott during his press cover stand and saying what you would expect the Sega heaping praise. On this week's opponent heaping praise on his former imploring Carolina. Sell the all the pressure. In this week two matchup. Lies in Carolina does it not mean that the bills can go in their kind of loose knowing that if Carolina loses to the bill to the guys at. That they elect gul. And that that's a poor reflection of them is. I think it team respect. Acted that way I think individual perspective any comic Dermot is much it is a very calm and collected are for third individual aide. Like I said he is the most. Home collected. A goat that is a union ever seen on much that's true I think there's pressure internally and number and him being. To go back in the place where they work along together. And it showed that they're building something near buffalo and they can do it on their own without further without state settlement without ownership at all and it we have I think. An eighteen collectively. Carolina you know they're called the scene that's supposed to win that game and you have. What would be considered lowly Buffalo Bills coming your house I think it you know that that provide little. Soccer botch your guest selves as one question here on the jets game in regards Marcel Daria as from what you saw going back and watching it. Already come down and how he played because sometimes it is difficult to evaluate defensive line play. If you're you're not showing up on the score sheet debt that doesn't necessarily mean you're not doing other things so. Would that being said what did you think of but Daria seize up first game with the bills the season. He played well in the confines of what he's been active act. Do what I like in the war. Sure that's what it is in the view there was a lot of talk about that today talk about that with comic permit that we talked of Marcel about it. After practice I just wrote about a little while ago that it that are on the weapon in the country and yours as well and are now at an in thing maybe is that. Physically is there any disappointment on your behalf but what you know role you have your be expected to do you can't have more of an impact in. He had happened on that Newton. That's a good question you know upon. And it gave all the political responses I'm just gonna elect are one part of the team and actually look at the back it. Being dominant and he is the highest paid player on the scene and you'd love to see him and that rule but at that. It would act that you can lead to more women I know I wouldn't have built and built in shouldn't complain he played well for what he's. Do I think it would have to do more he could probably make organ. Soccer but she outside the reporter for the Buffalo Bills you could hear his work of course Sunday afternoon here on ESP and Rochester also is reports. On a WGR and RE SPN Rochester dot com south LeSean McCoy. Looks like the best running back in the NFL week one and in the back my head is great is it looks this is great as it is to see him looking the way he does. Man I got a fear that he's gonna Wear down at some point in talking off the ledge. Okay well here talk thought yup elect Xian he looks to be initiated younger than it and he's had a lot of these parties. You know there at all on it is. And he doesn't take the biggest thing is he will be the first battalion. He didn't think they shot he hasn't it out of bound it. It down the way the important body you'd never really have the quite got -- what when they you know one thing oh that is that made her I mean. There could be a point of diminishing returns and very. Dirty game. They're up or the other in the that we you're gonna finally a little bit I would or not that would query out maybe 29 year old is not. Like or like other girl running back out and. In the the guy who's backing him up and I'm sure you've got a lot of questions about this almighty god why did they let go Jonathan Williams. Cool we've been look overlooking Mike Colbert all along what is your impression. For Mike told very Rigas what what I hear what I see is a you know title leader in the locker room right now so. While that athletic guy. Yeah the football part of it though he's a good football player but really comic they're targeted. Mike Tolbert are right out the factory he because they want a guy come right into the locker room and he could be part of what they're doing it. And he can be a leader lead by apple app like you here first and foremost. And then on all of all by the way he's 250 pound on people call. That that a big. He didn't get a lot of debate they've finally guys calm you adapt to the locker about is how do. The bills because he played in Carolina for so long and you know he knows what Kim knew all about you know. Eat as though about whether we are beginning to get an everyday is the line was we don't rule. He's dead it is it's it is but I'm about a lot of it is this week. How go loyalty goes to show like hearing that that's awesome suckered by tear gas in the sports bar with danger to tightly as self talk a little bit about the secondary to the big question mark going into the season was. What is his revamped secondary gonna look like and and again looking it's a pro football focus grades. You know tree white greeted at the top rookie quarterback ahead of guys were drafting from a much Marchand Lattimore you saw Jordan Boyer is the top. One of the top three safety's grated. After one week of play how much of that is their play how much of that is their opponent. I'm. I think you have to take account would it play it yet and they don't. The quarterback well there are guys. You know you'd probably wouldn't be out of own book and noted there anybody or heard of well. But. I don't want to call would be. Well Boyer. Where eagle on Sunday not name on the coy here. No it was probably built that roster that it Arcandor the only player left. I respect their cold there and really didn't play. Our. We board though it and are currently is that they're intentionally. The border Williams portico Coleman or aren't Gilmore or on our legal port port that. Are readily. My eyes weren't forward either state. Then they'd wrap com. Pretty late regulate their first round pick what you re right weight slightly greater. Last year neighboring all Verlander. Who played for John McDermott they targeted players on an entry to. Every single one of them is a big read it read it is. It's not because they are all pros. It's