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13 WHAM Sports' Toby Motyka joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss Jeremy Maclin's decision to join Baltimore and the latest on the Sabres head coaching vacancy.


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Bone crunching hits. Backboard shattering dunks back flips and tricks on the sports leader AM 950 and 957 Afghan ESPN Rochester bills inside scoop is provided exclusively by Perry's ice cream like she's a bowl of Harry's welcome back. The sports bar with danger in the tag Leo honey M 959 by seven damage streaming online ESPN Rochester dot com. Here at the sports bar really tucked the best and the brightest minds like Toby most tees up to Atlanta sports. Haven't talked him in a while Toby thanks so much street time nine it didn't know when I talked Euro today we have a decision on Jeremy Maclin this game down here afternoon. I your reaction to him going into the Baltimore Ravens. Not necessarily surprised. That he ended up to the ball or a little bit maybe you that big surprise is the report from Justine Anderson that it actually came down to reap the gold in the bills were really all that much of the next. That really caught me a little bit off guard. That that Mac that would wanna come to Vegas system he's familiar with. With a guy like LeSean McCoy. It will be being in the final two I didn't even know the Eagles were interest did crank call. So that the part that surprised me a little bit not even really being the bright made this time around when it comes that this guy but. He would help them would have made it team a ton better than they would have been otherwise but. Obviously would have been nice to have them but now they got to move on. Until we know everybody's gonna go right to the next free agent wide receiver that might be out there what about her attacker can we get Eric Decker I don't know if you're like me. I want nothing to do with Eric Decker in a bills uniform. I think people forget that he does have a catastrophic injury that. Hit it and sold shoulder surgery Nazi Bosnia. And any kind of like your hip. I don't I just get so anxious especially with a football guy number one may reoccur. Often if not all the time the number to get up there in years that it's not like. You've got his young legs under him anymore. At least in comparison to what he was when he broke with Denver. So I. For the money you're probably gonna have to pay him. Bill thank you there reported that the ravens are still trying to get him to their distract a load up on kind of middle of the road guys who have something to Peru but. I would view it it comes down that Decker just let the young guys wait he which happened all it would happen they own. And go from there. How we would seek a thirteen when joining us here in the sports are 957 years. Is there really anything different in OTA's at this point because. Everybody much has been reporting all along so. What are you looking forward to most out of one bills drive this week. Under the big difference between being bear. Independent and actually being president. I wanna watch guys like Marcel I wanna be mark they'll. And and he's going to be five about being the right thing and then we heard from him to radio PA's. It's all well and good but but we need to keep being sustained over period apartment picket margin for error is gone. And people aren't gonna tolerate any other use is with him if anything ball. There is as we move forward appearance on the dirt it sure seemed like a guy who will tolerate that either I had a lot of the quarterback. Arctic deal little better I know it's early and I know it doesn't actually matter. But what I look back the last year. I thought it was pretty mediocre and training camp in pretty mediocre at this mini camp. Anything about the regular season and was pretty mediocre against Baltimore. I I do want it eat in take steps forward and I want SP. Part nailed down. Get a little bit better he was probably the worst of the bunch. At owed PA last time we saw him and and it is it is redeem anymore he's gonna have to prove it to these folks that he belongs on this roster and deserve that number three job against the guy they just strap may be. Totally I can come I'm intrigued by the middle linebacker position and Sean McDermott's defense you've seen what Lou key clean became India in the and in in the NFL with McDermott's religious middle linebacker there in Carolina and and I feel like there could be. That kind of rise to stardom for one Reginald rack gland. Are you seeing anything from OT gays and always in their now with the twos right to think brown is still taken reps who are once. We what are you looking for two here with a mini camp as force middle linebacker position is concerned. You can only eat so much from guys like that because of what part of their game hitting it right it is so much is going to rely on that really. Picketed the people directly visit heckler you sidelined the spotlight Hackwear bump he made his lip and I make a living in college but I'll be creative name on college. When he played Alabama. But you can get pretty. Good idea of coverage and reading defense and reading offenses and had a commanding it be that the net is that because it is incredibly important for John McDermott. And that upping the during these mini camp so I do want to beat him recognizing certain plays that big an out. Writing with the tight end running with running back coming out of the back field. And being more than just the sideline to sideline Aqua because that's what practice round and trying to be anybody is that. He's just that tackler. Really put background what outside of a couple of weeks last year. Heckler the ability that dynamic guy who can make plays in more ways than just rap the I have been drag it into the ground. Time will tell Reitman can be that guy certainly has the pedigree. Told him that he gets thirteen when joining us talk and some bills football askew about the sabres here is second nine just curious because mini camp. Is our last temperature checked if you will before the start of training camp. He is there is veteran or two told me dad. Really needs to show that they belong on this 53 man roster could there be a surprise cut in your opinion. Come training camp. It's I look at that this law certainly have such a little room for error. Bet that I don't know exactly that they. Could barely hear cut and I think get mark LQB. He kept being used up and make it just want it'll wait for game but I don't wanna get that far ahead at all. At this point I do think that it Reggie rightly come out played really well it. Opera and brown could be in trouble all but acknowledged he was so expensive but he picking up on the base if Eric Williams still on the team. I point directly at him. All but obviously they've already made that. So that there's so many guys that they have to happen that he be any good whatsoever. And then there's nobody unproven guys on the team that really hard to get a gauge on price cut might be. You know it's not going to be McCoy you know it's not gonna be Tyrod. And Tammy later right now but the last year in buffalo well it possibly. Herald collate the data could pop out there get it he's not a 100% healthy glow again. But again. Your run out there in his place right now so bomb the Buffalo Bills. Ourselves probably my biggest question mark of the veteran. And I I got to the pulpit of what the penalties Libyan army to buy a bill that would play a huge role of what happens to him but the key is back together ease back on any. Toby you mention that Carnell Jones has been looking less than impressive. So far this offseason to OTA's what do we see from the rookie Nathan Peter Manning and could. Card Al Jones be one of those surprise training camp cuts. Eat he could I still think that part they'll could be guy he can even trade for a late pick you know like a fifth sixth or seventh somewhere in there. Even though that happened at a rarely in the NFL. Peterman has been stood out yet. But again because he was drafted by this rating by. McDermott and McDermott dot. Now with being. Then you might be the guy I would yet there's kind of been eaten score sheet between them any good starting point action that. I would give Peter and yet just because he's the guy that they brought in here at the cartel who was a guy that we alien Rex Ryan brought here so we don't quit the better. And at the built kind of stole him away when they got him in the pit row though. You could still cut PGA that it looked very real possibility you're not ready to give up on either of the young guys. All but it Karr dale doesn't show significant sign that the group but I do think you could be the odd man out. Told him to get thirteen wham our guest here in the sports bar 957 ESPN on. What are we waiting for your Jason BioWare is the head coach that we've been waiting for. I think victim bottles you know just get back off the height that it in Nashville from Belgrade the at speak up and know that been. A little bit of a sore spot for some people today but if there was a report from can be over it yet then that they were awaiting the except the Beckett. Bring Housley in another interview after he beat away that all sides are what are going to be. Phil Housley he's a former sabres great. He he seem like that type of coats that typical losers but retargeting guy who hasn't necessarily proven himself but the pop year yet. But as a whole lot of promise. A lot of buzz around about them around players who played under him. So I think that the direction most bands and I really want to keep ago. And I do you think that's where they coat pocket and the other guy's name that that we've beat being floated out there. You mentioned that the boogie man out will there already went to Florida so that over and done what they interviewed him last week. So I really think it's gonna be out we just the matter what making it imperative they come up with the right number. Tied tied shift is a filly was pockets pockets pocket and then all of a sudden. Just recently if you saw Housley house Lee houses housing is a guy way did that happen. I think when Nashville kept on winning it seemed like that was good for bill out we got. That people remember him played for all look like Erica Goodyear got an ActiveX and let the new York and people really broke the pocket treatment included because of the Pittsburgh connection are obvious are all. And that it might want it to bring him in but but it does but only like it going the other way and then how we had all the momentum behind. Well if there's one thing hockey does unlike the other sports maybe the NBA to a certain extent with a draft coming up but you have to wait for free agency is that. Ball more room we're expecting a lot of action here with the biggest expansion draft coming up Branson trades. A where do you think. Vander cain's prospects Li Li do you expect him being dealt territory. This is a bit of a really hard question because the way he played last what are you doing on offense without him right now. TE was. I know he's kind of a one trick pony he's not a plea bakery creator in the big Jack cycle. Gore couldn't eat it all the gains that package didn't do anything for the first couple weeks they were on fire that the goal oracle anybody in the NHL. I think it's tough to sit so let him. Fly out I think might be that go back if you. I've period that he beat you with the goaltender. As Robin letter word very slippery guy he played pretty well last year. But do they let him go that they immediately to have unprotected or you Italy's leader Barca perspective note here Rochester. Was and hacked. It for them. And EU and shot. At the NHL level EE a consistent shot I think if he was made available along with coop them up so that's going to be the big question for me. Simply because it hurry with the one who had settled on Robert latter. Edit while he played last year I don't think anybody offload 100%. Sold on him being a guy and that can lead them pork. The S sabres gonna get their prospect helped Peterson what do you think on that at Toby. I think that this is kind of bottles for at right outside of you know hiring coaches that want not what when it comes to your skill as a general manager and make something happen. Yeah I do think they should sign him I think he will side I think he's got a to be here because there's no absolute lock down number one goal. I mean we thought we beat you last year. People like their pick their spots that beat you gotta be it national right look at look at what could Apatow but I look at bill. Both for the he's been in better battery free agency couldn't wait in the Stanley Cup. Though people park predict the future and people really do like to pick their spots but I think bottle work of art began to get that deal done and I think because there is the pressure oriented do it. I think they'll like it. Dolly we've talked all this time and there's a championship game championship