because they exactly what they want eat and holiday weight gain and in that particular I don't know I've ever seen and are here at and I think I. Because they eat the apple. Oh well now one. What they do it and accurate they're gonna. Ago oh boy that in the secondary act the way he got beat by that like Hebert. But I think our. Game we're gonna say. They're pretty good at it. Suck pot Joseph joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN. Updates from today you wrote about how EG gains. Was limited but he's expected to play. What about this a new linebacker to Lonnie Jenkins that they just picked up bus Al what what are they seeing him in now could he be active this week. Because it McDermott said they really like it trait that they're looking or is that what the the overall number one. And we've always talked about how to speak out relied on athletic players you look at what he attic airline out. And Heatley and honesty that in Jack you know I really good move rot wire around. Others find that your outlook but what are the problem out. And it actually went back group. I you have more but give credit or the more aptly that it effort like ink in. And I think that the guys are bought out by. Am I talked about it in the locker room afterward on the state as you know played as we McDermott did not count it as they are not. Complicated eat it and pay the ball get ball. He'd bet that the day lineup though you're read your. Although I got one. Completely think about something you'd they're doing. But even though they give peace and Putin here I wouldn't be surprised. He's like a Carolina team luck he used the site and the running back in the passing game I think that the big reason why they brought out like that. It's dense to sell on the outside of the ball I mean when you talk about defense is in talk about stars at defense a look weekly. It is me you know probably the guy that shot maker would love to have on on this roster a guy like that what does that which the bills do offensively. Q I try to diminish what Luke weekly brings to the table. What Marco looked equally right now is amazing. I think they're going a run straight app and equally he has most of I'd like to use that he ought angle. I'm I can be swallowed up by bigger players. That's going to be a problem for him I think that number one number two ethnic group epic all I think. Carolina's. Over pursuit against them actually I'm quite adequate and that a little bit. It was a little bit surprising that he talked about I'll umpire and a and a beat Oprah knew that we cut Bakley guys that mean no maybe doing. I'm practicing that very rehearsed but nothing that little owners. Up like that in play action boot up it richt haven't been really incorporate into the event so I think equally. But typically you'd you run at him with a thick body and the overall it a secret for Carolina I think they'll use their speed and their over again. You talk about the cutback ability mean that's LeSean strength you're playing right into his strength fur fur. You don't off its game plan that would make a lot of sense. Yeah that's right it back down. You know so different from last year what they did in the opposite are the up front blocking in the street though Katie Katie Byron. That is our bottom of the vision that ballot and he can see guys coming from it your all like on you know it is sad that that stop that. And the day opposite really break it the iMac really interesting that we're here Richie agnico. It not poll want. It isn't all that bet they don't that's not really what this offense the ball well but what they do is they get you moving. And what you're moving that well on the court it's so as I can either go to the spot at their legal weight from right up back because here over restore. Can't wait this match up sell on the other side of the football odd point Carolina you have Kelvin Benjamin and Greg goal CNN now Christine McCaffrey. Low which of these skilled players would present the biggest problem matchup wise for the Buffalo Bills defense. The cavalry he had a guy that they're going to get the ball to a lot. We got a look at the draft brought that maybe you adamant that the right at the all law. I would rather McCaffery the letter format every that is not because I don't like what we're and it is back. Football player. Current average of Bordal player. What are port it probably down player in the league in today's date today and I'll. You get bored out player attic like a Bentley. On the ball for packet down quite a bit deeper on third down return punt on fourth down. And that's exactly how they used them in the exit in a bunch of touches on Sunday they want economic base and really one of the questions you know about this because of the bill is. And they cover. You know our running back out of the backfield a speedy shifty eyed and I think that's where Carolina going to try to point. Going to be great matchup Sunday afternoon you can hear all of the action right here on ESPN Rochester with pregame starting at nine. South pot your guests here in the sports bar with danger of attack Leo listen for his reports. During the game Sunday afternoon sell as always we appreciate you giving us some of your time best of best of luck safe travels and I talked to Senora but. Thank you sell sell pot she'll and you just heard their coach McCaffery yeah he beat me. Who's gonna cover him out of the backfield focuses the challenge for either more somber. Or Lorenzo Alexander on the outside in and don't this totals at the funeral is about Greg Olsen. Only NFL tight end in history. To post back to back to back 1000 yard years I mean amazingly consistent. And always a challenge for the Buffalo Bills to cover a quality tight and that's Carolinas as well. If you miss a conversation with such a pot you'll have it up for you and on demand shortly only ESPN Rochester and a common you can read. Cells work latest bills coverage and sabres coverage as well at ESPN Rochester dot com. And on the freely download ESPN Rochester app all right next game we play cult. I'll drink to that some compelling thoughts from around the world of sports you can agree or disagree with. Altered that on the way next in the sports part. Hi word caution any Cleveland Indians Sanath that I wanna throw water on on your celebration here for 21 straight but. History tells us otherwise. Posited that coming up. You got to the sports bar danger potentially continues next ESPN Rochester.