will be decided tonight on your channel. Golden State here there's no way you expect Cleveland to do what they did it. In game four here in game five once again ranked. It is gold state better not let him do it if they let Cleveland do that and we go back to Cleveland. Without having all the all manner and goal date was very bright. Last year at the grant guarding the pick to go oh my goodness that LeBron could it just destroys me again here I. I can't imagine the warrior let that happen but I think they close that out. I think they're too darn good or for Cleveland to keep up that shot. So well in game four. It was a little prayer for them it really was so. But I want it either go or because I I would love BP comeback EO in the NBA finals the witness but. This feel political date night appeal like they're wrapped up. And Toby and me you know a week ago we are having conversations about this Golden State team being the best ever because they lose it meaningless game. On Friday are they no longer in that conversation because I still think they're pretty damn entertaining and and one of the best teams if not the best team I've ever seen. Yeah they're they're certainly in the conversation. There's no it would have been an unequivocal accomplishment winning going sixteen you know it an NBA playoff schedule does running. Everybody including equipment being a member was too well the toward cutting. This series and only up one game against the Celtics at all so it's volatile they had and had to play anybody here. That would have been what those they've reached at can't argue that Alec a bit more of a debate but really if they lose one game. In the entire NBA playoffs. And we game. The way they're winning dumb with the players they have. Upon date they have to be looked at as one of the the re here for great teams that we govern lots. Toby I'm gonna make this argument that airing jog as far as a rookie that has been. Must watch television. In baseball I go back to Fernando mania. I don't think there's been a rocky that is being. At this level because if I'm flipping around I'm not a Yankee fan I am stopping every time airing judges at the play. 100% correct the fact that he's in New York. Is a baseball commissioner's dream come true this is exactly what the sport needed right now Bryce Harper got editor. Played Washington and you know the big pity about the biggest baseball market Mike Trout spent that signal on the East Coast watch and play. So you what happens guy who plays for them ransacked and special board. In the biggest market for professionals or just passing the ball 496. Feet. It was unbelievable would be another look later in the game and I don't think anybody cared because that was just talking about the one year earlier. Ian watt CB and considering that baseball. Is sometimes three and a half hours of law being from edge to edge. The fact that they have a guy right now people locked into law. Is exactly what the sport needs. I don't know we'll keep it up. But man he's. Clearly AA all star caliber player I want to be given guilt and our derby got Carla there I don't ruin way. Can you imagine those three guys stepped up there does it all five under B. Be made. Mean a lot of fun I've I'm. I'm the guy that's sitting here waiting for us is society and is a fan base just feel like our what's he gonna do that's wrong with the wind you deduce when they misstep so that we can scare the guy down and watch the fall from grace is it does seem like that's what always happens with guys like this that we prop up. Because they have a lot of success early in their career. Yet what we problem up we cheer for and any get too is that whoever broke again and want to fail yet edit a bit awkward. Michael ware like we didn't you just were we called on it here though. People out of there figured there is applicant's social media do all these vague but of course a little bit of the most. It'd be starts spilling on the baseball field the guy is a minor league is not a career 300 hitter. There's going to be kind of a come to Jesus moment orbit the plea for at least a little while. All in terms of who is batting average. And that is where people are probably art orbit it he just starts striking out a whole bunch but I had played at all gonna keep on line out of the art that is though. And it ought to beat does that even if you get to seventy. I think people are still going to be put in the channel over yet network to watch. And watches sports reports on thirteen wham as well as off fox Rochester Toby most seek our guest Toby thanks so much your time appreciate it. Edit our boat. Got a took him a ticket thirteen man sports joining us at the bills inside scoop. Provided exclusively. But Jerry's ice cream my feasible Perry. Say and I think he's right on minutes where the combined Golden State because lose. If they lost tonight. They've lost tonight any goes back to Cleveland. I don't know the psychology this. I would want would take any chances on this whatsoever and were thrown out that's fun number last week when we're on the air Friday like golf. Gold say it's gonna finish up tonight well. Not eleven million in ticket perhaps you repeat orders given this opera. My area go to Sarah searching for. Have a seat next to me Barack or you hey listen I mean I would curiously be listening to the anti LeBron. The compare him to the other greats he doesn't have him stop. Stop I saw the statue near floored me. Through the first four games of the finals the warriors are minus six when LeBron is on the floor. They're plus 31 of the 26 minutes he's been off. Next case you're not in this without LeBron. LeBron is everything to their success and if he has kind of game. We give a chance to him a chance. Give them a chance and guy going to next you're LeBron still will be a cavalier got to do one more chance means another chip. Have a loves okayed that he needs somebody you need that third guy a year or so what will be that Max factor tonight. I'll I think it is as simple as the warriors playing the fixed and corrected stated after defensively they should be fine. You can hear the action right here on AM 915957. FM pregame starting at 8 o'clock tip after just I just after 9 o'clock tabs. Warriors game five tonight in Rochester is most listened to sports station up next in the sport's mark. We serve up the day's top NFL stories he bite sized form. National Football League stories for you and NFL appetizers the sports bar with danger and tag Lee continues next on ESPN Rochester.